Great explanation for Peyton Manning cold tub iPad photo

Peyton Manning cold tub

For Peyton Manning, there are no days off. Check that — there are no minutes off.

Those who watched last weekend’s Denver Broncos-Tennessee Titans game likely saw the above photo shown on the CBS broadcast. It’s just hilarious to look at and embodies everything about the football nerd Manning is. He has one shoe on and his other foot in the cold tub. Then he is in full Broncos gear, including a helmet despite not being on the field, and he’s holding an iPad. Just that he’s holding an iPad while soaking his foot is enough to show you what a hard worker he is, but that he’s wearing a helmet is just so odd.

Since the photo went viral, the Broncos website decided to provide some background to the photo. Here’s their explanation for it:

Earlier this season, Manning and tight end Julius Thomas found themselves in the training room instead of practice on a Wednesday.

Not wanting to miss out on mental reps, Manning took matters into his own hands.

With his injured ankle in the cold tub, the quarterback kept his helmet on to listen to the play calls from Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase, who was on the practice field. Simultaneously, he watched game tape on his iPad.

“He heard the calls, he’d repeat them to Julius and they were kind of – it was a way for them to take two hours and stay in the game plan,” explained Gase, who laughed that he couldn’t believe the photo made it onto CBS’ broadcast last week.

The dude had his helmet on to listen to play calls from practice.

Practice. Not a game. Not a game. Not a game … but practice.

Can you freaking believe that? I mean I can’t even hold a drink in one hand and the TV clicker in the other without spilling, and this guy is not only studying game film on his iPad, but he’s also listening to play calls from practice and sharing them with Thomas. Man, that is some serious dedication, not to mention amazing multi-tasking ability.

So if you’re wondering what kind of work ethic and dedication it takes to be a 5-time NFL MVP (he’s winning his fifth this year) and surefire Hall of Famer, look no further than this photo and explanation. Wow. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

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Peyton Manning tells cold weather critics to shove it ‘where the sun don’t shine’

Peyton Manning BroncosPeyton Manning has a message for those who say he can’t play in cold weather: stick it.

The narrative that Manning can’t play in the cold has been going on his entire career. He spent most of his career playing indoors with the Indianapolis Colts, and he lost when he had to go outdoors in the cold at New England in the playoffs. He even lost last season in the cold at home against the Baltimore Ravens.

The narrative that Manning can’t play in the cold struck up again after he struggled at Foxboro in a 34-31 loss to the Patriots in Week 12. But after throwing for five touchdowns in a win at Kansas City last weekend, and 397 yards and four touchdowns in a win over the Tennessee Titans at home on Sunday, Manning had words for his cold-weather critics.

“Whoever wrote that narrative can shove that where the sun don’t shine,” Manning said after the game, via KOA’s Andy Lindahl.

Manning also says he wasn’t trying to answer his critics with his strong play on Sunday.

“I wasn’t trying to answer it, because I didn’t give it any validation,” the Broncos QB said Sunday per Peter Burns.

Manning always seems like a well-composed, level-headed person who doesn’t engage in trash talk. He didn’t even bite when Jim Irsay took a shot at him in the buildup before the Colts-Broncos game in Indy, so this is unusual for him. But if this is what trash talk from Manning sounds like, then I’m all for it. I love it.

As for the cold weather critics … well I am one of them. It’s not that Manning can’t play in cold weather, it’s that he will struggle in the elements like snow, rain and wind. Cold isn’t the issue so much as those other factors, and that’s why I don’t think the Broncos will win the Super Bowl. Good luck playing in New Jersey in February, Peyton.

Bald Peyton Manning is the best Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning bald

Some wiseguys on the internet decided to make Peyton Manning bald and give him a Drew Brees look. It’s sensational. I think we upgraded his overall look. All that’s really missing is a giant red mark across the forehead.

