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Friday, December 19, 2014

Articles tagged: Ray Rice

Lorenzo Taliaferro wishes the best for Ray Rice, Janay Palmer

Baltimore Ravens running back Lorenzo Taliaferro retweeted a tweet from Arian Foster on Tuesday morning that seems to indicate he supports Ray Rice. Although, Foster would like us to be careful how we interpret what he posts on social media. Foster sent a series of tweets explaining how he grew up in a household that…Read More

Janay Palmer blames media, not Ray Rice, for pain and suffering

When you see the video of Ray Rice hitting his wife Janay Palmer and knocking her unconscious, it becomes very difficult to understand why she has been so supportive of him throughout the entire ordeal. Palmer was reportedly part of the reason Roger Goodell only suspended Rice for two games initially, as she pleaded with…Read More

NFL reportedly never asked to see Ray Rice video

After TMZ released footage showing Ray Rice hitting his wife Janay Palmer and knocking her unconscious back in February, TMZ founder Harvey Levin said in an interview that there is evidence Roger Goodell and the NFL turned a blind eye to the video (see it here). On Tuesday morning, TMZ reported that the NFL never…Read More

NFL cover-up? Reporters say league saw or had access to Ray Rice video

The NFL is caught up in one of its biggest scandals in recent memory because it looks like there is a big cover-up regarding their handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case. In July, the NFL suspended Rice two games. Commissioner Roger Goodell cited Rice’s character and previously clean record as reasons for the…Read More

TMZ’s Harvey Levin says NFL turned blind eye to Ray Rice video

TMZ boss Harvey Levin did a number of interviews Monday to capitalize on the publicity his company received for releasing video of Ray Rice punching out wife Janay Palmer in an elevator back in February. In at least one interview, Levin said he believes the NFL chose to look the other way regarding the video…Read More

Baltimore restaurant offering free pizza for Ray Rice jerseys

Many around the country woke up Monday to mine to news the video of Ray Rice knocking out wife Janay Palmer had been released by TMZ. A few hours later, Rice found himself released by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended by the NFL indefinitely. Between the video going viral and subsequent decisions by the Ravens…Read More

Ray Lewis comments on Ray Rice: ‘I’m disappointed’ (Video)

Ray Lewis expressed disappointment in Ray Rice over the running back’s violent actions towards his wife Janay Palmer, which was magnified when video of his his knockout punch was released on Monday. Lewis, who is a commentator for ESPN and former teammate/mentor of Rice, shared his thoughts on ESPN’s “Monday Night Countdown” program. “I’m disappointed….Read More

Fox & Friends host cracks stairs joke about Ray Rice elevator video

When discussing the Ray Rice punch video, it’s probably best to avoid jokes about the situation. FOX & Friends TV show host Brian Kilmeade is probably learning that today. FOX & Friends played the Ray Rice video on their show Monday morning and brought up that Rice and Janay Palmer got married even after the…Read More

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