Rex Grossman to Start Over Donovan McNabb Against Cowboys

Mike Shanahan is officially not making any friends as coach of the Washington Redskins.  Granted, the Albert Haynesworth situation is more a case of an overpaid diva acting like a douche, but Shanahan certainly doesn’t seem to be overseeing a unified locker room.  According to Kelli Johnson of Comcast Sportsnet in Washington, Donovan McNabb has been benched for the ‘Skins in favor of Rex Grossman and a lot of players are not happy about it.

You might recall McNabb being benched for Grossman at the end of a game earlier in the season — another Shanahan move that wasn’t exactly popular.  What makes all of this so interesting is that the Redskins signed McNabb to a lucrative extension a little over a month ago.  If they’re benching him for week 15 of the season coming off a decent performance, it’s obvious McNabb isn’t in the team’s future plans.

When word of McNabb’s contract extension surfaced, we explained to you how the Redskins have an out with the contract if they decide McNabb is not going to be their quarterback of the future.  The new deal has yet to kick in, and it never has to if Washington doesn’t want it to.  Needless to say, there would be a lot of confused people if McNabb was the Redskins quarterback come training camp in 2011.

Donovan McNabb Benched for Rex Grossman Late in Loss to Lions

For the second year in a row, the Detroit Lions beat the Washington Redskins. If you didn’t watch the game but saw the 37-25 final, it was much closer than that score suggests. The Skins had taken the lead 25-20 midway through the 4th quarter on a kickoff return for a touchdown by rookie Brandon Banks. They missed the two-point conversion but the defense forced a Detroit punt. Washington had the ball up 25-20 with 5:21 left and a chance to run off some time or add to their lead. Instead, Donovan McNabb threw an interception on 2nd and 10 giving Detroit the ball at the 37.

The Lions capitalized on the interception with Matt Stafford hitting Calvin Johnson for the pair’s third touchdown of the game giving them a 28-25 lead (they converted the two-pointer). With 3:18 left, Washington had the ball and couldn’t manage a first down. McNabb was sacked on 4th and 10 at his 20 giving the Lions great field position to go up 31-25.

The Redskins had 1:45 to try and drive for the game-tying score. Much to the surprise of everyone not named Mike Shanahan, the Redskins sent backup quarterback Rex Grossman out for the final drive. Grossman, who hadn’t thrown a pass all season, succumbed to the same pressure that got after McNabb. He was sacked on his first play, lost the ball, and Ndamukong Suh picked it up and returned it for a touchdown sealing the win.

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Bears Fans Really Wanted This?

Rex Grossman Screwed Fucked by Packers

It’s one thing to scream for a guy’s head when he’s not performing. But it’s a complete other thing to actually go into week four of the football season with Brian Griese as your quarterback. So now that the reports are out there, I must ask: Bears fans, is this really what you wanted to see?

Rex may have been equally gross as he was bad, but still, can he be worse than Brian Griese? It’s a mess in Chicago. How far can a defense take a team? I guess we’ll find out, because it sure won’t be that offense carrying the squad.

Morning Paper: We Love Grossman

Rex Grossman Screwed Fucked by Packers

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Tommie Harris Speaks the Truth About Grossman and McNabb

So Tommie Harris is at Donovan McNabb’s golf tournament and makes some comments that he’d love to have McNabb as the Bears quarterback, and that they’d win the Super Bowl with McNabb as QB. I’ll say this much, he’s absolutely right. We’re in the off-season for a team coming off a Super Bowl season where their quarterback was the glaring weakness of the squad. McNabb is a perennial Pro Bowler, one of the absolute best quarterbacks in the game. Harris speaks the truth.

If Grossman’s feelings are hurt, then too bad. He should spend more time working on his game and less time making New Years Eve plans. Grossman says the two are cool, but there’s no way he’s not bothered by the comments. He takes enough heat from the media, now he’s getting some indirect grief from a teammate. Let this serve as a wake up call for Grossman to get his act together, because what Harris says is accurate.

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Rex Grossman Calls Media Ignorant

Apparently the heat and the trashing by the media has finally gotten to our good buddy Rex the Hex. At Thursday morning's media conference, Rex reached his boiling point and let his true feelings spill over. In fact, Rex said exactly what probably 99% of players have always felt. My guess is that this will be the lone gold nugget the media will receive for the week. You can listen to the remarks and judge for yourself.