Floyd Mayweather grilled by Rachel Nichols about domestic violence past (Video)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a serial woman beater who is now finally getting called out for his terrible treatment of women.

Mayweather’s domestic violence, which has been going on for at least a decade and has included allegations from the mothers of his children and his ex-fiancee (and a jail stint following a guilty plea), was the subject of a lengthy post by Deadspin’s Daniel Roberts in July. Roberts’ comprehensive coverage of Mayweather’s serial abuse is receiving a lot of attention now that the media and public are taking the issue of domestic violence much more seriously, especially in light of the Ray Rice video/punishment.

Mayweather, who is fighting on Showtime pay-per-view Saturday, did an interview with CNN’s Rachel Nichols to promote his fight. In the interview, Nichols presses Mayweather on his abusive past and does not let up. Mayweather really has no good response for Nichols, who clearly makes him squirm.

We’re pleased that more sports fans and media members are starting to see what we’ve been saying about Floyd for years: he is a bad guy.

When he’s not abusing or assaulting women, he’s assaulting security guards or having his bodyguards beat up people for him. This stuff has been going on with him for years.

Floyd Mayweather

ESPN Reporters Practice Backstabbing?

If Joey Votto doesn’t have to like his teammates at the All-Star Game, why should ESPN reporters have to play nice with their co-workers? According to some nifty reporting done by The Big Lead, they don’t. While Rachel Nichols and Jeremy Schaap are denying there was ever any type of friction between them, sources have told The Big Lead that Nichols tried to steal a Plaxico Burress interview from Schaap in August of 2009.

According to the report, Nichols was sending text messages to Burress when he sat down for an interview with Schaap to talk about his unlicensed gun case. Burress allegedly showed Schaap the texts and went on to conduct the interview. Sources say Schaap even told an ESPN news editor what had happened, although based on his comments today through ESPN PR he’d certainly deny that. Here’s what ESPN’s PR department had to say about the alleged incident:

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