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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan on interference penalty: Would Bill Belichick have been flagged?

Rex Ryan was assessed a 15-yard penalty during that bizarre inadvertent whistle fiasco Monday night after an official ruled that he interfered with the play by standing in the white area on the sideline. The Buffalo Bills coach took it personally, because he doesn’t think his counterpart would have been flagged if it happened on…Read More

Did Rex Ryan make referee blow inadvertent whistle?

The “inadvertent whistle” play from Monday night’s Patriots-Bills game will go down as one of the worst blemishes for NFL officials during the 2015 season. Could it have been avoided if Rex Ryan wasn’t screaming in the face of the guy who was responsible for it? After referee Gene Steratore sorted out the debacle and…Read More

Ray Lewis: I would take Rex Ryan over Bill Belichick

Ray Lewis picked the Buffalo Bills to defeat the New England Patriots during the “Monday Night Football” pregame this week, and part of the reason for that is he would rather play for Rex Ryan than Bill Belichick. Before the Patriots hung on to beat the Bills 20-13, Lewis spoke about the differences and similarities…Read More

Tom Brady uses ‘Rex Ryan’ as audible call (Video)

Not only is Tom Brady performing as the top quarterback in the NFL, but he also can troll with the best of ’em too. During the New England Patriots’ opening drive against the Buffalo Bills on “Monday Night Football,” microphones caught Brady calling out “Rex Ryan” as an audible. Commentator Jon Gruden speculated that “Rex…Read More

Rex Ryan blasts media for bringing up his record against Patriots

Rex Ryan had himself a banner day on Thursday. After he was done dropping an S-bomb on live television, he held a conference call with the New England media. Rex wasn’t thrilled with the line of questioning, to say the least. In particular, Ryan didn’t respond well when a reporter reminded him that his teams…Read More

Rex Ryan drops S-bomb while talking about Bill Belichick (Video)

Rex Ryan was asked on Thursday about his relationship with Bill Belichick, and the Buffalo Bills coach got so wrapped up in his answer that he forgot he was on live television. While discussing his interactions with Belichick, who used to be Rex’s twin brother Rob’s boss, Ryan dropped an S-bomb. “My twin brother coached…Read More

Rex Ryan: Coaching with brother Rob ‘would be pretty fun’

Could Rob Ryan getting the ax from the New Orleans Saints this week lead to him eventually coaching for his twin brother Rex? You never know, and it sounds like that’s something Rex might be open to. According to ESPN’s Mike Rodak, Rex, who is the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, says brother Rob…Read More

Rex Ryan frustrated by headset issues at MetLife Stadium

Rex Ryan is once again frustrated with headset issues his team had to deal with during Thursday’s victory over the Jets at MetLife Stadium. It was the second time in three games the Bills have experienced issues with the headsets. “Pretty frustrating,” Ryan said via ESPN. “If we knew the answer, we wouldn’t have those…Read More

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