Real Madrid Signs 7-Year-Old Leonel Angel Coira, Will Start Training Soon

If you think signing young teenagers to a sports contract or offering middle schoolers scholarships is wrong, this story will set you through the roof.  We all know how serious Real Madrid fans take their team.  Real Madrid is the king of Spain in the football world.  Signing youngsters is no new thing for soccer teams across the world, but how young is too young?  How about 7 years old?

That’s right, Real Madrid recently announced that they have signed a 7-year-old Argentinian boy named Leonel Angel Coira.  No, not signed an autograph for the young boy — signed him to a contract to play soccer for them.  How anyone can think this is a good idea amazes me.

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Real Madrid Beat 109 Chinese Children in an Exhibition (Video)

Real Madrid is on a tour in China and played friendlies against two Chinese Super League teams. They also played an exhibition against 109 children in Guangzhou. Why 109 children? Because it was the 109th anniversary of the preferred club of Franco the Fascist, according to Shanghaiist. Real Madrid won 2-1 but it wasn’t easy on the crowded pitch. Check out the video:

Real Madrid won both of its friendlies by convincing scores. Perhaps it’s no surprise they found much more difficulty when they were outnumbered by over 90 players (albeit much less skilled). The good news is with such a crowded pitch there was no room for golf carts.