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Thursday, October 18, 2018

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Peyton Manning’s agent strongly denies HGH accusation

Peyton Manning

The agent for Peyton Manning strongly denied a report suggesting the quarterback received HGH supplements in 2011 when he was recovering from neck surgery.

News outlet Al Jazeera launched a report called “The Dark Side” that aimed to expose the use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs in athletics. British hurdler Liam Collins went undercover for the expose and was able to obtain the information by saying he was attempting a run at the 2016 Olympics.

As part of his investigation, Collins connected with Charlie Sly, a pharmacist based in Austin, Texas, who worked at an Indiana-based anti-aging clinic called the Guyer Institute in 2011. According to Huffington Post Sports, Sly told Collins that he was part of the team that helped Manning recover from the neck surgery.

Sly alleges that HGH was mailed to Manning but addressed to his wife, Ashley, so that the quarterback would never be tied to the shipments. Sly also reportedly said Manning and his wife visited the clinic after normal business hours for IV treatments.

Manning’s agent responded to the report by calling the accusations “outrageous and wrong,” Huffington Post says.

“The treatment [Peyton Manning] received at the Guyer Institute was provided on the advice of his physician and with the knowledge of team doctors and trainers,” Manning’s agent told Al Jazeera.

“Any medical treatment received by Ashley is a private matter of hers, her doctor, and her family,” the agent told the outlet.

Manning missed the entire 2011 season and was released by the Indianapolis Colts. He later signed with the Denver Broncos prior to the 2012 season and led the team to a 13-3 record, throwing for 37 touchdowns, his most since 2004. After his surgery, reports said at the time he was struggling to get healthy.

In addition to the allegations against Manning, Al Jazeera’s report fingers several other athletes.

The report says several football players such as Mike Neal, Julius Peppers, Dustin Keller and James Harrison were supplied products such as a new undetectable hormone supplement called Delta-2. Sly also allegedly said the Phillies’ Ryan Howard and the Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman received products, as did Mike Tyson. Al Jazeera reports that Sly said Clay Matthews asked for the painkiller Toradol.

Sly, who was the source of the information for Collins, was contacted by Al Jazeera about the accusations. He said the claims about supplying PEDs to athletes were “false and incorrect.”

Sly went on YouTube and posted this video recording to deny the statements:

Gary Kubiak downplays importance of Peyton Manning workout

Peyton Manning

On Thursday, Broncos coach Gary Kubiak told reporters that Peyton Manning had a “big workout” coming on Saturday. Now that it’s over, Kubiak is backtracking a bit.

“I need to shut up,” Kubiak said Saturday after the session, via ProFootballTalk. “It was a workout. It was good. They were all good workouts this week. He probably worked harder today than he did the other two days, in all honesty, but it was a real good workout.”

Kubiak was non-committal on what the workout would mean for Manning’s status in practice this week or for action next weekend.

“There is nothing — it’s just, ‘Let’s go. Let’s have a good week. Let’s work.’ That’s what he did,” Kubiak said. “I won’t go beyond that.”

It’s clear that the Broncos would like to have Manning available for the playoffs, assuming they get there. Brock Osweiler has been good enough but not a world-beater since taking over as Manning tries to overcome an injured foot. Of course, Manning may yet need surgery, and the Broncos may prefer Osweiler anyway, especially if there’s no way to get Manning fully healthy before the playoffs.

Report: Peyton Manning could need surgery on foot

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning’s father Archie recently revealed that the Denver Broncos quarterback has been dealing with his foot injury for about six months. Could Manning eventually need surgery?

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that Manning was told by a doctor last month that surgery would be his best option if the foot problem lasts for a year. If Archie’s timeline is accurate, we’re already about halfway there.

Manning has a partially torn fascia in his foot, and it reportedly flared up and kept him out of practice last Friday. The longer he goes without responding to rehab, the more it seems likely that he will be shut down for the season and think about having surgery.

A report over the weekend claimed that Manning has no desire to be a backup quarterback to 25-year-old Brock Osweiler, though Manning later blasted the report with some very out-of-character remarks. If his foot has been bothering him for six months and a doctor recommended surgery, Peyton may not even be suited for a backup role this year.

Peyton Manning calls backup report ‘insulting’ and ‘bulls—‘

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning responded to a report saying that he does not want to be a backup quarterback on the Denver Broncos with some very strong words.

ESPN’s Jeff Legwold asked Manning after the Broncos’ loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday for a response to the report.

