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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Pittsburgh Penguins

Flyers fans had their anti-Penguins jerseys censored

Philadelphia Flyers fans don’t like the Pittsburgh Penguins, and for the most part the feeling is mutual. No one would be surprised to walk into either team’s arena and see shirts that rag on the opposition, but that doesn’t mean security will tolerate them. On Sunday, Josh Kuchinka and two of his buddies found that…Read More

Dongshot: Naked Penguins player appears in postgame interview (Video)

A Tanner Glass postgame interview Saturday night on Root Sports was videbombed by … well, a dongshot. The Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Calgary Flames 2-1 on Saturday, and Glass had an assist in the game. He was interviewed after the contest, but the interviewer chose a poor location nearby what looked like the training room….Read More

Boston bartender pranks Pittsburgh bar, asks for ‘Owen’ (Video)

Boston Bruins fans are feeling great these days, and deservedly so. Their Eastern Conference Finals matchup against the Pittsburgh Penguins is far from over, but the first two games of the series could not have gone any better for Claude Julien’s club. Pens fans had to have been disgusted after their team’s 6-1 loss in…Read More

Jarome Iginla reportedly preferred Penguins over Bruins

Boston Bruins fans went to sleep on Wednesday night feeling the sting of a 6-5 shootout loss to the Montreal Canadiens. It doesn’t get much worse than blowing a 5-3, third-period lead against your most bitter rival, but there was a tremendous silver lining even after the most painful loss of the season. It appeared…Read More

Flyers-Penguins scuffle Harlem Shake video is somewhat funny

We here at LBS don’t really get the hype surrounding the Harlem Shake video phenomenon. I understand that social media trends have a mind of their own, but most of the Harlem Shake videos people are coming up with just aren’t that funny. However, there are always going to be exceptions. Like this Philadelphia Flyers-Pittsburgh…Read More

Penguins fan suing team for sending him too many text messages

After losing to their state rival earlier in the playoffs this season, Penguins fans have been on edge. Most of them are furious with the team for allowing the Flyers to walk all over them, but one fan has an entirely separate bone to pick with Pittsburgh. As The Consumerist pointed out, Penguins fan Fred…Read More

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