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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Referees

Lions Robbed of Win in Controversial Call

Some people were predicting a breakout season for the Detroit Lions this year and maybe even a playoff appearance. I was expecting a turnaround for the Lions too, and getting a road win over the Bears in week one would have been an excellent start to the season. If only a bad rule did not…Read More

NBA Refs Have A Long Way to Go

It isn’t easy to be an NBA official in the aftermath of the Tim Donaghy era.  Whether you’re an honest, hard-working ref who gives his all every night or not, your judgment and morals are guaranteed to be questioned by fans, players, and coaches night-in and night-out.  A lot of times they don’t deserve it. …Read More

SEC Officials Miss Call on LSU Interception by Patrick Peterson

Several SEC games have been marred by poor calls from the officials. To me, the worst case was in the Florida/Arkansas game, where the conference admitted they screwed up the calls that went against the Hogs to help the Gators. The storyline that has been prevalent throughout the season continues to take center stage as…Read More

Refs Admit Screwup on Excessive Celebration Call that Hurt Georgia

The Georgia/LSU game on Saturday featured one of the stranger endings of the season. After struggling to score for three quarters, Georgia scored a TD at the beginning of the 4th to make it 7-6. The teams played 57 minutes with only 13 combined points scored, and then they traded touchdowns three times in the…Read More

Rams’ Kenneth Darby Taken Out by Ref Garth DeFelice

When South Carolina’s Stephen Garcia was taken out by a referee in the LSU game, many of us thought the ref had some money on the game. Perhaps the same can be said for Garth DeFelice who took out Rams running back Kenneth Darby with this strong jab. MDS at FanHouse makes the strong point…Read More

Best Referee Penalty Call Ever

We’re all pretty familiar with the dissertations Ed Hochuli gives when handing out penalties. And when it comes to cinema, the description from Necessary Roughness was pretty tight. But as far as real life football goes, this might just be the best penalty call EVA: Thanks to the Brothers, Mottram of Mr. Irrelevant. I am…Read More

Being an NFL Official Is Not Safe

This is why you must be on the look out for everything … head on a swivel, head on a swivel, head on a swivel … Yes, that was from Sunday night’s Steelers/Eagles game. I know they don’t do it full time, but I sure hope the refs get good health benefits. Chest Bump to…Read More

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