Security at Cowboys-Raiders Oxnard practices beefed up because of gang concerns

Cowboys Raiders Oxnard

The Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys will have joint practices on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Cowboys’ River Ridge training camp facility in Oxnard, Calif., leading the city to beef up their security because of gang concerns.

Oxnard, which is located in Ventura County and northwest of Los Angeles, is known for having multiple gangs. Two in particular have adopted colors and logos of the respective football teams, leading security to worry about potential clashes.

As the Ventura County Star wrote, the Colonia Chiques wear Cowboys gear, while the Southside Chiques wear Raiders gear. There is extra security in the area to try to ensure nothing bad happens between the fans when the teams practice.

From the VC Star:

The security presence in and around the River Ridge complex will be greatly increased with more uniformed officers, parole officers and probation officers.

The staff working at daily practices already includes volunteers with regular jobs at state penitentiaries, prisons and other correctional facilities.

The Star says the Cowboys are paying for 60 percent of the increased security, while the city of Oxnard is paying for the rest.

Not only is this a matter of rival gangs and football fans, but it’s also a turf war; the Raiders used to train at River Ridge back when they were based out of Los Angeles before moving to Oakland. And because LA does not have a football team, there are many Cowboys fans in the area.

Dallas Morning News Cowboys reporter Brandon George took note of the increased security and even said there were a lot of bullet-proof vests:

Raiders fans are notorious for being rowdy, so this should not come as much of a surprise. A few years ago an LA bar had to stop airing their games because Raiders fans were causing too many problems.

The good news is the city of Oxnard was well prepared for this.

Raiders fan breaks fall of woman who jumped from upper deck in alleged suicide attempt

ColiseumAn Oakland Raiders fan may have saved a woman’s life on Sunday after she jumped from the third deck of the Coliseum following the team’s loss to the Tennessee Titans. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the woman climbed to the top of section 301 — an upper deck area above the end zone that is covered with tarps and closed to the public during games — and jumped about 45 feet down to the level below.

Two men on the concourse below are said to have tried to persuade the woman not to jump. When she did, a 61-year-old Marine Corps veteran helped break her fall.

“He saved her life quite honestly, at his own expense,” Sgt. J.D. Nelson of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said on Sunday night. “This guy 100 percent saved her life. She’d be dead now.”

The woman was reportedly knocked unconscious and taken to a local hospital, where she was last reported to be in critical condition. The man suffered serious injuries but was conscious and is expected to survive.

“He just couldn’t imagine having people see that,” Nelson said. “He said it was a reaction. Even now, at the hospital he’s very concerned about her. He’s a real compassionate person. Raider fans get a bad reputation, yet here’s this guy that went way over and above what most people would do to try and save this woman.”

Unlike the Buffalo Bills fan who stumbled and fell from the upper deck last weekend, police believe the woman was attempting to commit suicide. It is unclear why. What we do know is that we have spent a lot of time criticizing Raiders fans for some of the incredibly stupid things they do. On Sunday, one of them may have saved a life.

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Drunk guy in Raiders shirt strips on airport tarmac, urinated on building, challenges pilot to fight, gets tasered

It’s pretty simple: when an idiot completes the trifecta of crimes and then gets Tasered to top things off, that makes for LBS material. But when said idiot is wearing an Oakland Raiders shirt while acting like a hooligan, that gives us even more of a sports tie and indisputable reason to post it.

Raiders manchester airportSo here’s the story according to the Manchester Evening News. A 52-year-old man wearing an Oakland Raiders shirt arrived in Manchester on an easyJet flight from Malta last month and made a drunken scene. He apparently urinated on the side of the Terminal One building, was abusive to passengers on the flight, and stripped as he exited the plane. He also challenged the pilot to a fight and was slapped by his “female companion” for his behavior.

“A 52-year-old man was dry tasered and arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly in a public place. He was issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice,” EasyJet told the Manchester Evening News in a statement.

Bottom line? If you’re not a Manc, you’re a wank.

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Raiders fans mocked Manti Te’o with Lennay Kekua tribute, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo cutout

Raiders Lennay Kekua Ronaiah Tuiasosopo

Oakland Raiders fans decided to have some fun with San Diego Chargers rookie linebacker Manti Te’o on Sunday night. Fans in the infamous Black Hole had a banner made that was a tribute to Te’o’s fake girlfriend Lennay Kekua, whose “death” supposedly occurred on Sept. 12, 2012. They also completed the set of Te’o taunts by holding a cutout of Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, who later admitted to masterminding the Te’o hoax. At some point these jokes will get old, but apparently we haven’t hit that point yet. Te’o actually played fairly well and was credited with five tackles in the loss, which marked his second career game.

Photo via Instagram
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Twitter love from fans helped Philip Wheeler choose Raiders in free agency

Linebacker Philip Wheeler agreed to a contract with the Raiders last Friday, a day after visiting them in free agency. He said all the love the fan base showed him on Twitter helped him make his decision.

“It was cool, that kind of helped me and my decision, because it showed me how big of a football city (Oakland) is,” Wheeler told the media Monday, per CSN Bay Area. “I mean, Indianapolis was a pretty good football city, but they didn’t get involved in the media or show us how much they care about the game. I’ve always wanted to play in a football city for a legendary team.”

Wheeler, who has just over 11,000 followers on Twitter, said he added about 2,000 followers since becoming a Raider. Even when he was making his visit to Oakland he was soliciting fan influence. He even tweeted about the love he was feeling last week:

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Raiders Fans in Black Hole Fan Club Trying to Shed Negative Image

Raider fanatics have never experienced an identity crisis. They’ve always been the bad guys. With their painted faces, spikes, masks, tattoos and other scary paraphernalia, Oakland fans have never exuded anything but fear and nastiness. It has come to the point where the rest of the football world looks at them as a bunch of rowdy and rough scofflaws who love to start fights.

The Black Hole fan club is tired of that image. In the wake of Al Davis’ passing and the team’s resurgence, the fans have also taken a different tone. They’re trying to be the good guys for a change.

“We are tired of being the whipping boy of the Bay Area and people thinking we are a bunch of criminals,” Rob Rivera, the president of the Black Hole fan club, said according to The Post game. “We are not.”

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LA Bar Banning Raiders Games Because Raiders Fans Are Causing Problems

A Venice, Ca. sports bar has decided to stop showing Raiders games on TV because Raiders fans were causing too many problems at the venue.

Deadspin brought our attention to the story when they posted the picture shown above (taken by a customer). LBS called Cabo Cantina and spoke with the bar’s manager who confirmed the story.

The bar’s manager, a man named Wayne, told LBS that there are two particular large groups of Raiders fans who were creating the problems. He says the fans began coming in last season without causing problems. There weren’t any issues for the first three or four games this year. But then the groups of fans started to bring in some friends who were causing problems.

“They were taunting, insulting, rude, loud, and making people feel uncomfortable,” Wayne told us. “People were leaving the bar, so we had to do something.”

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