Video Breakdown: Bush vs. Obama

On Monday, I wrote about how my respect level for President Obama as a baseball fan increased a tad with his refusal to do the wave.  Like I said before, the wave is for fans who are bored and anyone who takes a stand against it is okay in my book.  While I admitted I now think more highly of the current president as a fan, I’d be lying if I told you I thought he was a great athlete.  As a matter of fact, I’ll even argue that George W. Bush — who’s 5 years older than Obama — is a more impressive overall athletic specimen.

To kick off the debate I’ve come up with a collection of videos of Obama and Bush participating in athletic activity.  Let’s start with the sport Obama has a clear edge in — basketball.  The current President can ball.  The former president, not so much.  Here’s a video of Barack Obama playing H-O-R-S-E followed by a video of George W. Bush shooting an air-ball to prove it:

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A Round of Golf with President Bush

One would think that golfing with eight carts filled with Secret Service men would make you a nightmare to share the golf course. To his surprise, however, Golfweek’s Jeff Rude had the pleasure of letting the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, play through at the Dallas National Golf Club on Monday.

It seems that being a U.S. President out of office is a pretty sweet gig. Playing three to four rounds a week when home in Dallas, Bush clearly rolls out in style, sporting an exclusive, custom made number “43” cap and, as Rude describes, “those cool looking, Fred Couples style black Ecco shoes.” Apparently, “number 43” isn’t afraid to use a little presidential privilege on the course either.

“After he scuffed a chip just short of the green, he looked at me and said, “There’s mud on my ball. Can I wipe it off?”

I had been introduced to him as a Golfweek writer. Now I was playing rules official.

“I suppose you have some sort of presidential privilege,” I said.

Given that unofficial permission, he picked up his ball, cleaned it, looked over and said, “I’m not going to read about this in the magazine, am I?”

I smiled but didn’t answer. I’ll answer now: No, not in the magazine.

On the Web site.”

Say what you will about W’s track record in public office, he doesn’t seem like the worst guy to have in your foursome. Playing 18 holes with eight secret service cars is probably the safest day on the links you could ask for—now watch this drive!

Hate to be Rude: A President plays through [Golfweek]

President Bush Rips on Himself, Red Sox

If approval ratings were based on how the President relates to athletic teams, the country would be demanding a third term for Dubya. The guy broke out all the stops when he met with the Red Sox Wednesday at the White House to congratulate Boston on their World Series win. Amongst some of his zingers, he mentioned he was happy Jonathan Papelbon was wearing pants, perhaps referring to Papelbon’s Irish Jig. But his best lines were reserved for Manny who missed the ’05 celebration, and then Dice-K:

“I guess his grandmother died again,” Bush said to prolonged laughter. “Just kidding.”

Bush noted the pitching of Japanese player Daisuke Matsuzaka, known as Dice-K. His presence drew a huge number of Japanese reporters.

“His press corps is bigger than mine,” Bush said. “And we both have trouble answering questions in English.”

At least the man acknowledges his shortcomings. I wonder who’s writing his material. Problem is he’ll probably be out of office by the time Clemens needs him to step in and deliver the pardon. Well done Bush, well done.

Is President Bush Behind the Push to Indict Bonds?

President Bush BaseballAnother story I just posted at FanHouse, based on a report from the Mercury News. They’re both a must read. In short, Bonds’ lawyer, Michael Rains, thinks that President Bush is driving the push for indictment. Funny thing is, I think he might be right. Let’s see why:

President Bush is a baseball fan. He’s a former baseball owner. He recently was interviewed by Karl Ravech after letting it be known that Baseball Tonight is one of his favorite shows. The guy obviously follows the game and cares that steroids have clouded baseball. So is it really too far-fetched to think that Bush wants Baroid indicted? I don’t think so. It’s clearly Rains’ job to protect Barry at all costs, but I actually think there might be some validity to what he’s saying. Check out the full story at FanHouse for all the details.