“It’s bulls— and it’s insulting,” Manning told Legwold. Legwold then asked if that comment was on the record, and Manning was emphatic. “Yes, I can’t say it any plainer than that.”

Earlier on Sunday, NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reported on “NFL GameDay” that Manning does not want to be a backup quarterback for the Broncos, which is a possibility when he is ready to return from his foot injury given how Brock Osweiler has performed in his absence.

To be fair, Rapoport clarified that it’s not as if Manning gave the Broncos an ultimatum saying he refused to be the backup quarterback; the report states that Manning wants to be the starter, which is completely understandable. Manning is a future Hall of Famer. Regardless of how he was playing this season, he will always expect to be the starting quarterback because he has always been a quarterback capable of leading a team to the Super Bowl.

The response from Manning echoes the statement given by John Elway also on Sunday. Let’s think about it: if Manning said he were satisfied just being a backup quarterback and pulling a pay check, we’d all have to question his motivation. His response is just what it should be.

John Elway disputes report about Peyton Manning not wanting to be a backup


John Elway fired back at a report that Peyton Manning would not want to be Brock Osweiler’s backup.

NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport originally reported on Sunday that the quarterback situation in Denver is difficult, particularly for Manning, who Rapoport reported has no desire to be holding clipboards for Osweiler.

Elway quickly disputed the report via Twitter.

Rapoport responded to the tweet by clarifying that Manning hadn’t given anyone an ultimatum to start him or else, a source close to Manning told him that he wouldn’t want to be a backup, and that Manning isn’t even healthy enough to be a backup right now anyway.

It’s an odd report to dispute. Of course Peyton Manning doesn’t want to be a backup. He’s an NFL legend in the twilight of his career, and he’s not going to sit around and end his career on a bench if he can help it. He may never have explicitly said so to Elway or Gary Kubiak, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the case.

Archie Manning: Peyton has had foot injury for ‘five or six months’

Peyton Manning

Archie Manning shed some light on his son Peyton’s foot injury, and it’s been lingering longer than we realized.

“He went back this year and he struggled again with injury,” Archie Manning told WDSU-TV in New Orleans on Thursday, via Denver’s KMGH-TV. “He really had this foot problem. It’s been going on for five or six months.”

If Archie is correct, that means Peyton’s foot has been bothering him since training camp.

Archie also said that Peyton will not make a decision on his future until after the season.

“Peyton’s got plenty of sense, so when everything’s done at the end of the year he’ll sit down and make a decision,” Archie said. “Whatever he does, Peyton will attack it. If he steps down, he’ll find something else and go after it. If he wants to play some more, he’ll go after it.”

If Manning has been hurting from day one this season, it may explain some of his struggles. He did return to practice this week, but has already been ruled out for the weekend and was held out of Friday’s practice when the foot soreness flared up.

H/T Eye on Football

Peyton Manning could take starting job back from Brock Osweiler

Peyton Manning

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak has confirmed that Peyton Manning will resume practice on Wednesday, which could mean a very awkward situation is just days away from coming to a head.

Brock Osweiler is likely in control of his own destiny at the moment. The Broncos are 3-1 in games he has started, but they have a tough game at Pittsburgh this weekend coming off a disappointing home loss to the Raiders. In that game, Osweiler completed 35-of-51 passes for 308 yards but could not find the end zone. He also looked skittish in the pocket at times and had trouble getting the ball downfield.

If Osweiler plays well against the Steelers, a potential postseason opponent, Kubiak will be hesitant to give Manning his job back. But what if Osweiler struggles and the Broncos lose? Would Manning reclaim his spot for a crucial home game against the Bengals that could determine who gets a bye in the first round of the playoffs?

A lot of this depends on Manning’s health. If his foot was truly a major issue and the reason he threw four interceptions in a half against the Chiefs before being benched, he should be able to improve based on health alone. If Manning’s body is simply deteriorating and he can’t make throws, Kubiak might decide to ride it out with Osweiler.

If a report we heard earlier this week is true, Osweiler may keep his job. Part of me believes Manning was struggling so much because he is not a great fit for Kubiak’s system, which tends to place the quarterback under center more often. Manning is at his best when he operates from the shotgun and can dictate the pace, and, as they say, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

In my opinion, the Broncos should go back to Manning if he is healthy and Osweiler struggles against the Steelers. Peyton is a better quarterback than half of the quarterbacks in the league based on football IQ alone. Can the same be said for Osweiler? Perhaps someday, but he still has a long way to go.