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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Philadelphia Flyers fans

Flyers fans chant ‘she said no’ at Patrick Kane (Video)

The Patrick Kane sexual assault investigation is still ongoing, and Philadelphia Flyers fans were happy to remind him of that on Wednesday night. For starters, Flyers fans booed Kane every time the Chicago Blackhawks star touched the puck. But they got more creative after that, and at one point a perfectly audible “she said no!”…Read More

Flyers fans had their anti-Penguins jerseys censored

Philadelphia Flyers fans don’t like the Pittsburgh Penguins, and for the most part the feeling is mutual. No one would be surprised to walk into either team’s arena and see shirts that rag on the opposition, but that doesn’t mean security will tolerate them. On Sunday, Josh Kuchinka and two of his buddies found that…Read More

Flyers fan gets an ‘F Crosby’ license plate

Most Philadelphia Flyers fans hate the Pittsburgh Penguins. More specifically, they despise their in-state rival’s best player, Sidney Crosby. We have found someone who may hate Sid the Kid just a little more than everyone else. A Flyers fan who goes by Archibald Meatpants on Twitter recently got a vanity license plate that reads “F…Read More

Philly Fans Booed Cancer Video Because it Featured Rival Players

Philly fans lived up to their reputation as some of the harshest sports fans in the country Wednesday when they booed a fight cancer video because it featured rival players. The video was played between periods during the Flyers’ first home game of the season. Penguins star Sidney Crosby, Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews, and Sabres…Read More

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