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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Articles tagged: Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis will stay in Baltimore, not work draft for ESPN

Ray Lewis is among the more recognizable and popular people to have become associated with Baltimore. During this time of unrest in the city, Lewis will remain in an effort to help bring an end to the violence that has become national news and forgo his original plans to be part of ESPN’s coverage of…Read More

Ray Lewis gives fiery speech about Baltimore protests (Video)

Ray Lewis posted a video on social media Tuesday pleading with protestors in Baltimore to stop the violence and destruction. The tone was the same as the one we have heard from Lewis countless times in football huddles, but the message is much more serious this time around. “Baltimore, get off the streets!” Lewis urged….Read More

Ray Lewis: Patriots should have asterisk for cheating

Ray Lewis is a prideful man who holds the sport of football in the highest regard. To Lewis, the game is about RESPECT and INTEGRITY. He believes in WORKING HARD and PLAYING THE GAME THE RIGHT WAY. And the way the Patriots had deflated footballs in the AFC Championship Game against the Colts did not…Read More

Ray Lewis: We only know who Tom Brady is because of tuck rule

We all know the tuck rule was a horrible rule that the New England Patriots benefitted greatly from, but people take it a little too far when they pretend the Patriots would be erased from NFL history if not for the controversial call back in 2002. Ray Lewis is one of those people. During a…Read More

Ray Lewis joins Twitter, gets killer welcome

Just when it seemed like every famous figure in the sports world was already on Twitter, Ray Lewis went ahead and reminded us that some people are still a little late to the party. The Super Bowl-winning former Baltimore Ravens linebacker joined Twitter on Monday night and received welcoming tweets from his employer, ESPN, and…Read More

Ray Lewis comments on Ray Rice: ‘I’m disappointed’ (Video)

Ray Lewis expressed disappointment in Ray Rice over the running back’s violent actions towards his wife Janay Palmer, which was magnified when video of his his knockout punch was released on Monday. Lewis, who is a commentator for ESPN and former teammate/mentor of Rice, shared his thoughts on ESPN’s “Monday Night Countdown” program. “I’m disappointed….Read More

Jon Jones does Ray Lewis dance before fight in Baltimore (Video)

Jon Jones beat Glover Teixeira by unanimous decision at UFC 172 in Baltimore on Saturday to successfully defend his heavyweight title, and there’s little doubt he also won over the fans in the arena. As Jones was making his way through the tunnel to the octagon for his fight with Teixeira, he paused and busted…Read More

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