Quincy Pondexter and Jon Leuer were White Men Can’t Jump for Halloween

Quincy Pondexter Jon Leuer

Memphis Grizzlies teammates Quincy Pondexter and Jon Leuer came through with one of the best Halloween costumes. The two went as Billy and Sidney and really nailed the costume. I mean Quincy had every detail covered. From the double tank to the knee pads/bike shorts and chain, he was on point. Love it, guys. Great effort.

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H/T Chris Vernon
Photo: Instagram/Jon Leuer

Quincy Pondexter scores Twitter date with Miss Tennessee Chandler Lawson


The Memphis Grizzlies may have embarrassed themselves by allowing the San Antonio Spurs to sweep them in the Western Conference Finals, but forward Quincy Pondexter is not going to let the team’s misfortunes stop him from enjoying his offseason. First order of business: a date with Miss Tennessee.

On Wednesday afternoon, Pondexter asked his Twitter followers who won Miss Tennessee this year. Chandler Larson, the stunning young lady who won the competition, replied to Pondexter’s tweet herself. A few tweets later and the 25-year-old had himself a date with a beauty queen.

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