Purdue football helmets will feature pictures of students next season

Seemingly every school is trying to one up each other right now with their football helmets. Some have gone with shiny, metallic lids. Others have chosen matte paint jobs. Carbon fiber and camouflage are popular as well. Colors are bright, logos are big. Subtlety is becoming a thing of the past.

The Purdue Boilermakers will be debuting a new helmet during the upcoming season that won’t look dramatically different than what you’re used to seeing, until you view it close up.

The athletic department announced students who purchase a VIP card (includes season tickets for football and men’s basketball) by June 10 will get their photo inside the logo on the football helmet. Granted, you wouldn’t be able to spot your picture as you’re watching the game from the stands or on television, but still pretty cool.

Florida High School Coach Bans Purdue, Danny Hope from Recruiting on Campus

Things have not gone well for the Purdue Boilermakers since Danny Hope took over for Joe Tiller as the team’s head coach. They’ve gone 5-7 and 4-8 under Hope, and issues like the one he had with A.J. King won’t help matters.

King is a receiver for Armwood High School in Florida, and the senior hurt his knee in August and needed surgery. King apparently hurt the knee again in his team’s first game of the year, but the problems did not stop Hope from recruiting the youngster. King went to West Lafayette for a recruiting visit in December, but later in the month he was informed his scholarship offer had been pulled. Hope had second thoughts after four of his players who had the same surgery as King did not recover well.

Armwood coach Sean Callahan was not happy to see Purdue jerk around his player, so he fought back using his only weapon: his players. The Tampa Tribune says Callahan has banned Purdue from recruiting on the campus.

While I don’t have a problem with a coach pulling a scholarship because of injury, I think it’s poor form to lead the player on if you did not intend to sign him. Still, all is not lost for King — he’s deciding between Toledo, Kent State, and Ball State. It’s not the Big Ten, but you can do worse than one of those MAC schools.

via Big Ten Rant.