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Friday, October 19, 2018

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Reche Caldwell opens up about how terrible of a criminal he is

Reche Caldwell mug shot

Reche Caldwell did not exactly have a successful NFL career. The former Florida Gators star is best known for being the guy who may have cost Tom Brady another Super Bowl ring by dropping a couple of key passes in the 2006 AFC Championship Game. What you may not know about Caldwell is that he was sentenced to prison time after his playing days ended.


After his disappointing playing career concluded, Caldwell returned to his hometown of Tampa Bay. In a lengthy feature from ESPN.com’s David Fleming that is worth reading in its entirety, Caldwell’s attorney said the former receiver was “jobless, he was bored, he had a bunch of money, and he didn’t know what to do with himself.” So Caldwell did what (hardly) any ex-NFL player would do — he got mixed up with the wrong crowd and started an illegal gambling ring. More from Fleming:

Before long, Caldwell was doing almost $225,000 in wagers each month. He didn’t like banks, so cash would be crammed into Maxwell House coffee tins and piled up everywhere, in the microwave and in crooked, Dr. Seuss — like stacks that stretched to the ceiling. What had been a sleepy little mom-and-pop car-detailing shop was overrun by as many as 40 cars and nonstop foot traffic from Friday through Monday — changes that were hard to conceal, seeing as how there was an elementary school across the street. “I see now, yup, not the greatest location for that kind of thing,” Caldwell says with a chuckle. “Too big, too fast. I laugh at my stuff too. What else can you do? I have to laugh. I really thought I was some kind of a criminal? All I know is, everyone kept telling me, ‘The police don’t care about this stuff, you’ll never get caught,’ and the next thing I know I’m headed to prison, saying goodbye to my kids, wondering: ‘What happened to me?'”

In early 2014, the feds raided the house where the gambling operation was set up. Caldwell was eating a sandwich at the time, and he didn’t even think much of the first flash-bang grenade shaking the building. He was eventually arrested, half-eaten sandwich and all, and charged with bookmaking and running a gambling house.

Caldwell didn’t learn his lesson. He was later busted for trying to purchase a large amount of MDMA — also known as Molly — on the internet. Did he have a guy? No, he just Googled it, and he ended up at the center of a sting operation. Because of that, he’s currently serving a 27-month prison sentence.

Seriously, go read the feature. It’s surreal.

Reche Caldwell arrested for selling ecstasy, looks confused in mug shot

Reche Caldwell mug shot

Former NFL wide receiver and Florida Gator Reche Caldwell was arrested Tuesday in Tampa and accused of possession with the intent to sell ecstasy, according to reports.

The Tampa Tribune says Caldwell is in jail with a bail set at $2,000.

Caldwell, 35, caught 11 touchdowns during his six seasons in the NFL. He played for the Chargers, Patriots and Redskins before retiring after the 2007 season.

Caldwell got into trouble in January when he was busted as part of a gambling ring.

The guy just needs to keep his eyes on the prize and quit doing his best Bone Thugs impression.

Who is Reche Caldwell?

Yo Reche, who are you and what did you do with my receiver? And what the **** got into your body?  Maybe we’re all new to this considering he’s averaged just around 25 catches a year in 5 NFL seasons, but it’s still worth mentioning that Reche Caldwell is one weird looking dude.  I present you, Deer, Meet Headlights:

Nah, Nah, here come the men in black!