Chael Sonnen licks Rashad Evans’ shoe (Video)

Chael Sonnen has a big mouth, but at least he is a man of his word.

Sonnen predicted to UFC on Fuel co-host (and fellow fighter) Rashad Evans that Dan Henderson would defeat Lyoto Machida at UFC 157 Saturday. He was so confident that Hendo would win, he told Evans he would lick his shoe if his prediction did not come true.

Naturally, Hendo lost a split decision to Machida, and Sonnen got intimate with Evans’ sneaker.

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Jon Jones: I Will Train Harder for Rashad Evans Than I’ve Ever Trained Before

Rashad Evans had no problems with Phil Davis in his light heavyweight fight on FOX Saturday, winning the five-round match by unanimous decision (though it didn’t go quite the way Evans had predicted). Evans’ win sets up a title shot against Jon Jones at UFC 145 on April 21st in Atlanta. Jones said during Saturday’s post-fight show that he was pumped for the fight.

“I feel so alive when I know who I’m fighting next and I have a new mission, and I have a new purpose,” he said. “I’m so excited about fighting Rashad. I can’t wait to get past this chapter in my career. I’ve been calling him the antagonist in my career because of all the hype and all the drama. So I’m a happy man. I’m excited to retain my title on April 21st.

“I try to look at it as no fight is a big fight, and not to fight people’s names, but people’s bodies, but I think I’m a little more emotionally attached to this fight, and it’s going to drive me to train harder than I’ve ever imagined.”

Th Jones-Evans fight was supposed to happen twice, but each fighter had to pull out with an injury. First it was Jones pulling out with a hand injury, then it was Rashad who had thumb injury postponing their December matchup. There is plenty of bad blood between the guys, so it should be a good one. I’m hoping Evans knocks Jones down a few pegs.

Rashad Evans to Phil Davis: ‘I’m Gonna Put My Hands on You Worse Than That Dude on Those Kids at Penn State’

Although Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos was as exciting a fight as a one-minute fight can be, there are many critics who thought the UFC’s premiere event on Fox left a lot to be desired.  The same cannot be said of the next UFC on Fox card, which will take place on Jan. 28 and features a number of big names and title fights.  Rashad Evans and Phil Davis will headline the event, with the winner having been promised a light heavyweight title shot against the winner of UFC 140’s fight between Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida.

Exciting stuff, but you can forget all that for right now.  The big news on Wednesday from the UFC on Fox press conferences was Evans’ ignorance.

“I’m going to put my hands on you worse than that dude on those kids at Penn State,” Evans said amidst a an exchange with Davis.

Stay classy, Rashad.  For the record, his comments come on a day in which more charges were filed against Sandusky and new victims accused him of forcing anal and oral sex on them.  Simply put, it’s not a joking matter at all.  And it’s certainly not a metaphor you want to use when discussing an upcoming fight.

H/T to Bloody Elbow for passing the story along.

Rashad Evans: Jon Jones May Fake Another Injury to Avoid Fight

Rashad Evans and Jon Jones are set to fight for Jones’ UFC light heavyweight championship at some point in the future. The two were supposed to meet at UFC 133, but Jones pulled out because of a hand injury. Jones healed and beat Rampage Jackson at UFC 135 in late September. Once he gets clearance from his 180-day medical suspension, he’s expected to fight Evans. Only Evans thinks Jones may come up with another injury excuse.

“I just want to fight this dude bad. Jon knows what I can do to him. Do you think that Jon pulled out of the first fight because he was confident? No! He was afraid, and watch him try to pull out of this fight too,” Evans told Pro MMA Radio. “Watch him be like ‘Oh my foot is hurt’ or something like that to try and get out of this fight too, to try and make me fight somebody else. When it comes down to it, the kid, he doesn’t really want it.”

The feud between the two fighters has been well documented, so this is the latest twist in the friction between them. Evans was actually very respectful and complimentary of Jones’ ability throughout the show, but he’s confident he’ll win. He also said he’d wait for the fight if Jones comes up with another injury, noting that he knows how to break his former training partner’s will.

