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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Articles tagged: Raiders fans

Raiders fans egg Chargers bus before game

Oakland Raiders fans didn’t even wait for Sunday’s game against the San Diego Chargers to start before getting rowdy. Nope, some decided to get the party started before the game by egging the visiting team’s bus as it arrived at the stadium: Keep it classy Oakland #eggsthrown pic.twitter.com/Jq4Q22I4Ai — Jennifer (@JMichy) October 12, 2014 Home…Read More

Raiders Fans in Black Hole Fan Club Trying to Shed Negative Image

Raider fanatics have never experienced an identity crisis. They’ve always been the bad guys. With their painted faces, spikes, masks, tattoos and other scary paraphernalia, Oakland fans have never exuded anything but fear and nastiness. It has come to the point where the rest of the football world looks at them as a bunch of…Read More

LA Bar Banning Raiders Games Because Raiders Fans Are Causing Problems

A Venice, Ca. sports bar has decided to stop showing Raiders games on TV because Raiders fans were causing too many problems at the venue. Deadspin brought our attention to the story when they posted the picture shown above (taken by a customer). LBS called Cabo Cantina and spoke with the bar’s manager who confirmed…Read More

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