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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Phillies Fans

Phillies Fans Think Pujols Are Stinky (Picture)

Who’s more immature, the three Phillies fans that wrote “Pujols are stinky” on their towels, or us, for posting the picture and laughing about it? I dunno, but I’ll consider it a win for the internet. Plus, the fans that had the Pat Burrell signs last year were far more creative. Thanks to good man…Read More

Phillies Fans Boo Robot After it Bounces First Pitch (Video)

There was a big stir caused when it was announced a robot would be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a Phillies game this week. I don’t get the fuss; how is this much different from an old school pitching machine like the one Jimmy Dugan hit off of in A League of Their…Read More

Ryan Madson’s Wife Sarah Madson Says She Hates Phillies Fans

Ryan Madson just became the most wanted man in Philly, and his wife is the female counterpart. During a recent charity event in support of Manna, the organization that provides meals to aids and cancer patients, Sarah Madson made some extremely negative comments about Phillies fans. Oh yeah, did we mention that her husband is…Read More

Phillies Fans Bust Out the Pat Burrell Hate

A day after giving pitcher Tim Lincecum the poster treatment, Phillies fans decided to break out with some Pat Burrell hate. Burrell of course was drafted by the Phillies and played there from 2000-2008. He left the off-season after they won the World Series in 2008 and signed with the Rays who cut him. The…Read More

Matt Diaz Living Lighter After Tripping Fan

This series is supported by LACOSTE Essential Sport Phillies fans have been quite the topic here at LBS over the past few months. Things started with a Phillies fan getting Tased after running onto the field. After his example, another streaker tried the same move the very next night hoping to get Tazed but he…Read More

Phillies Fan Celebrates the Way We’d Expect A Phillies Fan to Celebrate

It would be unfair to say that Phillies fans have not been well-behaved lately.  Some have been snagging foul balls with one hand while others are giving foul balls away to young children.  However, they were back to their usual antics on Tuesday night — this time Brian Urlacher style —  as Philadelphia reclaimed first…Read More

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