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Ron Burgundy interviews Peyton Manning (Video)

Will Ferrell has been working overtime to promote “Anchorman 2.” He had the commercial with Dodge, and he’s been appearing around the country in character as “Anchorman” star Ron Burgundy. Ferrell even hosted a newscast in North Dakota as his alter-ego.

On Tuesday, he interviewed Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning as Burgundy before hosting SportsCenter in character. The results were predictably awesome. I almost lost it when he asked about Broncos mascot Thunder and said he had his eye on that beast for a while.

Here’s his hosting work on KXMB in Bismarck:

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Peyton Manning supposedly replied to wedding invitation with this autograph


Assuming this story is true, it is a prime example of one of the many things that make Peyton Manning awesome. On Monday, a Reddit user posted a photo of a wedding invitation that appeared to be autographed by the Denver Broncos quarterback. The person who shard the photo said her sister had sent the invitation to Manning, and that was how he replied.

That sure looks like Peyton’s actual autograph. Naturally, Manning had to regretfully decline. What he did not have to do was sign the invitation, write “Best Wishes” on it and send it back to the fan. The couple probably did not expect a response, but kudos to Manning for making it worthwhile. There are plenty of people who would have simply cast it aside.

One of Peyton Manning’s Papa John’s restaurants reportedly robbed during Broncos-Chiefs game

Peyton-Manning-Papa-JohnsOne of the most popular strategies burglars use when robbing houses is to familiarize themselves with the homeowner’s schedule so they know when the house will be vacant. Does that same concept apply for the Papa John’s restaurants that Peyton Manning owns when the Denver Broncos are playing?

As you know, the Broncos picked up arguably their biggest win of the season on Sunday night against the division-leading Kansas City Chiefs. While that was going on, one of the Papa John’s stores Manning was reportedly the site of an armed robbery.

According to TMZ, two masked suspects with guns entered the Papa John’s near the University of Denver at around 7:30 p.m. They demanded that the employees empty their cash registers and then made a successful getaway. Fortunately, no one was injured. Police say the suspects are believed to be two men in their 20s and that their description matches that of the suspects from several other robberies the same night.

Manning owns 21 Papa John’s stores in the Colorado area. If he happened to be eating dinner at the one near the University of Denver on Sunday night, things wouldn’t have gone down so smoothly for the thieves.

Jim Irsay: If you don’t want more than one Super Bowl you shouldn’t play for Colts

Peyton-Manning-and-Jim-IrsayIndianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay’s infamous remarks about Peyton Manning last week may not have come off the way he wanted them to. That does not mean there was no truth behind them.

Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history and probably the best in Colts franchise history. Irsay created a buzz by essentially admitting he was disappointed the team only won one championship with Manning, which many interpreted as a shot at Peyton. After Indy’s huge win over the Denver Broncos on Sunday, Showtime’s Inside the NFL had their cameras rolling while Irsay addressed the team.

“That other guy next door (Peyton Manning), is one of the greats and I have nothing but gratitude towards what he’s done for this team,” Irsay said, via Eye on Football. “But today is today. And we all know that we want to go and get this (Irsay holds up his right hand with the Super Bowl ring on it). Anyone who doesn’t want more than one of these shouldn’t wear a horseshoe because that’s what it’s about.”

Winning a championship should be the ultimate goal on every player’s mind, but Inside the NFL hosts Cris Collinsworth, Phil Simms and Dan Marino felt that Irsay would have been better off keeping that to himself.

“There is no reason for that. I mean, they won the ballgame,” Marino said. “As an owner, you have to feel pretty darn lucky to have Peyton Manning for 14 years and win a ring. There are a lot of guys who have played in the NFL and have been great players including me, I feel like I was a good player, and I don’t have a ring. So I don’t think you go there at all.”

Manning has had his struggles in the postseason, but he brought the Colts a championship and over a decade of winning football teams. That’s much more than most franchises can say about their quarterback. Irsay can go off on the media all he wants in an attempt to prove his point. In reality, it wasn’t one that needed proving to begin with.