Meet ‘Basketball Wives’ Replacement Ashley Walker, AKA Rafer Alston’s WAG

Ashley Walker, long-time girlfriend of Miami Heat star (and guy kisser) Rafer Alston, will make her reality TV debut on season two of VH1’s Basketball Wives. Despite not being married, or even engaged to Alston, Walker insists that a proposal is coming soon.

“We will be getting married in 2012,” she tells Bossip.com, “but we’re not officially engaged.”

That’s like saying you’re having a baby in eight months but you’re not officially pregnant. One needs to come before the other, that’s how it works. But still, she’s confident that her bond with Alston is deeper than mere matrimony.

“We’ve been together almost five years and lived together for four-and-a-half years, we have a house, we have kids, so, to each his own,” she explains. “A piece of paper doesn’t define our relationship and, in our eyes, we are married.”

So which is it, Ash? Are you getting hitched or not? When will WAGs learn that a house, kids and “commitment in your heart” mean nothing without that all-important pre-nup.

Let’s hope she’ll learn from Eva Longoria’s example—without that ring you have no means of revenge!

Rafer Alston Sure Likes Kissing Guys

The NBA point guard formerly known as Skip to My Lou may have to change the first word to match the name of a popular 70s rock band. For some reason, When Magic guard Rafer Alston wants to thank someone on the court, he doesn’t high five or chest bump. Oh no. Rafer (reefer?) has some sort of lip fascination that makes him want to kiss everyone. Check out his reaction to a traveling call late in Game 6 against the Celtics on Thursday night:

As the intrepid You Been Blinded points out, that’s not the first time Rafer Alston’s kissed a man on the court. The dude’s also had smooching sessions with former Houston teammates Carl Landry and Chuck Hayes. Keep it in the locker room, Rafer.

Rafer Alston’s Idiotic Slap on Eddie House Puts Magic in Terrible Spot

The Lakers/Rockets game on Wednesday night was notably physical. While the Celtics/Magic wasn’t as physical, they still had their moments. The standout moment was when Rafer Alston hit Eddie House in the back of the head with an open-handed slap. Alston claims House provoked it by throwing an elbow his way (which was totally harmless). House says it was just because Alston got pissed that House was draining shots over him all game-long. Check it out in case you missed it:

My boy Matt Watson feels Alston deserves a suspension and so do I. Frankly, I don’t see how you can watch a player slap someone for no reason other than being a poor sport and not punish them for it. Alston let his emotions and hurt feelings overcome him for a moment and he could end up costing his team big time. Remember that Alston was acquired in a trade with Houston once Jameer Nelson got knocked out for the season. It was pretty clear at that point that the Magic knew backup Anthony Johnson couldn’t get the job done. Tyronn Lue isn’t the answer either. So if there’s no Alston for Game 3, who does that leave, Courtney Lee who’s coming off sinus surgery and not even a point guard for them? Lue? Johnson? Rajon Rondo’s already had his way in two games so far against Alston (though he didn’t shoot too well in Game 1). It won’t be pretty against any of those others. Nice job, Alston. Way to help the team.

Video: Rockets/Suns Fight, Matt Barnes and Rafer Alston Ejected

Whatever the Suns couldn’t accomplish on the court Wednesday night, they tried to make up for with non-sporting tactics. Being a UCLA guy, I’m familiar with Matt Barnes‘ background as a tight end on his high school football team. Seems like he was rekindling his football days when he laid into Rafer Alston of the Rockets who was trying to put a screen on him. Yao Ming came over to play peace-maker, Steve Nash tried to get in the middle, Tracy McGrady threw a shove in there, and pretty much once Shaq got into the picture all was quiet on the western front. Here’s a video that shows every aspect of the fight from start to finish:

Alright, so let’s break down all elements of this brawl. Matt Barnes was the dirty one with an uncool check on Alston to start everything. Nash comes skating in to get involved and gets tossed like a parking ticket by T-Mac. Then Shaq comes in the middle, pushes T-Mac who falls over with ease, and then he pushes Yao who tumbles over T-Mac in a 3 Stooges-like comedy bit. And that pretty much ended everything. With the teams fighting for playoff spots in the West, it’s not going to be easy for either of these squads to get by without their top players for a handful of games, which is where it looks like we’re heading. And the biggest kicker of all? Ron Artest wasn’t anywhere near the fight! Amazing.

Rafer Alston Might Slash Your Neck

Literally. I’ve always known that the baller formerly known as Skip to My Lou had some awesome hands. Trust me, I had him on my fantasy team plenty of times and the guy is quite a thief. Now he’s proven himself to be quite dexterous with those hands, if this report is true.

NBA player Rafer Alston was busted last night on charges he stabbed a man during a fight inside a Chelsea nightclub early yesterday.

The 31-year-old Houston Rockets point guard, who hails from Jamaica, Queens, was accused of slashing victim Wilbert Ashman in the right side of his neck, police said.

“I was in the middle of it,” said the bouncer, who requested anonymity. “I walked Rafer and his brother out to their car. He didn’t slash him.”

Ashman, 41, of Uniondale, L.I., told police he got into a dispute with a member of Alston’s entourage, a fight broke out and the 6-foot-2 basketball player slashed him in the neck.

From the department of things I just don’t understand is that controversy. How can there be a debate as to whether or not someone had their neck slashed? It’s not as if a bloody neck is inconspicuous. What’s the debate about? Just check that space in between the shoulders and head — if there’s a gaping hole, then somebody’s guilty. Got it?