All We Can Ask Refs for is Consistency

My first question asked to Pistons connoisseur and proprietor of Detroit Bad Boys, Matt Watson, in regards to Detroit’s Game 2 victory was, “was that a foul by Rip on LeBron?” You figure someone with a natural bias like his would flat-out say no, or say it was questionable. Or say it was just good defense. Instead, he pointed out something else — the opinion that the refs hadn’t been calling those fouls all game long. And you know what — he’s right. It doesn’t matter if the refs call it a foul, or let the guys play. What matters is that they’re consistent.

See, the officials meet with the teams before each series. They make their policy well-known way in advance — notifying players and coaches what will fly and what won’t. And if teams know they will be allowed a lot of wiggle room on defense, then who’s to blame them for taking advantage of it? All I know is that the refs were consistent last night, and that’s all we can ask of them. On another note, why wasn’t more of a deal made about this questionable elbow by LeBron in Game 1, as noted at DBB via True Hoop:

hmm, looks pretty bad to me.

Will Tim Duncan Get Suspended?

I’m a little late getting in on this video, as it’s been floating around since yesterday, thanks to The Big Lead posting it over at FanHouse. But check out the shot of Tim Duncan leaving the bench early in Game 4 against Phoenix.

Rules are rules, and while the situation wasn’t as grave as the Phoenix players scurrying to defend Nash, Duncan clearly stepped on the court to try and defend his fallen soldier. I dunno, hairy stuff, and I’m not so sure I give Tim the benefit of the doubt. And kudos to the Suns’ coaching and video staff for catching that. Man, those guys are right on point. So you make the call, should Duncan be suspended?