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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Phil Jackson

Bill Walton, Phil Jackson block fan’s view at Grateful Dead concert

Don’t you just hate when you pay good money for tickets to an event and you get stuck behind tall people obstructing your view? That’s what happened to some unlucky fans at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, but at least they have an awesome story to share. Newark Star-Ledger sports columnist Steve Politi shared this…Read More

Derek Fisher wants Phil Jackson to be more involved with Knicks

New York Knicks president Phil Jackson avoided a hands-on approach with the team last season because he did not want to step on first-year head coach Derek Fisher’s toes. But after the Knicks finished with the second-worst record in the league, the novice coach told the sage that he would like some advice and assistance…Read More

Phil Jackson thinks Kobe might play for team other than Lakers

Kobe Bryant is entering his final season with the Los Angeles Lakers and many have assumed based on reports that the legendary player will retire after the year. Not so fast, my friends. Speaking with the media on Friday, New York Knicks president Phil Jackson told reporters that he doesn’t think Kobe will retire yet….Read More

Phil Jackson hopes Sasha Vujacic can help teach Knicks the triangle offense

Knicks president Phil Jackson swears that offseason signee Sasha Vujacic is much more than a legacy play. Jackson, who coached Vujacic in Los Angeles for six seasons, winning back-to-back championships in 2009 and 2010 along the way, hopes that the Slovenian guard will be instrumental in schooling the Knicks young guns about the finer points…Read More

Phil Jackson: Kristaps Porzingis could be ‘too tall for the game’

Throughout his distinguished career in the sport of basketball, we have seen many different sides of Knicks president Phil Jackson. There’s Phil, the Zen philosopher. Phil, the triangle guru. Phil, the championship collector. Phil, the social media gagster. Phil, the shade-thrower. Now we’re seeing Phil, the cynic. In Monday’s latest installment of the ongoing series…Read More

Phil Jackson calls Andrea Bargnani ‘a big tease’

New York Knicks president Phil Jackson is taking absolutely no prisoners when it comes to ex-Knicks. After recently calling out J.R Smith for his “delinquent behavior”, now the face of Primo Pasta, Andrea Bargnani, is the object of the Zen Master’s ire. For the final edition of his Phil Jackson chronicles, which was published on…Read More

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