Olympics Threatening to Sue ‘Redneck Olympics’ for Using Name

On Monday we shared highlights from the first annual Redneck Olympics that took place in Hebron, Maine last weekend. Unfortunately we have some sad news to pass along. This may be the last year we see them in existence. At least under the current name.

As Off the Bench pointed out to us, the creator of the “Redneck Olympics” received a call this week from the Olympics Committee to inform him he was unlawfully using their name.

Apparently the word “Olympics” is exclusive intellectual property of the Olympics Committee. Because of that ruling, the Redneck Olympics likely needs to change its name.

There are two snags, however.

One, the organizer of the newly founded Redneck Olympics says he won’t change the name.

Two, there’s already a “Summer Redneck Games.” That doesn’t leave very many options for the Redneck Olympics.

Personally, I think it’s a travesty. If some folks want to bob for pig’s feet and play toilet-seat horseshoes, who are we to stop them? If anything, the name should enhance the Olympics’ international reputation!

Note: This also appeared on the Yardbarker Olympics blog

Highlights from the Redneck Olympics in Maine (Video)

The Redneck Olympics took place this weekend in Hebron, Maine, drawing a crowd of hundreds. The rules were simple: beer and facial hair mandatory, tank tops and tattoos optional, and proper grammar forbidden.

According to the Sun Journal, some of the events included:

    - tug-of-war
    – the beer trot
    – bobbing for pigs’ feet
    – wife-carrying
    – the mud flop
    – toilet-seat horseshoes
    – greased watermelon haul
    – pie-eating contest

Here’s a highlight video from the weekend’s events:

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