Rampage Jackson Tries to Punk Ariel Helwani Again (Video)

Rampage Jackson sat ringside for the UFC on Versus 4 Sunday night and provided some analysis on TV afterwards. After breaking down the win by his training buddy Cheick Kongo, Rampage was asked about his rumored upcoming fight with Jon Jones. That’s when he rekindled his issues with reporter Ariel Helwani. Check out the video:

Rampage is frequently a character full of personality during interviews and he often crosses the line. He got into it with Helwani during a pre-UFC 130 interview after being upset with the way a previous radio interview went between them. The guy may be entertaining because of his spontaneous and wacky personality, but he needs to cool it with Helwani.

Rampage Jackson Motorboats Karyn Bryant in Interview (Video)

Rampage Jackson is coming off a UFC 130 win over Matt Hamill Saturday, and he wants Jon Jones’ belt next. Before he gets to belts, he’ll have to unglue his face from chests. Continuing a pattern he’s long established of harassing females, Rampage got a little cozy with Karyn Bryant who interviewed him Saturday evening after his fight. At the end of the interview, Rampage mock motorboated her breasts. Here’s the video:

There are several aspects of this sort of behavior that needs to be addressed.

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Rashad Evans Stepping in for Thiago Silva to Fight Rampage Jackson at UFC 130?

On Tuesday we talked about Jon Bones Jones getting a light heavyweight title shot against Shogun Rua next month. Jonny got the break when his teammate Rashad Evans got hurt, making him unable to fight on March 19th. But that doesn’t mean Evans will be out for long.

MMA Weekly reported Wednesday that Evans is likely to fight in UFC 130 against Rampage Jackson, a rematch of their UFC 114 fight last May. Rashad won that contest easily in a unanimous decision, but the public would be interested in seeing another fight between the two.

Thiago Silva is actually scheduled to fight Rampage at UFC 130 in Las Vegas, but there may be an issue with his drug test following his New Year’s fight with Brandon Vera at UFC 125. Silva’s drug test reportedly is still being processed by the New York State Athletic Commission while all other fighters’ tests have been cleared.

It seems quite possible that Silva may be punished for a positive test, and Evans will be his replacement at UFC 130. If that is the case, then all the constant maneuvering would make plenty of sense.

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UPDATE: It appears as if Rampage will be fighting Matt Hamill at UFC 130.

Rampage Jackson Surprised by His Win Over Lyoto Machida, Got Butt Whipped

Rampage Jackson beat Lyoto Machida by split decision at UFC 123 in the Palace of Auburn Hills Saturday night. Rampage won two rounds to one on two scorecards while Machida won two rounds on the third card. Most people gave Jackson the first two rounds but it was nearly impossible not to give the third to Machida, who landed a flurry of punches, knees, and kicks on Jackson, in addition to scoring a takedown that round. It was the late assault by Machida that made Rampage think he lost the fight as you could tell by his reaction during the post-fight announcement. Check out his face and tell me he wasn’t shocked:

During his post-fight interview, Rampage praised Machida endlessly saying Lyoto “whipped [his] ass.” Jackson also said a rematch was in order for Machida, and that’s a good thing. There wasn’t a person watching the fight who didn’t want to see another two rounds of action.

Though Machida dominated the third round of the fight, it’s hard to say he won it outright. By being the aggressor, Rampage barely had the edge the first two rounds. His efforts to escape an arm bar late in the fight ensured he won the decision considering Machida was awfully close to getting a submission. While some people will disagree about who won the fight, there is one thing we can all agree on: seeing a full five rounds would have been fulfilling.