Cal Ripken Jr. Rejected by Peter Angelos in Effort to Help Orioles

This should go well with Orioles fans — what’s left of them. Baltimore hasn’t had a winning season since 1997. They’ve lost eight in a row and they’re off to a 1-10 start. You would think a team like that would be looking for help wherever they can get it. That is unless you have an egotistical owner like Peter Angelos who has destroyed baseball in Baltimore and infuriated fans in the process. Ken Rosenthal of FOX reports that Angelos rejected Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr.’s attempt to help the club:

Ripken met with Andy MacPhail, the team’s president of baseball operations, about rejoining the organization, sources said. Angelos, however, nixed the idea in a separate conversation with Ripken, telling him, according to three sources, that he did not want Ripken to receive credit once the team returned to prominence.

Ripken did not discuss a specific role with MacPhail, one source said. However, another source said that Ripken wanted to work with young players such as catcher Matt Wieters and help them “finish off” their developments at the major-league level.

I really can’t think of a better coach or tutor for young Orioles players than Ripken. The dude was a consummate pro and holds one of the most respected records in all of athletics. How could his influence not be positive for the Orioles? I’m sure there are two sides to the story but any scenario in which Angelos rejected Ripken Jr. deserves criticism. The Orioles are a much better team than their 1-10 record indicates and their rebuilding efforts seemed strong, but for Angelos to decline Ripken’s efforts because he didn’t want to share the spotlight is ridiculous. It also seems to fall within character of what we know about Angelos.

Per ESPN, Angelos says he would love to talk to Ripken

O’s turned down Ripken for job [FOXSports]

Peter Angelos Wisely Holding Up Erik Bedard Trade

Jayson Stark has sources saying the reason the Erik Bedard to the Mariners deal for Adam Jones hasn’t gone down just yet is because the big boss — owner Peter Angelos — has yet to approve the deal. Now there’s a rumor floating around that Jones failed his physical with the Orioles and that’s why the trade hasn’t been completed. I’m going to pay that story no mind for the time being. Degenerative hip or not, I just can’t see how trading away Erik Bedard can fit in with the mission of the Orioles.

The Orioles have essentially struck gold by developing a lefty with dominant stuff who’s a legitimate Cy Young candidate. Rather than try and market the entire appeal of the team around this guy, they’re acting like they’re stuck in an inverse universe, eagerly and capriciously trying to get rid of the guy. What the heck for? Do they know something we don’t know? Are they trying to sell high? This is a team that’s flushed money on free agents like Albert Belle and David Segui recently. How can you tell me that signing Bedard to a long-term deal would not be within their best interest?

I’ve heard Arte Moreno mention on the radio in the past when defending Bill Stoneman that the Angels had a deal in place to acquire Miguel Tejada for Ervin Santana (and maybe someone else). When that deal got to Angelos’ desk for approval, it got the veto. (the fact that you’ve never seen Tejada where an Angels jersey probably tipped you off to that tidbit). Now I don’t know what’s going on here, but something tells me that Angelos is probably applying a little bit of common sense and wondering why his people are so eager to get rid of the best thing they have going for them — Erik Bedard. Trading him makes no sense; what they receive in return won’t be as good or valuable as what they have now.