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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Rex Ryan

Tim Tebow not worried about Rex Ryan’s potty mouth

When news emerged that the Jets were interested in Tim Tebow, all the foot jokes began. Next people wondered how Tebow would handle Rex Ryan’s cussing. When Timmy was finally traded to the Jets, despite New York not reading the footnotes of Tebow’s contract, he was asked how he would deal with Ryan’s predilection for…Read More

Rex Ryan May Have Helped Giants’ Decision to Keep Victor Cruz

Say what you will about Rex Ryan talking too much. Everyone knows Rex has the biggest mouth of any coach in the NFL, but that’s his style.  Some say it works and makes players want to win for him.  Others say it makes him look stupid and can lead to mayhem in the locker room. …Read More

Brandon Jacobs on Rex Ryan: Fat Boy ‘Needs to Shut Up’

The Giants beat the Jets 29-14 Saturday at the Meadowlands. Though Brandon Jacobs did very little in the game (7 carries for 42 yards), he made plenty of noise once it was over. Jacobs got into a verbal spar with Rex Ryan and threatened to punch the Jets coach. According to the NY Daily News,…Read More

Rex Ryan Hosts Weekly Ice Cream Socials with Jets Offense

The Jets’ defense has not been up to par this season for a Rex Ryan defense, but their biggest issue has been offensive inconsistency.  This was supposed to be the year when Mark Sanchez became an above-average NFL starter, but that hasn’t happened.  Maybe he has been spending too much time with Kate Upton to…Read More

Two Eagles Fans Dressed Up as Feet to Mock Rex Ryan (Picture)

The Rex Ryan foot jokes — they never get old, do they? What we have here is a couple of clever Eagles fans who wore feet costumes to the Linc for Sunday’s Jets-Eagles game. The foot for the dude on the left says “Rex Luvs Da Feet.” The costume on the right says “Rexy thinks…Read More

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