Eagles fans have resorted to wearing paper bags over their heads (Pictures)

Philadelphia Eagles fans seem to have reached their boiling point with their team, and in particular head coach Andy Reid. After a 3-1 start to a 2012 season that many expected to be a successful one, the Eagles have lost seven straight games. Michael Vick has been sidelined with a concussion, but he had played horribly before going down anyway. Sitting at 3-8 and poised to miss the playoffs once again, Eagles fans feel that now is as good a time as ever to break out the paper bags.

For the third straight week (at least) on Monday night, Eagles fans were wearing paper bags over their heads and holding up signs encouraging the team to fire Reid. One fan held up a particularly insulting shirt about Reid three weeks ago during the Eagles loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

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Michael Vick: Andy Reid considering quarterback change

Michael Vick said after the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Atlanta Falcons 30-17 on Sunday that the team is considering a change at quarterback.

Eagles head coach Andy Reid hardly gave Vick a vote of confidence leading up to the team’s Week 8 game against the unbeaten Falcons, saying the former MVP contender was the team’s quarterback “as of today.” Looks like that status is even more uncertain.

“Obviously he’s thinking about making a change at the quarterback position,” Vick said after the game, per Tim McManus at PhillyMag.com. “The thing I do know when I go watch the film and evaluate myself is that I’m giving us every opportunity to win. I’m trying my hardest. Some things don’t go right when I want them to; some things do. If that’s the decision the coach wants to make, then I’ll support it.”

If the Eagles make a change, they would likely turn things over to rookie Nick Foles. Foles was a third-round pick from Arizona, and he went 40/63 for 553 yards, six touchdowns, and two interceptions during the preseason.

“I’ll go back and look at everything,” said Reid. “I’m not going to sit here and make decisions. I’m going to go back, look at it and analyze it.”

Vick was 21/35 for 191 yards and a touchdown pass in the loss. He rushed seven times for 42 yards, but the team trailed the entire game and never made it close against Atlanta.

Vick’s turnovers were a huge issue the first month of the season. Though he’s curbed those problems, the team has lost three games in a row. If things continue to go poorly for Philly, the bad season may lead to Vick’s eventual release.

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Asante Samuel refuses to do a conference call with Eagles writers

Asante Samuel is set to take on his old team, the Philadelphia Eagles, as a member of the Atlanta Falcons this weekend. Samuel’s four seasons in Philly had plenty of ups and downs. He was not exactly on good terms with head coach Andy Reid when he left town, as evidenced by the shot he took at Reid on Twitter earlier this week.

Reid is not the only one Asante had a problem with. It appears as though he is also holding a grudge against the Philly media.

The Eagles blog PhillyBlurbs.com also confirmed that Samuel snubbed the media. Notable players who are returning to face their former teams typically participate in at least one conference call with that team’s writers and reporters, but Samuel is clearly making a statement. An immature one, but a statement nonetheless. Why are we not surprised?

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Eagles reportedly will release Mike Vick if he doesn’t lead team to playoffs

Michael Vick was an MVP candidate in 2010, but that doesn’t mean he has proved himself as the franchise quarterback for the Eagles. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Sunday that the Eagles are expected to release the quarterback if he doesn’t lead the team to the playoffs this season.

Schefter explains that the Eagles can release Vick prior to Feb. 6 2013 and not be obligated to pay him any money, nor be faced with a salary cap hit. If he is on the roster past that date, the team reportedly would owe him $3 million of his $16 million salary.

This may come as a surprise in light of the $100-million contract Vick signed last year, but remember that NFL contracts are not guaranteed, and they are often highly complex with teams afforded different options to back out after each season.

Vick has been a turnover machine to start the season. He threw six interceptions and fumbled eight times, losing five of them through the team’s first five games. But the Eagles went 3-2, and I can easily see them reaching the postseason.

Based on how well the team felt rookie Nick Foles looked in the preseason, they probably consider the Arizona product an intriguing option.

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Willie Colon: Ben Roethlisberger thought the Eagles were going after his head

With the way the NFL protects quarterbacks these days, it would be extremely difficult to take a shot at an opposing passer’s head without being called for a personal foul and subsequently fined. Ben Roethlisberger apparently thought the Eagles were attempting it on Sunday, as evidenced by the play where he got in Philly defensive end Brandon Graham’s face after taking a shot late in the game.

“Yeah, Ben was mad. He thought they were going after his head,” offensive guard Willie Colon said according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “They were cheap-shot artists all day. They were hitting us in the back. I know I lost my cool once or twice. It is what it is. You have to play through it.”

Officials can’t see everything, and in a game that close it is important to keep your cool and not retaliate. The Steelers won on a late-game field goal, so they obviously did a good enough job of that if the Eagles were indeed playing dirty.

I’m all for player safety, but a part of me wonders if all the rules the NFL has implemented have turned players into crybabies. We’re only heading into Week 6, and we’ve already had a number of star players accusing their opponents of dirty play. Initially we thought it might have been a direct result of the replacement officials not having control, but the complaining has continued even with the regular refs having returned. At a certain point, all the whining starts to sound the same.

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Ray Rice: Eagles ‘play dirty’

The Ravens’ locker room was full of frustrated players after the team’s 24-23 loss to the Eagles on Sunday. Quarterback Joe Flacco ripped the replacement referees for missing calls, and running back Ray Rice accused Philly of playing dirty.

“They play dirty. They take shots after the play, lot of dirty stuff,” Rice said after the game, according to The Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Wilson. “We weren’t going to back down, we weren’t going to take that.”

For all the late shots the Eagles took, they were only penalized seven times for 58 yards. I’d have to see examples on film of the Eagles playing dirty in order to know what Rice is talking about, but I’m guessing he wouldn’t have been complaining too much had his team won instead of blowing a 23-17 lead.

Even though Rice finished with 16 carries for 99 yards and 6 catches for 53 yards, he also could have been frustrated with his role in the game.

Rice is the Ravens’ best offensive playmaker, yet he only had 10 carries through the first three quarters, and hardly carried the ball in the third quarter. That, coupled with the team’s loss, likely explains his frustration.

Michael Vick says it is Super Bowl or bust for the Eagles this season

Michael Vick energized the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia when he took over as the starting quarterback during the 2010 season. In fact, he played so well that many analysts and experts were thinking Super Bowl for the rejuvenated Eagles last season. Instead, Vick put together a disappointing season that was marred by injuries and the team failed to qualify for the postseason.

After an 8-8 campaign in 2011, one might think the Eagles have their sights set on simply making the playoffs this year. For Vick, that would hardly be enough.

“Man, I ain’t got no ring on my finger,” Vick said according to CSNPhilly.com. “I ain’t got one. That’s it. I don’t know what else. I’ve been there. Playoffs is playoffs, you know? But that’s the road you’ve got to take to where you want to go. Like every quarterback, I want a championship. That’s it.”

At 32 years old and with a style of play that subjects him to a serious beating, Vick doesn’t exactly have time on his side. The NFC East is set up to be the toughest division in football this season, and the Eagles will need a lot better than 18 touchdowns and 17 turnovers from Vick if they want to contend.

Vick needs to do a better job of protecting the ball and protecting himself. Rather than diving head first to move the chains and standing in the pocket and taking a brutal hit just to get rid of the ball, he needs to learn to slide and take a sack if he wants to prove what he said about a week ago is true. Eagles fans will not be content with simply improving upon their 8-8 record, and Andy Reid may lose his job if that’s all that happens. Every team has to take their schedule one game at a time to have success, but there’s nothing wrong with Vick knowing what’s expected of him at this stage in his career.

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