Dominique Wilkins Punch Video Shows Him Giving Rashan Michel a Black Eye

Dominique Wilkins was made out to be the victim in a fan attack that took place following the Hawks-Magic game Wednesday night, but it turns out he was anything but innocent. As we wrote late Wednesday evening, the Human Highlight Film was attacked by Rashan Michel, a former NBA referee who says he’s owed around $13,000 by Nique for unpaid suits. We were dying to get video of the incident and figured there had to be one, and of course the crack staff at TMZ hunted it down. Here’s what they caught, courtesy of Black Sports Online:

Friends, that is what they call a stiff right hand. No surprise it resulted in this heavy black eye for Michel:

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Former Referee Rashan Michel Attacked Dominique Wilkins Over Unpaid Suits

Former Atlanta Hawks nine-time All-Star Dominique Wilkins was attacked following the Hawks-Magic game in Atlanta Wednesday night by former referee Rashan Michel.

We’re not joking.

Michel reportedly told police he went after Nique because he was owed money for suits purchased several years ago. Anyone who’s seen Dominique dress knows he can’t owe him more than 50 or 60 bucks, as BSO comically noted.

The best part of the story is that “Nique landed three solid blows on his alleged attacker, who swung at Nique but didn’t land anything solid” according to a tweet by Sekou Smith. The next step is getting video of this incident. How is it possible not to have a clip from the Human Highlight Reel? This has to beat any dunk he ever accomplished, right?

As for Michel, he reffed 54 NBA games from ’97-’98 and according to his Covers profile, he seemed to have low-scoring games. He’s also reffed 49 college games in his career according to Stat Sheet. Most notably, Michel is also now 0-1 in his unofficial boxing career.