Warren Sapp’s Hall of Fame bust will be first to have braids

Warren Sapp was one of the more unique personalities in the NFL in the past two decades, so it’s fitting that his bust at the Pro Football Hall of Fame will be unique. Sapp’s Hall of Fame bust will feature him wearing braids for his hairstyle:

Warren SappWhen Sapp entered the league in 1995, he had a little bit of that ’90s fade with waves in the front. Then from 1997-2001, Sapp rocked the braids. It was during that time that Sapp won Defensive Player of the Year and was at the top of his game. He made the Pro Bowl each of those years and was a first-team All-Pro player for three of them.

By the time the 2002 season started, Sapp had a shaved head, which he has gone with since.

While Sapp did not have braids for most of his playing career, he sported them during the best years of his career.

And now we have one with braids to go along with a bust with a bandanna from two years ago.

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Hall of Fame Has No Plans to Address Inductees Representing Sponsors with Pins

The Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions took place last weekend in Canton, Ohio and Deion Sanders drew our attention. It wasn’t his act of throwing a bandanna on his bust that stood out, but rather the way he represented a sponsor during his speech.

Deion wore the logo of his sponsor on a pin placed on the right jacket lapel. He also thanked his sponsor during his speech. He wasn’t the only player who did that; Marshall Faulk had a sponsor’s logo on the left jacket lapel.

We were extremely irked that Deion essentially sold commercial time during his speech and wrote about it. On Tuesday, I called the Pro Football Hall of Fame to see if they had any plans to address the issue.

Vice President of Marketing Dave Motts told LBS the Hall of Fame does not have plans to address players representing sponsors during their speech. Motts said “It is not a policy and based on what Deion Sanders did, we understand why he did it.”

Motts said he was unaware that Marshall Faulk also represented a sponsor during his speech.

LBS is optimistic that the Pro Football Hall of Fame will consider a policy that prevents players from representing sponsors during their induction ceremony. There’s no need for endorsement deals at a time when players are being celebrated for achieving the highest individual honor in football.

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Shannon Sharpe Campaigned for Brother Sterling’s Hall of Fame Candidacy

Shannon Sharpe delivered a powerful speech during his Hall of Fame induction ceremony Saturday in Canton. Sharpe talked about growing up poor and how it motivated him to work as hard as possible. He gave thanks to his grandmother for helping to raise him properly. He also spent part of his speech committing a selfless act. Shannon campaigned for his brother Sterling’s Hall of Fame candidacy.

“My big brother Sterling. I’m the only player of 267 men that’s walked through this building to my left, that can honestly say this: I’m the only pro football player in the Hall of Fame, and I’m the second best player in my own family,” Shannon said, moving his brother to tears. “If fate had dealt you a different hand, there is absolutely no question in my mind we would have been the first brothers to be elected to the Hall of Fame.

“The 44 men and women that I thanked and congratulated earlier for giving me and bestowing this prestigious honor upon me, all I do is ask all, I can do is ask … that next time you go into that room or you start making a list, look at Sterling Sharpe’s accomplishments for a seven-year period. Of the guys that’s in the Hall of Fame at the receiver position, and the guys that have the potential to be in this building … that’s all I ask. The next time you go in that room, you think about Sterling Sharpe’s numbers for seven years. That’s all I ask.”

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Deion Sanders Disgraced Hall of Fame by Selling Out to Corporate Sponsor

Disgraceful. Disgusting. Shameful. Reprehensible. Sell out. Those were some of the words that came to mind as I witnessed Deion Sanders’ speech at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It wasn’t so much the speech that bothered me (though there are some aspects that made him seem phony). Rather, it was Deion’s choice to sully his esteemed gold jacket with a corporate logo, and plug his corporate sponsor during his speech, that ticked me off.

As you can see in the picture above, Deion prominently placed a pin with the logo of a sports apparel company on the right jacket lapel. Marshall Faulk also wore a logo pin, but his was on the left and hardly noticeable because it was covered by the flower. Deion’s pin stood out.

Then, four and a half minutes into his speech while Deion was thanking people in his career, he paused as he got to another category: sponsors.

“[sponsor's name] you see a bunch of kids around here with ‘truth’ on. It would have not been possible had it not been for [sponsor]. I thank you [sponsor], and I love you. Dearly,” Deion said, becoming the first person I know of who sold commercial time during a Hall of Fame induction speech.

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