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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Referees

Refs Admit Screwup on Excessive Celebration Call that Hurt Georgia

The Georgia/LSU game on Saturday featured one of the stranger endings of the season. After struggling to score for three quarters, Georgia scored a TD at the beginning of the 4th to make it 7-6. The teams played 57 minutes with only 13 combined points scored, and then they traded touchdowns three times in the…Read More

Rams’ Kenneth Darby Taken Out by Ref Garth DeFelice

When South Carolina’s Stephen Garcia was taken out by a referee in the LSU game, many of us thought the ref had some money on the game. Perhaps the same can be said for Garth DeFelice who took out Rams running back Kenneth Darby with this strong jab. MDS at FanHouse makes the strong point…Read More

Best Referee Penalty Call Ever

We’re all pretty familiar with the dissertations Ed Hochuli gives when handing out penalties. And when it comes to cinema, the description from Necessary Roughness was pretty tight. But as far as real life football goes, this might just be the best penalty call EVA: Thanks to the Brothers, Mottram of Mr. Irrelevant. I am…Read More

Being an NFL Official Is Not Safe

This is why you must be on the look out for everything … head on a swivel, head on a swivel, head on a swivel … Yes, that was from Sunday night’s Steelers/Eagles game. I know they don’t do it full time, but I sure hope the refs get good health benefits. Chest Bump to…Read More

Tim Donaghy Was Pretty Good at That Whole Fixing Games Thing

Henry Abbott at True Hoop has some excellent info on the Tim Donaghy scandal. Matter of fact, it was so good, ESPN was promoting it on the front page of their website. Betting expert and founder of, RJ Bell, sent an email over to Henry with some juicy content. From True Hoop: Fact #1:…Read More

Tim Donaghy’s Bookies Were Only Mob Wanna-bes, So We’re Told

Boo, Boo!!! Disappointment!!! That’s what the New York Daily News is reporting, leaving me quite saddened here. Actually, that’s really good news for the NBA, you know, that the Gambino family might not have been involved as was originally suspected. But who knows at this point. From the Daily News report: Two catholic high school…Read More

Uh-oh! Did an NBA Ref Bet on Games?

This is deep doodoo for the NBA — really bad news. Apparently the ref in question got himself into the trouble by wagering on games with the wrong people to begin with. From the New York Post: THE FBI is investigating an NBA referee who allegedly was betting on basketball games – including ones he…Read More

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