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Friday, July 3, 2015

Articles tagged: Pete Rose

Pete Rose: Bryce Harper plays recklessly

Bryce Harper has yet to play two full seasons with the Washington Nationals, but he has already been injured several times. While it’s too early to say that Harper is injury prone, it’s obvious his style of play leaves him susceptible to twists and collisions that other players might not have to worry about. It…Read More

Pete Rose stills bets on sports, just not baseball

Pete Rose received a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball after he was found to have lied about betting on games in which he played and/or managed. Rose maintained that he never bet against his team, but we’ll probably never know if that was the case. The MLB’s career leader in hits, outs, at-bats, and…Read More

Pete Rose got a tattoo of the Reds mascot (Picture)

It would appear that Pete Rose came down with a case of playoff fever earlier this week. When his former team held a 2-0 series lead over the Giants and was on the brink of an NLCS berth, the 71-year-old Cincinnati legend decided it was time for some new ink. As you can see from…Read More

Pete Rose: I don’t think Derek Jeter will be able to break the hits record

When you take his age into consideration, you would probably assume 38-year-old Derek Jeter only has a few more productive seasons remaining in professional baseball. However, his numbers from the 2012 season make that seem like less of a certainty. Jeter’s 18th season in the majors was one of the most productive of his career. More…Read More

Picture: Pete Rose’s Jacket at Reds Opener Was a Bit Loud

If Pete Rose is looking to gain acceptance back into the world of baseball, he should probably try to avoid looking like a headcase.  What is going on with this jacket?  If this was done in the spirit of April Fools Day, we get it.  That doesn’t make it funny.  If not, Pete should try…Read More

Pete Rose Corked His Bat

Anyone think Pete Rose was inching closer and closer to having his lifetime ban from Major League Baseball lifted?  Think again.  Deadspin broke a major story on Tuesday that is going to break the hearts of the Pete Rose faithful.  You can say what you’d like about his gambling problems and his behavior off the…Read More

Bud Selig Considering Reinstating Pete Rose in MLB?

In the same weekend that Hank Aaron said steroids cheaters belonged in the Hall of Fame so long as their records include asterisks, the former home run king also campaigned for the reinstatement of the hit king, Pete Rose. From USA Today: “I would certainly like to see him in,” Aaron said. “He belongs in,…Read More

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