Did Ryan Braun taunt Phillies fans after big hit? (GIF)

Ryan-Braun-taunts-PhilliePhiladelphia Phillies fans have been giving it to Ryan Braun over the past two days, and it is not bothering the Milwaukee Brewers slugger one bit. On Tuesday, Braun belted three home runs and drove in seven in a 10-4 win over Philadelphia. He then had a two-run triple in the eighth inning on Wednesday night that put the Phillies away.

Some are claiming Braun taunted the crowd at Citizens Bank Park after his latest timely hit. When he reached third, the scorned slugger made a gesture in the direction of the Brewers’ dugout. He claims he was simply acknowledging his teammates.

“No [it was directed] to our dugout, we always do that when we get big hits,” Braun said with a smirk, according to CSNPhilly.com’s Corey Seidman. “We’ve done that forever, we just haven’t had an opportunity to play too many good games, close games, exciting games.”

If Braun was making the motion across the diamond, that would be easier to believe. Maybe I’m reading into it too much, but his hands started pretty high up when he made the gesture. He then pointed them down toward the dugout. Also, Braun is a liar.

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Cliff Lee reportedly received fingernail clippings from fan

cliff-leeCliff Lee is expected to be the ace of the Philadelphia Phillies’ pitching staff this year. He is already a fan favorite in Philly, and we know fans in and around that area have a reputation for doing some pretty questionable stuff. There are very few things Phillies fans have done that are more bizarre than mailing a player fingernail clippings.

MLB.com’s Anthony Castrovince reported on Sunday that Lee received a special package in the mail recently.

Does that mean he is loved or hated by the sender?

I guess Lee should be thankful no fans have ever thrown batteries at him or hurled any other foreign objects his way, but that is downright creepy. I can honestly say I think I would throw up if I opened up what I thought was fan mail (not that I’d ever get any) and there were fingernail clippings inside. Fame ain’t easy.

Phillies fan hit in head by Anthony Rendon home run (Video)

Phillies fan hitThe first run scored in the Washington Nationals’ 5-1 win over the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday did damage to more than just the Phillies. A fan sitting in left field was actually hit in the head by second baseman Anthony Rendon’s solo home run in the fifth. You can see in the video that the fan tries to make a play on the ball, but it was hit so hard off Rendon’s bat the guy froze and was nailed on the left side of his face. The fan covers his head after being struck and appears to be in pain — no surprise given how hard the ball was hit. Hopefully his injuries weren’t serious, because that looked really bad.

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Chase Utley: Phillies fans booing doesn’t help

Chase UtleyPhiladelphia sports fans are notorious for their harsh behavior. They boo their own players, they boo opposing players, they hassle family members, and they’ll even boo Santa Claus if they feel up to it. But one thing that makes the booing worse is if players complain about it, because then it seems like the athlete is too weak to handle the pressure.

Chase Utley didn’t come out and say he couldn’t handle the boos, but he did say they don’t help.

The Phillies second baseman went 3-for-5 with a home run and two RBIs in Philly’s 6-2 win over the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday. After the game, he was asked by Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen of 94.1 WIP about the crowd at AT&T Park, and that prompted him to voice a complaint about Phillies fans.

“Obviously, they have a great fan base out here, they’re into the game, obviously booing us. But that makes it exciting,” Utley said of the Giants fans. “The last few games at home we didn’t play that well, the fans let us hear about it, and it doesn’t boost your confidence that way.”

Here is the audio via Crossing Broad:

You got that, Philly fans? We know you’re not going to change the way you operate, but Utley has made it clear that the boos do not help. The Phillies lost back-to-back games to the Miami Marlins over the weekend, so we understand the fans’ frustration. But they have won two in a row against the Giants, and Utley is looking good again after three straight injury-plagued seasons.

Utley’s comments really shouldn’t surprise anyone. After all, remember what he said in 2008?

Bryce Harper wants Phillies fans to boo him but not throw batteries at him

Bryce Harper may only be 19 years old, but it sounds like he has a decent grasp of baseball history. With the Nationals visiting the Phillies on Monday for a three-game series, Harper knows the fans will probably give him much less than a warm welcome. He really didn’t do anything to them besides take a pitch off the backside from Cole Hamels for no reason, but they are sure to let him hear it anyway. The rookie phenom says he is perfectly fine with the boos — he’s just hoping to avoid having batteries chucked his way at Citizen’s Bank Park.

“Hopefully, I get a couple of boos,” Harper said Sunday according to the Philadelphia Daily News. “That would be awesome. I’m excited to get in there and play and hopefully they won’t throw any batteries or whatnot at me. We’ll see.”

As you may know, fans in Philadelphia have a reputation for doing various inappropriate things including but not limited to throwing beer at opponents buses, booing videos about cancer, and throwing batteries at their own and opposing players. Only time will tell what they could have in store for the cocky new superstar from D.C.

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Jayson Werth says Phillies fans yelled ‘you deserve it’ when he broke his wrist

For the second time in a week, fans from Philadelphia have been accused of cheering for an opponent’s injury. We know Sixers fans cheered when Joakim Noah went down during a game last Friday because we could hear it on the broadcast. According to Jayson Werth, Phillies fans pulled the same classless move on Sunday night when he broke his wrist at Nationals Park.

“After walking off the field feeling nauseous knowing my wrist was broke and hearing Philly fans yelling ‘You deserve it,’ and, ‘That’s what you get,’ I am motivated to get back quickly and see to it personally those people never walk down Broad Street in celebration again,” Werth wrote in an email to the Washington Post.

Whether Werth deserved the astronomical amount of money the Nationals gave him or not, you can’t fault him for taking it. Apparently some of the fans in Philadelphia do. Does it surprise us that they feel Werth deserved to break his wrist simply because he left via free agency? If we were talking about a fan base that didn’t have a history of making players’ fiancees cry or throwing beer at opponents, we might scratch our heads a little. Unfortunately, it’s just reaffirms what we already knew.

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Phillies Fans Think Pujols Are Stinky (Picture)

Who’s more immature, the three Phillies fans that wrote “Pujols are stinky” on their towels, or us, for posting the picture and laughing about it? I dunno, but I’ll consider it a win for the internet. Plus, the fans that had the Pat Burrell signs last year were far more creative.

Thanks to good man CJ Fogler for the pic