Victoria Azarenka tells boyfriend Redfoo her engagement ring better be bigger than Wozniacki’s

Victoria Azarenka defeated Sloane Stephens in straight sets in the fourth round of the Australian Open on Monday to advance to the quarterfinals of the tournament. Though her easy win was quite impressive, it’s not what we want to focus on.

After her match, Vika did an interview with 7 Sports that was televised on ESPN. Azarenka talked about how she spent time in Australia prior to the tournament with boyfriend Redfoo and enjoyed it. She talked about hanging out by Bondi Beach, seeing the surfers, and loving the atmosphere and energy. Interviewer Rennae Stubbs said it seemed like Azarenka wanted to purchase a home in the area, and Vika mentioned that Redfoo, who has been in Australia serving as a judge on a reality TV show in the country, talked about that. That’s when Stubbs put the pressure on the couple.

Stubbs held up Azarenka’s left hand, tapped Vika’s ring finger and said to Redfoo, “I see something’s missing,” implying that they need to be married before they buy a home together.

That drew laughs from Vika, Redfoo and the crowd, but it led to a great quote from Azarenka.

“It better be bigger than [Caroline Wozniacki's],” she said.

Wozniacki’s ring, given to her by fiance Rory McIlroy, is 8 carats. That’s a lot to compete with, Redfoo!

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Victoria Azarenka cameos as sexy flight attendant in new Redfoo music video

Victoria Azarenka struts her stuff in a cameo appearance in boyfriend Redfoo’s latest music video, which was released on Saturday.

The video is for a song called “Let’s Get Ridiculous,” and it actually plays out more like a short movie than a music video. Redfoo acts as an outlaw throughout the video and is pursued by some clumsy cops. The song is catchy and the video is highly entertaining. Vika’s cameo comes up before the song starts. She plays the role of a flight attendant on the plane as Redfoo is being deported for being “too ridiculous.”

The world’s No. 2 tennis player is wearing a leopard dress off one shoulder, gets an eyebrow raise from Redfoo, and turns the heads of Redfoo and one of the agents. Not a bad role for her in that music video.

Vika and Redfoo have been boyfriend-girlfriend for over a year. Redfoo has a tennis playing background and was first seen supporting Azarenka at last year’s US Open. He intimated that they were having relationship problems over the summer, but that all seems to have been worked out. Redfoo supported Vika throughout this year’s US Open despite being in Australia to serve as a judge on “The X Factor.” And now she’s appeared in one of his music videos.

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Redfoo supports girlfriend Victoria Azarenka despite not being at US Open

victoria azarenka redfoo

Redfoo and Victoria Azarenka have been separated by continents for a portion of the summer, but that hasn’t kept the musician from supporting his tennis playing girlfriend, and vice-versa.

Redfoo has been in Australia serving as a judge on “The X Factor.” He hinted during an episode in late July that he and Azarenka were having relationship problems, but the two appear to have overcome some of the issues.

Just after that episode aired, it was Vika’s birthday, and Redfoo celebrated with his girlfriend:

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Redfoo and Victoria Azarenka having relationship problems?

Redfoo is serving as a judge on season five of Australia’s “The X Factor,” and the musician hinted on the show that he and girlfriend Victoria Azarenka are having relationship problems.
Redfoo X Factor
Redfoo (aka Stefan Kendal Gordy), who became famous through his music group LMFAO, was moved to tears by a stellar performance from 14-year-old Jai Waetford on Monday’s season premier. Waetford sang a song he wrote about relationships called “Don’t Let Me Go.”

The song’s lyrics included lines such as “my life is nothing without you” and “please don’t leave me now.” The song led Redfoo to open up about his personal life.

“I’m going through something right now in a relationship. And those lyrics made me cry,” Redfoo admitted while praising Waetford’s performance.

“I wish I could show this to her now.”

Though Redfoo did not elaborate, it’s easy to assume he was talking about Azarenka. The two have been dating since at least September 2012, and the LMFAO star has been a regular in the stands for many of his girlfriend’s matches, including Wimbledon last month. The two even attended the ESPYs a few weeks ago.

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Victoria Azarenka’s boyfriend is Redfoo of LMFAO

victoria azarenka redfoo

Victoria Azarenka is the No. 1 women’s tennis player in the world, and she is dating LMFAO DJ/singer Redfoo. The two appear to have been dating since around September 2012, which is when Redfoo aka Stefan Kendal Gordy was spotted cheering her on at the US Open. Since then, he has traveled to watch her play in other tournaments, including the Australian Open:

redfoo australian open

That was Redfoo watching Azarenka take on Sloane Stephens in the semifinals of the Aussie Open Thursday.

The two have been spotted at the beach and playing basketball together. They have also reportedly partied in Las Vegas together, and he accompanied her to a tennis exhibition in Thailand.

Redfoo, who is one of the two members of electronic music group LMFAO, which is currently on hiatus, confessed to being in love during a recent radio interview, though he wouldn’t name the woman.

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