Evans should be careful about calling people out for faking injuries considering he’s had to pull out of fights, but his overall point is noted: he feels he has Bones’ number.

Fist pound to Bloody Elbow

Rampage Jackson Accuses Jon Jones’ Camp of Spying on Him

We have a scandal on our hands in the MMA world and it centers around potential moles. Rampage Jackson told Yahoo! Sports he believes there’s a rat in his camp who’s been leaking information to opposing fighters. Rampage cited several examples making him believe Jon Bones Jones, his UFC 135 opponent, is spying on him.

Rampage says he first became wary of a spy during his UFC 114 against Rashad Evans. Evans beat Rampage in a unanimous decision and won the fight pretty easily. What surprised Rampage was the way his injured knee was repeatedly punched by Evans. Rampage never had an opponent punch him in the knee, and there was no public announcement of a knee injury that would make Rashad want to attack it.

Evans says he punched Rampage’s knee because he could tell it was a point of weakness, but he says he picked that up during the fight, not because of inside information. Rampage found the knee punching strange, but he didn’t do anything. It wasn’t until he received a Twitter message from a fan saying there was a spy in his camp that he considered it a legitimate possibility. The sly fighter decided to test it.

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Jon Jones Pulls Out of Title Fight with Rashad Evans Because of Hand Injury

One of the hottest prospects and emerging stars in the UFC has seen his rush of success and publicity come to an abrupt halt because of an injury. The news came out Monday that Jon Bones Jones had to pull out of his upcoming title fight with Rashad Evans at UFC 133 because of a hand injury. Phil Davis will replace Jones in the August fight and headline the main event.

Bones’ management team, Authentic Sports Management, issued a statement that explains the injury in more detail. They say “Jones has torn tissue in his right hand in the area between his thumb and forefinger.” They also added the following quote from Bones “This is an injury that’s been recurring since I was a college wrestler, it doesn’t affect my punching or grappling, but I am taking the time and the proper measures to correct this now, so that it doesn’t happen again,” said Jones. “I look forward to getting back to training and to my first title defense. As for Rashad, let’s see what happens with Phil Davis. I will be watching that fight with great interest.”

The good news for Jon Jones fans is that the injury should improve his overall health. What seems pretty clear is that Jones and his management team is taking things quite carefully. Everything moved so quickly for him to end up as the light heavyweight champion; he beat Ryan Bader and then was offered a shot at Shogun Rua in the ring following the win. Though he did not have much time in between fights, he still won. Now that Jones has the light heavyweight title his team has decided to slow things down to make sure he’s able to retain the title for quite some time. If that’s truly why they’re doing it, it’s a wise move.

As for the rest of the UFC 133 card, it still is pretty good. Little Nog and Rich Franklin will meet, Vitor Belfort faces Yoshihiro Akiyama, and our buddy Jorge Rivera is also on the card.

Trainer Greg Jackson Says Rashad Evans’ Knee Injury Was a Freak Incident

Legendary MMA trainer Greg Jackson was at the Izod Center in New Jersey Saturday evening to support his fighter, Andrei Arlovski, who was fighting in Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Grand Prix. Jackson was interviewed by HDNet during the prelims and was asked about another one of his fighters, Rashad Evans.

Evans had to pull out of his UFC 128 fight with Shogun Rua because of a knee injury, opening the spot for teammate Jon Jones. Not much information was given about Evans’ status other than he was hurt, but Jackson shed some light on the matter.

“People were wrestling next to him while he was wrestling” Jackson explained, “and they ran into the side of his knee.” He added “[Evans] is probably out for at least a month and a half, I think it was his MCL. Just one of those things. Instead of being bitter, he’s a fighter and he’s already looking forward to his next fight and getting into rehab and doing everything he needs to do.”

If he’s out for at least a month and a half, he probably still should be able to be ready for UFC 130 in case he’s added to that card. We passed along word of the rumored rematch between Evans and Rampage Jackson, but it appears as if Matt Hamill will receive the fight instead. Bottom line, from the sounds of things, it was just awful luck that Evans got hurt. Hopefully he returns completely healthy.