Pirates fan dismisses child from school for playoffs with classic doctor’s note


As we showed you earlier this week with that video of a fan jumping off a bridge, Pittsburgh Pirates fans are dangerously excited to be able to root for their team in the playoffs for the first time since 1992. Friday’s Game 2 NLDS matchup between the Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals has an awkward start time of 1:07 p.m. EST. This has undoubtedly disappointed a number of fans who will be stuck at work during the entire game, but one parent isn’t about to let it drag his son down.

The photo above that For the Win passed along shows us that a parent is apparently dismissing their child Braden from school to watch the game. We’re assuming they’re not going to the game since it is in St. Louis, although you never know.

At least the parent tried to be clever with the whole “Dr. McCutchen” thing. Will that be enough to to appease the superintendent of schools? If the family is filled with Bucs fans who are diehard enough to blow off school for a playoff game, I’m sure they don’t really care.

Pirates fan jumps off Roberto Clemente Bridge to celebrate win (Video)

Prior to Tuesday night, the Pittsburgh Pirates had not been to the playoffs since 1992. In fact, this season was the first time the team posted a winning record since that last playoff appearance. That is precisely why fans are so excited that they’re doing stuff like jumping off bridges.

After Pittsburgh defeated the Cincinnati Reds in the one-game wild card playoff on Tuesday, a fan named Dean Pasztor — who revealed his identity on Twitter — jumped off the Roberto Clemente Bridge and into the Allegheny River. He did so while wearing nothing but his underwear. We know this because of a photo that Big League Stew called our attention to:

In a way, we understand the excitement. Not only has it been more than two decades since the Pirates gave fans something to cheer about, but have you seen the Steelers this year? There isn’t much else going on in Pittsburgh for sports junkies.

Video: Lana Berry via @cjzero

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Pirates fans rattle Johnny Cueto with Darryl Strawberry-like chant (Video)

Pirates fansPittsburgh Pirates fans created an electric environment at PNC Park on Tuesday for the team’s one-game playoff with the Cincinnati Reds. They packed the house, were loud throughout the game and really helped boost the Pirates to a 6-2 win. And once the team got on top, they smelled blood and jumped all over Reds starter Johnny Cueto.

The Pirates fans had a stadium-wide “Cue-to, Cue-to” chant going the first few innings. The chant was reminiscent of how fans used to taunt Darryl Strawberry with the “Darryl, Darryl” chant. During the second inning, it looked like the chant got to Cueto. He dropped the ball in between pitches, and then gave up a home run to Russell Martin after missing badly on a fastball.

Cueto allowed seven hits, four runs (3 earned) and walked one over 3.1 innings. He gave up two home runs and really should have been pulled in the second. Great win for Pittsburgh.