Michael Vick: Plaxico Burress Would be ‘Great Addition’ for Philadelphia Eagles

One former prison inmate, Michael Vick, would like another prison inmate to join his Philadelphia Eagles. In a radio interview with Anthony Gargano and Ike Reese on 610 WIP in Philadelphia, Vick said he would want Plaxico Burress to join him on the Eagles when he’s released from prison.

“It would be a great addition for our team,” Vick said. “I think with the guys we have now I think we can fit him in and make it work. Obviously the ultimate goal at the end of the day is to put that ring on your finger at the end of the year.

“I think certainly Plaxico is going to come out with a chip on his shoulder the same way I did and he’ll go out and help this football team to whatever capacity he can.”

The Eagles would not be the first team to consider signing the former New York Giant standout, however, signing the talented yet troubled receiver would be the wrong move.

Plaxico has not caught a pass in an NFL game since November 16, 2008. He’s 33 years old and the Eagles already have dependable dynamic receivers in DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. Why take a chance on a guy who ruined the Giants by bringing a gun to a club and having it go off? Why take a chance on a guy who was widely viewed as a flaky teammate? Maybe because the same could have been said about Michael Vick when he left prison, but Vick has proven he’s changed. Will Plaxico show the same remorse and character development? We will find out, but there’s little doubt at least one team will be willing to take a chance..

Patriots and Eagles Swapped 6th-Round Draft Picks to Keep Trade Streak Alive

Bill Belichick is known as a boring, unfriendly, stick in the mud type of coach. Andy Reid is considered to be friendlier and forgiving. When you think of the two of them, you wouldn’t consider them to be frequent trading partners, but that is actually the case.

We learned over draft weekend that the Pats and Eagles swapped 6th-round picks — New England’s 193rd for Philly’s 194th — in order to keep a streak alive.

Since Belichick took over the Patriots in 2000, the two men have made a draft-day trade every single year.

Belichick explained the decision to the media in a way only he can. “We talked to the Eagles,” Belichick deadpanned. “We wanted to make the trade, they wanted to make the trade.”

Though you wouldn’t peg Belichick and Reid to be friends based on their seemingly dissimilar personalities, they actually are buddies. Maybe it’s this type of sense of humor that other coaches around the league need to adopt in order to be as well-tenured as they are.

Arizona Cardinals Reportedly Had Deal in Place for Kevin Kolb Before Draft

If you are a Cardinals fan and wondering why the team didn’t select a quarterback in the NFL draft despite needing one, we may have our answer. Pro Football Weekly reports that the Eagles and Cardinals had a “potential deal in place to trade QB Kevin Kolb … but those plans changed when 2011 draft picks were not allowed to be dealt.” They add in their report that the trade talks could reignite down the road, and I imagine that is the case.

We knew a year ago that the Cardinals did not seem comfortable with their quarterback situation entering the season. Derek Anderson’s awful play and outburst did not help matters, and Max Hall played horribly. John Skelton could be a decent backup, but you don’t want any of those three guys being your starting quarterback if your goal is to win. Even analyst Jimmy Johnson told us personnel was the problem in Arizona, not coaching. So it makes sense for them to pursue an upgrade at the most important position on the field.

Kevin Kolb has shown accuracy and an ability to produce in his limited time as Philadelphia’s starting quarterback. Even though he’s a West Coast Offense QB (not the style the Cardinals run), he’d be a big upgrade over anything else they have on the roster.

We know Kolb would like to be traded to Arizona and that Larry Fitzgerald also wants it to happen. When league business is eventually cleared to resume, I would anticipate a deal getting done. That is unless someone else (Seattle perhaps?) can come up with a better package to offer the Eagles.

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Eagles Used 10 Players in Onside Kick to Confuse Giants

Philly fans surely haven’t finished enjoying the Eagles’ comeback win over the Giants on Sunday. Conversely, the pain for Giants fans has not been ameliorated, and only winning out might help. I’ll tell you something else that won’t help matters for the fans — and no, we’re not talking about the latest news with punter Matt Dodge. As if the Giants didn’t already feel dumb enough for blowing a 31-10 lead with eight minutes to go, how about finding out that the Eagles tricked you with only 10 men on the field? True story.

Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn said the Eagles confused them. “They ran a guy off right in front of everybody and they’re all looking at each other saying, ‘We’ve (only) got 10.’ So we’re doing the same thing, trying to recount. And then you forget about that ‘alert’ a little bit. That’s kind of what happened.”

Coach Tom Coughlin didn’t think that was a proper excuse and still says he warned the players to prepare for an onside kick. It didn’t matter, as the Giants were left looking even more stupid than they already were.

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TGI Friday’s NFL Weekend Preview: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants

This series is brought to you by TGI Friday’s, where every Sunday means Food, Fun, & Football! Hut, hut, hut!

Why Should I Watch?

Over the past decade, NFC East match-ups have consistently been some of the best in football. The Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants have been at the center of many of them. This game should be no different, with each team toting a 9-4 record and in search of a division title. The Redskins and Cowboys are out of the race, so the winner of this game will put itself in great position to win the NFC East and challenge for a first round playoff bye. Plus, Michael Vick will be there.

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Flex Scheduling Bumps Eagles and Vikings to Prime Time for Week 16

The NFL’s Week 16 Sunday night game — an originally scheduled game between the Chargers and Bengals — has been replaced by an NFC match-up between the Eagles and the Vikings. San Diego and Cincinnati has been moved to 4:05 EST, while the Eagles and Vikings will play during the usual Sunday night slot at 8:20 EST.

The NFL instituted flex scheduling in 2006 as a means of featuring more compelling games in its prime time block on Sunday. According to the league, it allows games with playoff implications or games involving surprise teams to be showcased and eliminates featuring games between 2-11 teams that are completely out of the playoff hunt.

Flex scheduling is placed into effect from Week 11 through the remainder of the season, with games scheduled to be played on Thursday, Saturday, or Monday exempt from being moved. Moving the Chargers-Bengals match-up certainly makes sense with the way the Bengals’ season has turned out, but the choice of its replacement is questionable. While there is the obvious draw of Michael Vick — just ask Tashard Choice — the Vikings are all but eliminated from the playoff contention.

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TGI Friday’s NFL Weekend Preview: Indianapolis Colts vs Philadelphia Eagles

This series is brought to you by TGI Friday’s, where every Sunday means Food, Fun, & Football! Hut, hut, hut!

Why Should I Watch?

There aren’t many quarterbacks in the NFL who are more exciting to watch than Peyton Manning.  Michael Vick is one of the few.  Vick electrified the Eagles when he started filling in for the injured Kevin Kolb.  He was then forced to miss time with his own injuries, but he returns to action on Sunday to face the Colts.  We’re now right around the halfway point of the 2010 season, when we can really start to get a feel for who the real contenders are.  Philadelphia and Indianapolis are two of them.

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