Randy Couture Challenges Steven Seagal to Fight

You might recall in May when Lyoto Machida knocked Randy Couture out with a straight up Karate Kid-style kick. That was the second time recently that a fighter used a front leg kick to the face to score a knockout, and actor Steven Seagal took credit for both of them. Since he was the victim of one of the kicks, Randy Couture joked that he wants to fight Seagal. Check out this video about a minute in:

I so would pay to see Couture vs. Seagal in the octagon, that would be badass. It certainly would have more intrigue than Belfort vs. Akiyama at UFC 133. What do you think, could Seagal take him? Can he walk the walk? I doubt it.

Fist pound to Bloody Elbow for the video

Lyoto Machida Knockout Kick Ends Randy Couture Fight (Video)

UFC legend Randy Couture ran into a problem on Saturday night. That problem was his opponent’s foot. Unlike when he fought and destroyed James “Lights Out” Toney last summer, Couture was matched up with a legit MMA fighter at UFC 129 and paid the price.  The boot to the face that Lyoto Machida put on Couture was slightly less impressive than Anderson Silva’s knockout kick against Vitor Belfort, only because it wasn’t nearly as disguised.  Nevertheless, it was still pretty sick.  Check out the Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida fight video. The kick is around the 7:30 mark. Enjoy the Karate Kid voice overs until this video inevitably gets pulled and we have to find another.

Machida was able to knock Couture’s tooth out and likely end his MMA career all with one Karate Kid style boot to the face.  These are the reasons we love UFC.

Randy Couture Destroys James Toney

Making his MMA debut at UFC 118 in Boston Saturday night, James Toney defied the critics; he lasted just over three minutes — two more than many people expected.

If you thought this was going to be a matchup of boxing vs. MMA, as it was billed, then sorry, you got suckered into the fight’s selling line.

The 42-year-old out-of-shape Toney stood one chance to win — connecting on a knockout punch early against Randy Couture. It was a 1 in 100 shot for Lights Out and all depended on which came first — his punch or Couture’s takedown. 10 seconds into the fight, we had our answer.

Couture shot on Toney, got him to the ground, and it was over from there. The only question was how much punishment Toney would take before the fight was stopped or he submitted.

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Does Anyone Not Want James ‘Lights Out’ Toney to Get Banged Out?

If you’re one of the few out there who will be rooting for James “Lights Out” Toney on Saturday when he takes on UFC legend Randy Couture at UFC 118, have a look at this video of James Toney talking smack and maybe you’ll see it my way.  That is, if you can get through it without wanting to punch him in the head:

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Video: Randy Couture vs. Minotauro Nogueira Fight at UFC 102

Randy Couture and Minotauro Nogueira went the full three rounds at UFC 102 in Portland and the decision was unanimous in favor of Nogueira. Despite chants from the crowd in favor of Couture, Nogueira came out ahead. He put together a sweet knockdown in the third round and proceeded to play volleyball with Couture’s head. It was quite the classic. Here are the first two rounds of the fight:

Even at 46-years-old, Couture still showed he has plenty left in the tank. They really put on a good show at the Rose Garden and proved once again how worthwhile some of these PPV buys are.