Oakland Raiders Fan Face Tattoo: Commitment to Ugliness

It seems to be somewhat of a tattoo week here at LBS, but most of it can be attributed to Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks. Things started when we posted this ridiculous tattoo the loser of a fantasy football league had to get. Then through Hot Clicks we were exposed to the San Diego Padres fan who inked friar tuck all over his noggen. But the worst of all was this Raiders fan to whom I was introduced on Wednesday:

So Raiders fans are so hard they can tattoo their entire mugs, but they can’t afford tickets to the game? Maybe if he saved the cash from the eye black tattoo he could have managed a few ducats. Oh wait, forgot tattoos only cost a few packs of smokes in jail. Honestly though, Al Davis should consider something similar. It has to be better than what he’s got going on now.


Oakland Raiders Nation a Bunch of Frauds

When you think of some of the most passionate, hardcore, dedicated fans in sports, Raiders fans inevitably come to mind. They were the pioneers of the ___ Nation term, originating the “Raider Nation,” which has since been mimicked by several other fan bases. They have one of the most intimidating fan areas around – the Black Hole – located in one of the end zones. You dare wear a jersey of another team into the Black Hole, you risk not coming out. Being a Raiders fan is not merely a whimsical choice; it’s a culture and way of life.

But as intimidating and strong of a fan base as the Raiders have, their attendance record in Oakland does not correspond. Their Sunday game against the Colts – with the team at 7-7 and still in the playoff hunt no less – is being blacked out because the game did not sell out. That marks the 7th time in eight games that the Raiders failed to sell out a game, resulting in a local blackout.

I ask, how can that be the case?

If Raiders fans are as badass, faithful, and intimidating as they’d like you to believe, you figure the least they’d be able to do is sell out a home game, especially when the team is pretty good, right? That’s not too much to ask, is it Raiders fans?

Man, if the powder blue and gold Chargers are managing to sell out games, how are you not? Poor form Raiders fans, poor form, and I don’t want to hear another thing about how strong the Raider Nation is until they sell out a game.