Quincy Miller a good sport about getting ankles broken by Andre Iguodala

As you have probably heard by now, Denver Nuggets forward Quincy Miller was absolutely destroyed by an Andre Iguodala crossover on Thursday night. Iguodala redfined the ankle-breaking game by making Miller fall straight on his face. To his credit, Miller was a great sport about the whole thing on Twitter after the game.

Miller also addressed whoever hacked his Wikipedia page by writing “Aye who the hell run Wikipedia?” Here’s what his Wikipedia page briefly said during the game.

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Andre Iguodala ruins Quincy Miller with spectacular crossover, memes ensue (Video)

Andre Iguodala Quincy MillerAndre Iguodala just absolutely ruined Quincy Miller with what had to be the best crossover of the season.

During the first quarter of Thursday night’s Golden State Warriors-Denver Nuggets game, Iguodala pushed the ball up the court and just toyed with Miller. First he went right with a behind-the-back dribble, and then he crossed back over to his left with such a sick move that it sent Miller to the floor. It was just plain mean.

Naturally, with the internet being the internet, the jokes came out in full force.

Warriors World sent this funny tweet where they pretended to be Miller tweeting at Iguodala:

And then came all the related pictures and jokes:

Even Iguodala seemed impressed with himself. Check out the face he made after his move:

Andre Iguodala face

That’s the classic “tell me you saw that” look.

Video via @cjzero