Peyton Manning’s face as NFL logos may be the internet’s finest work (Pictures)

David Rappoccio of Dave’s Art Locker has done the lord’s work. Dave took the infamous “Manning Face” that everyone loves to mock, and he turned Peyton Manning’s face into every NFL logo. All 32 of em. We’ll show a few here and then encourage you to head over to Dave’s to see the rest.

As stated in the headline, this may be the internet’s finest work yet. Take a bow Dave, take a bow.


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Peyton Manning reportedly has noodle arm, not throwing like NFL quarterback

Peyton Manning’s neck may be healed and his body may be ready to take a hit, but his arm reportedly is far from where it needs to be.

Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz joined The Tony Kornheiser Show Tuesday to talk about Peyton’s status. He said Manning’s arm strength is greatly lacking.

“The guy’s arm is a noodle, he can’t throw like an NFL quarterback,” Kravitz said, “and by March 8th there’s no way of knowing if he’s going to be ready or not.

“I know some of the people that have seen him throw. They say he’s not throwing like an NFL quarterback yet, but that doesn’t mean he never will,” Kravitz said. “This thing is going to take time. Structurally, he’s sound. Structurally, he can take a hit.

“He’s not an NFL quarterback right now, that doesn’t say that he won’t be in a couple of months.”

Kravitz says he and many other media members felt like Peyton hijacked the Super Bowl by leaking a report about his health. Kravitz also believes Peyton would love to play on the Redskins and face his brother twice a year, and that he would also love playing in a big market like New York with the Jets. I agree on all three accounts, though I blame Jim Irsay equally as much for “hijacking” the Super Bowl.

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Peyton Manning favored to sign with Dolphins if he does not retire

Peyton Manning is recovering from neck surgery and says he’ll be medically cleared and ready to play next season. Other reports say Manning is struggling to get healthy and that he is likely to retire. Given all the uncertainty about his status, sports books have shied from setting odds on his future. Until now.

Cal-Neva sportsbook was brave enough to set odds on where Peyton Manning will be next season (his living room couch is a favorite). Here are the odds (and percent chance), as shared by RJ Bell of Pregame.com:

    Retire – 5:2 (20%, +250)
    Dolphins – 5:2 (20%, +250)
    Redskins – 3:1 (17%, +300)
    Colts – 4:1 (14%, +400)
    Jets – 5:1 (11%, +500)
    Cardinals – 25:1 (3%, +2500)
    Broncos – 25:1 (3%, +2500)
    49ers – 40:1 (2%, +4000)
    Titans – 50:1 (1.5% +5000)
    Chiefs – 50:1 (1.5% +5000)
    Texans – 75:1 (1%, +7500)
    Field – 10:1 (6%, +1000)

I think Peyton tries to play next season, and I’m not sure why the Dolphins would go after him. If they’re wise, they’ll sign Matt Flynn who played in new head coach Joe Philbin’s system. The Redskins and Jets seem like good spots if he wants to win — they both have good defenses and just need a quarterback.

Colts fans still believe Peyton Manning will be in Indy next year (Picture)

With the exception of a group of fans who have already customized Andrew Luck Colts jerseys, the people of Indiana are not ready to let Peyton Manning go.  Who could blame them?  Manning delivered a Super Bowl to the city of Indianapolis and has kept the Colts in contention ever year he has been under center.  He’s a lock for the Hall of Fame, so it’s tough to imagine him wearing anything other than the horseshoe.  That’s why despite all the negativity going on between Manning and Colts’ ownership, Colts fans are not ready to write off a happy ending.

The Colts have the first pick in the 2012 draft, and they would have to commit a lot of money to sticking with Manning. Assuming the reports about Manning being cleared to play medically are true, they would also have to worry about his diminishing arm strength. Having Peyton as a starting quarterback after multiple neck surgeries and a full season off is a risk plenty of teams are willing to take, but the Colts likely aren’t one of them.  That doesn’t mean the fans can’t keep their fingers crossed.

Peyton Mannning reportedly cleared to play

Just when it sounded like Peyton Manning was going to be forced into retirement because his neck injury wasn’t healing as hoped, we hear the exact opposite. Chris Mortensen reports that Manning has been cleared by two doctors to resume his playing career.

Mort says the doctor who performed Manning’s neck fusion surgery, and the Colts team neurosurgeon have both cleared Peyton to resume playing. Dr. Robert Watkins says Peyton’s neck is strong enough where he would have been able to play this Sunday. However, the bigger question is if Peyton’s arm is ready to resume playing. Yahoo! recently reported that Peyton’s arm strength was lacking.

According to ESPN, the Colts’ neurosurgeon recently told Manning, “If you were my own son, I’d tell (you) to go play.”

This matches what Peyton said earlier in the week, that he’ll be ready and cleared to play. The issue is now his arm. I thought Peyton’s arm strength was already diminishing last season, so it will probably be even worse after the surgery. But now the real fun stuff begins when teams get to explore trades for the four-time MVP.

Peyton Manning on His Future: I’ll Be Cleared and Ready to Play

Over the past week or so, we have heard every rumor possible regarding Peyton Manning. He and the Colts will work things out. The Colts are set to release him. The Dolphins and Redskins are very interested in Manning’s services. Wait, none of that matters because his rehab is not progressing and reliable sources say Peyton will retire. In an interview with ESPN on Tuesday, Manning assured everyone that he intends to play next season.

“Doctors and I have been in good, constant communication,” Manning said according to Pro Football Talk. “And I’m very encouraged by what they’ve said.  Everything’s right on point. I’ll be cleared and ready to play.”

Trey Wingo then asked Manning if he has considered retirement, to which he replied: “I have no plans on doing that.”

So there you have it.  Amidst all the rumors and rumblings, we hear straight from the horse’s mouth that Manning plans to play next season.  We already told you we believe he is done in Indianapolis, and there is no reason to go back on that given what has unfolded over the past few days.  If Peyton can regain his arm strength and he is telling the truth about what doctors have told him, we could be in for a feeding frenzy this offseason when the Colts inevitably send him packing.

Michael Irvin to Jim Irsay: Colts Franchise Was ‘Garbage’ Without Peyton Manning

The Peyton Manning situation in Indianapolis has gotten ugly over the past couple of weeks, and it will probably get worse before it gets better.  Manning is frustrated.  He does not seem to know what his standing is with the Colts. In addition to that, rumor has it he is struggling with his rehab.  When Manning expressed his displeasure with the way Jim Irsay and the Colts have conducted business since the season ended, Irsay responded by saying Manning should be careful about “painting the horseshoe in a negative light.”  Enter NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin, who said what many of us were thinking over the weekend.

“Whatever understanding we have of what Irsay called ‘the horseshoe’ is Peyton Manning,” Irvin said according to The Huddle. “The horseshoe is first? The horseshoe is nothing before Peyton got here. You could’ve taken that horseshoe, and you couldn’t have given it away. It wasn’t lucky, it was killing you. This horseshoe was garbage without Peyton — it was garbage when he got here and garbage when he left here this season.”

Irvin’s right.  This isn’t Randy Moss joining a Super Bowl-winning Patriots team that is giving him an opportunity to rescue his career.  Before the Colts drafted Manning, their last division title was in 1987.  With Manning calling the signals, they won eight division titles in 13 seasons. They went to two Super Bowls and won one of them.

If it is time for the Colts to move on from the Manning era, Irsay and company should watch what they say — not the other way around.  Indianapolis’ 2-14 record this year further proved how valuable Peyton has been to the franchise.  A Brett Favre-style exit is not in the best interest of the Colts franchise, especially if they want their fans to continue supporting them as they begin rebuilding.