Two Eagles Fans Dressed Up as Feet to Mock Rex Ryan (Picture)

The Rex Ryan foot jokes — they never get old, do they? What we have here is a couple of clever Eagles fans who wore feet costumes to the Linc for Sunday’s Jets-Eagles game. The foot for the dude on the left says “Rex Luvs Da Feet.” The costume on the right says “Rexy thinks I’m sexy.” If Eagles fans are going to harass someone, we much prefer it to be done like that, rather than like this.

All that bravado paid off considering the Eagles hammered the Jets 45-19. The squad formerly known as the Dream Team has put together two very nice wins in a row. Not only is Andy Reid beginning to save face, but Philly actually has a shot at the playoffs.

The Eagles need to win at the Cowboys next week, and beat the Redskins at home to finish the season. They would be 8-8. They need the Giants to lose at the Jets next week, and then to beat the Cowboys in Week 17. If that happens, all three of the teams would be 8-8 and the Eagles would clinch the NFC East because they would have the best intradivisional record.

It sounds complicated, but the Eagles actually have a very good shot at making the playoffs. They just have to take care of business first by winning out.

Oh, and if you don’t know the story behind the Rex Ryan foot jokes, read this.

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Eagles LB Casey Matthews Says Fans Harrassed Family, Made Fiancee Cry

Eagles linebacker Casey Matthews has had a rough season.  Over the past few games, he’s served mainly a special teams role.  He’s been bounced from outside linebacker to inside linebacker to eventually the bench.  The rookie was given a chance to start multiple times this season but hasn’t been able to put it together.  Unfortunately, Eagles fans took note of the fact that he has struggled.  What’s even more unfortunate is their decision to take it out on his family.

“I’m trying to,” Matthews said when asked about winning over Philly fans. “It’s hard. One of the earlier games, they harassed my family and made my fiancee cry. It’s tough. It’s frustrating. That’s just how they are here. If you win they love you, so I guess we’ve just got to turn things around and just start winning again.”

Does that surprise anyone?  These are the same fans who were chanting for their head coach to be fired just a couple weeks ago.  They also allegedly threw beer at the Giants bus earlier in the season.  Simply put, Eagles fans have had enough.  Many analysts picked them to win the NFC this season, which makes it even more difficult that their season has spiraled out of control.
It’s sad to say, but Matthews’ fiancee and family learned a valuable lesson.  Fans are ruthless.  If you’re going to sport your fiancee’s or uncle’s gear when you go to a game, you need to be prepared to hear it from the fans when things are going poorly.

Andy Reid Claims He Didn’t Hear the ‘Fire Andy’ Chants

Philadelphia Eagles fans have officially run out of patience. They began the year with visions of a Pro Bowl-caliber Michael Vick leading them to the Super Bowl and are going to end it with an 8-8 record if they’re lucky. The 2011 Eagles were labeled the “Dream Team” coming into the season and have since fallen flat on their face.  Naturally, somebody has to take the blame.  Philly fans decided to make that somebody Andy Reid by chanting, “Fire Andy!” during Sunday’s embarrassing loss to the Patriots.

The chant was clear enough to hear perfectly on the television broadcast, but according to the Providence Journal Reid insists he didn’t pick up on it.

“You don’t hear a lot down there on the sideline,” Reid said. “I didn’t hear it. The way we played I understand it.”

Maybe Reid is the problem.  Maybe he isn’t.  Known as one of the biggest players’ coaches in the league, it is possible that Reid has lost his locker room and Philadelphia needs more of an authoritarian leader to handle guys like DeSean Jackson.  The Eagles have been to the NFC championship several times during Reid’s tenure but never been able to get over the hump.  Expectations have never been higher than they were coming into this season, and this isn’t the first time Philly fans have called for the head coach’s departure.  While I don’t believe Reid is the problem in Philadelphia, perhaps a change is in order for this team to take the next step.

Justin Tuck Says Young Eagles Fan Threw Beer at Giants Bus

Philadelphia fans are some of the most passionate, rowdy fans in the country. They notoriously booed Santa Claus, they booed a robot, and they’ve been known to throw batteries onto the field of play from time to time. No surprise, they weren’t in the best of moods after their Eagles lost to the Giants at home Sunday.

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, who had a tackle in New York’s 29-16 road win, tweeted from the team bus about some of the Eagles fans’ naughty behavior:

I’m guessing the middle fingers will be there from Eagles fans regardless of whether the Giants win or lose, but getting a beer thrown at them is the product of bitter Philly fans. I’m sure Tuck was only too happy to take it.

Now if you want to call out Philly fans for bad parenting, then you don’t want to see this video from a Phillies game last year. It doesn’t get more irresponsible than that.