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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Phillies Fans

Phillies Fan Redemption (Cont.)

I must admit, Phillies fans have come a long way this season since the days of getting Tased, puking on people intentionally, falling on their faces, and allowing their children to drink at the games.  Since we were forced to inform you about those incidents (fine, no one was twisting our arms), we’ve seen a…Read More

Today’s Humor: More Philly Fan Antics

If this is getting old for you, I apologize.  It just never seems to stop coming and I can’t seem to get tired of it.  We have yet another funny clip to show you and, of course, it’s a laugh at the expense of a Philadelphia Phillies fan.  Since this clip really doesn’t require an…Read More

Today’s Humor: A Toddler Drinking a Beer at a Phillies Game

I don’t know if people are just watching Phillies fans closer this year or what, but they sure do make news by doing some crazy things.  First, it was a fan being Tasered for running onto the field at Citizens Bank Park.  Another fan pulled the same stunt the following night but was not electrocuted. …Read More

Phillies’ Security Doesn’t Mess Around

Note to self and all loyal readers: if you’re ambition is to some day rush the field at a sporting event — and accept spending the night in jail to make 40,000 people cheer for you — don’t do it at a Philadelphia Phillies game. A fan had to learn that the hard way last…Read More

Phillies Fans Are Drunken Riotous Messes

You knew it was going to happen the moment the Phillies won the World Series. They didn’t quite burn the city down, but they did their share of damage. Of all the celebration videos I found, this is probably my favorite. Here’s an excellent taste of the drunken Phillie fan in celebratory mode (language is…Read More

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