J.J. Watt to Ray Rice: I’ve eaten burritos bigger than you (Video)

J.J. Watt was mic’d up for last Sunday’s Texans-Ravens game, and he got off one of the funniest trash talk lines we’ve ever heard. During ESPN’s halftime segment on Monday Night Football called “Soundtracks,” the Texans star defensive end was seen saying, “I’ve eaten burritos bigger than you,” to Rice. The line was so funny it appeared to even make one of the Ravens linemen laugh.

Rice is 5’8″ and 212 pounds, so he is definitely short, but he’s also muscular.

For the second week in a row, ESPN’s Soundtracks has delivered a phrase to remember. It is quickly becoming must-watch programming every Monday night.

Ray Rice: Eagles ‘play dirty’

The Ravens’ locker room was full of frustrated players after the team’s 24-23 loss to the Eagles on Sunday. Quarterback Joe Flacco ripped the replacement referees for missing calls, and running back Ray Rice accused Philly of playing dirty.

“They play dirty. They take shots after the play, lot of dirty stuff,” Rice said after the game, according to The Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Wilson. “We weren’t going to back down, we weren’t going to take that.”

For all the late shots the Eagles took, they were only penalized seven times for 58 yards. I’d have to see examples on film of the Eagles playing dirty in order to know what Rice is talking about, but I’m guessing he wouldn’t have been complaining too much had his team won instead of blowing a 23-17 lead.

Even though Rice finished with 16 carries for 99 yards and 6 catches for 53 yards, he also could have been frustrated with his role in the game.

Rice is the Ravens’ best offensive playmaker, yet he only had 10 carries through the first three quarters, and hardly carried the ball in the third quarter. That, coupled with the team’s loss, likely explains his frustration.

Ray Rice speaks out against bullying

Ravens running back Ray Rice spoke out against bullying via his Facebook page on Tuesday, the day after a 15-year-old suspect was taken into custody for shooting a fellow student on the first day of classes at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore, Maryland.

A man identified as the suspect’s father told The Associated Press his son had been bullied. Learning that news prompted Rice to post some thoughts on his Facebook page Tuesday.

“Not related to Perry Hall directly and not advocating for or defending bullies, but when a kid shoots another kid, something is really, really wrong. Bullying or not, how does nobody notice that something is going wrong in the kid’s life? How do people stand by and do nothing? We need to start saying ‘what’s wrong?’ and do something about it before tragedy strikes! I can’t help but wonder if someone was kind to these kids if their paths would have shifted long ago and tragedies would be averted. Just makes me think…and wonder…and hope for better things.”

As The Baltimore Sun points out, the subject of bullying is meaningful to Rice. The running back spoke about it in June to thousands of people at Merriweather Post Pavilion as part of his “A Ray of Hope: A Pro-Kindness, Anti-Bullying, Teen Suicide Prevention Outreach.” In light of that, he tried leaving youngsters with a positive message Tuesday morning.

“Students…today when you go to school…Sit with someone who is alone at the lunch table, befriend the new kid in class, lend a helping hand, make it a point to be kind, and if you see something that is not quite right, say something!! You can be a HERO to someone, just by being their FRIEND!” he wrote on Facebook.

The two notes seem to have reached a wide number of people on Facebook, and hopefully even more will heed his advice. It’s the type of advice that could help not just students, but also parents, working professionals, and even other football players.

Terrell Suggs Questions Lack of Touches for Ray Rice, Anquan Boldin

The Baltimore Ravens lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars 12-7 in a pitiful performance Monday night. They only gained 16 yards by halftime, including one passing yard by Joe Flacco, and they didn’t record their first first down until under six minutes left in the third quarter. Coach John Harbaugh called the disgrace “almost as bad as you can play on offense.” Flacco said the team needs to be better even when they’re off their game. But nobody was as straightforward regarding the team’s problems as linebacker Terrell Suggs.

“It baffles me that Ray Rice only had seven carries,” Suggs said. “This is a Pro Bowl running back you’re talking about. They fed their horse. We have to feed our horse. It’s all right, just calling a spade a spade.

“When I have a Pro Bowl running back, and he’s not getting his touches, I’m going to feel some kind of way about it. He wants the ball. And I think we should feed him. Ray Rice is a phenomenal player. You have to use your phenomenal players. I have to question how many touches Anquan [Boldin] had. We’ve got guys on this team that can do some great things. We have to use those guys. It’s that simple.”

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Tim Hightower and Ray Rice’s Fantasy Stocks are Booming

In case you’re a new reader to LBS, you may not know that LB fancies himself somewhat of a fantasy guru. What qualifies him as a fantasy guru? Well when you start your own website you get to call yourself anything you damn well please. On a serious note, LB has been playing fantasy sports since elementary school and he’s been winning leagues on a regular basis for the past 12 years.

The secret to success is simple: LB relies upon a deep understanding of the game of football, a network of trusted sources, and personal observations to provide expert advice that delivers on a consistent basis.

Through the first three weeks of the preseason season, some fantasy trends have become apparent. I don’t like to recommend players until I 100% believe in them. Now I’ll share two players I think will star on your fantasy squad this year: Tim Hightower and Ray Rice.

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Ray Rice Has Best Career Game for Ravens to Beat Saints at Home

The matchup in Baltimore between the Saints and Ravens was one of several key games with heavy playoff implications Sunday. Baltimore won it 30-24 to solidify their playoff chances, making both teams 10-4. The defense held New Orleans to just 269 yards and forced two turnovers, ending the Saints’ six game winning streak. The rest of the work was taken care of by running back Ray Rice.

If you saw any of the game, it felt like every time you looked up Rice was breaking a big play. The pint-sized runner from Rutgers rushed for 153 yards on 31 carries, both season highs. He ran in Baltimore’s second touchdown giving them a 14-7 lead, and then he made it 21-7 with a beautiful 17-yard touchdown catch in single coverage. In addition to the season high rushing game, Rice also was the team’s leading receiver by far, racking up five catches for 80 yards.

Rice has had several big games in his career (see last year’s playoff game against the Patriots, his 155-yard game last year against the Steelers), but this was his best. Rice’s 233 scrimmage yards were a career high for the emerging star, and the best part is they came against a strong defense and in a key game with the playoffs on the line. It was great timing for the Ravens, but probably too late for most fantasy owners who were burned by Rice’s disappointing season until now.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Nick Wass

Ray Rice Pulled Over, Gets Favorable Treatment from Redskins Fan Policeman

I have a secret camera installed on Ray Rice’s dashboard so I pretty much know everything that goes on in his life. On his way home from practice today, I was watching him drive when he got pulled over by a policeman. The policeman approached the car because it of its extra tint but once he realized it was Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s vehicle, he changed his tune.

OK, so the whole dashboard camera thing isn’t true, but the incident really did happen. I only know because Ray Rice shared it with his 54,303 followers on twitter. “Just got pulled over for my tints Smh but gave the officer a autograph for his son and he let me go. … And the officer admitted to being a die hard redskins fan I def got lucky tonight.” Rice relayed the story in two separate tweets, and it’s obvious he could use some grammatical work on his articles.

Getting pulled over for having too dark tint on your car is hardly a serious infraction, but it proves to us once again that athletes frequently get preferential treatment from law enforcement officers. Do you think you would have been let off so easily? An officer would probably tell me he’d wipe his butt with the paper if I offered an autograph to get out of a ticket.