Ric Flair reportedly not attending Panthers-Niners game due to arrest warrant

Ric FlairBy now you have probably heard about Ric Flair traveling to Green Bay on Sunday to pump up the San Francisco 49ers before their playoff game against the Packers. It may have seemed like a harmless publicity stunt, but many Carolina Panthers fans do not see it that way.

After Steve Smith ripped Flair — who has lived in Charlotte and been a fan of the area’s sports teams — for supporting the Niners, the Nature Boy’s camp said he had received death threats from Panthers fans and would not be attending Sunday’s game at Bank of America Stadium. The Charlotte Business Journal told a different story on Thursday, noting that Flair currently has a warrant out for his arrest in North Carolina.

On July 3, Mecklenburg District Court JudgeChristy T. Mann signed an order for the arrest of one Richard Fliehr on contempt of court violations. Legal documents show the former wrestler failed to meet the terms of a June 18 order.

That order called for the wrestler to pay $32,352.51 in unpaid post-separation support and legal fees by 5 p.m. on June 27 and maintain support of his estranged spouse’s car lease and insurance and health insurance, documents show.

The court order also states that Fliehr (Nature Boy’s real name) is required to turn himself in and “shall remain in the custody of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff until he pays all sums required.”

Well, that certainly throws a depressing kink in the storyline. Here we are thinking Flair has become public enemy No. 1 for Panthers fans and is not welcome in their stadium, when in reality the man is dealing with a warrant. Things just got a little less WWE.

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Ric Flair reportedly received death threats, will not attend Niners-Panthers game

Ric FlairRic Flair has somehow become a popular topic of discussion during the most exciting time of the year for NFL fans. The 64-year-old wrestling legend pumped up the San Francisco 49ers before their playoff game against the Green Bay Packers, and the Niners came away with a road win at Lambeau Field. As a result, Flair has fallen out of grace with Panthers fans.

Flair has lived in Charlotte and been a fan of the area’s sports teams, with his famous “wooo” formerly playing on the stadium scoreboard during Panthers game. Earlier this week, Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith ripped the Nature Boy for his support of the Niners. Apparently some Carolina fans have taken it to another level.

“When the 49ers reached out and WWE asked Ric to jet up there, of course he said yes,” Melinda Morris Zanoni, Flair’s agent at Legacy Talent and Entertainment, said in a statement. “And he’s friends with a bunch of the 49ers just like he is with the Panthers, Packers, and many other NFL players.  But no, Ric does not intend on attending the Panthers vs. 49ers game this weekend.”

As Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer noted, Flair has also received death threats from Panthers fans since giving his pep talk to the 49ers. That’s a shame. You can understand Panthers fans being upset that Flair visited an opponent, but this should all be in good fun. Death threats are never good fun.

“We know fans are passionate about their teams, but some of the choice language we have been receiving is scaring off our interns,” Zanoni added.

Smith loves drama, which made him the perfect candidate to speak out against Flair. That being said, Flair has been an entertainer his entire life. He certainly doesn’t deserve to be threatened over a ridiculous pep talk.

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Steve Smith upset with Ric Flair for supporting 49ers

Ric FlairRic Flair has somehow become a divisive figure in the NFL playoffs, if you can believe that.

On Saturday night, Flair flew into Wisconsin on a private jet to give the San Francisco 49ers a pep talk prior to their playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. The Niners won the game 23-20, and some credited Flair for being the secret weapon.

Well Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith found out about Flair speaking to the Niners, and he is not happy.

Flair has lived in Charlotte and has been a fan of Charlotte’s sports teams. His “wooo” used to play on the scoreboard during Panthers games. Smith feels like Flair betrayed the Panthers by pumping up the Niners, who will visit Carolina on Sunday for their divisional playoff game.

“That San Francisco bridge has been burned,” Smith said on Monday via Charlotte Observer columnist Tom Sorenson.

Not only do the 49ers have Flair on their side now, but San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick says the Niners owe Carolina a loss from Week 10. We’ll see who comes out on top, and whether Flair makes it up to the Panthers.

Ric Flair speaks to 49ers before playoff game in ‘s— hole’ that is Green Bay

Ric Flair 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have a secret weapon entering their playoff game against the Green Bay Packers: The Nature Boy.

Wrestling legend Ric Flair visited the 49ers to speak with the team on Saturday night, the day before the team’s playoff game in Green Bay. We first learned about Flair’s visit through a tweet by Niners offensive lineman Anthony Davis, who called the city a “s— hole.”

Flair apparently took a private jet and stretch limo to go speak to the Niners, who are holed up in sub-zero temperatures in Wisconsin. You think The Nature Boy is going to let a little bad weather keep him from delivering a pep talk to a football team? Not a chance. Wooooo!

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Chris Long does Ric Flair strut after sack (GIF)

Chris Long Ric FlairSt. Louis Rams defensive lineman Chris Long celebrated a sack against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night by doing the Ric Flair strut. You know The Nature Boy had to love that. Woooo!

I wonder if James Laurinaitis put him up to it.

Here’s Flair doing his thing:

That sack dance was much better than the one Long’s teammate Robert Quinn did against the San Francisco 49ers on a previous Monday night game.

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Reid Flair investigators looking for possible drug overdose as cause of death

Reid FlairReid Flair was found dead inside a Residence Inn in Charlotte, NC, last Friday, and investigators reportedly are looking to see if a drug overdose was the cause of death.

Flair, the son of legendary wrestler Rick Flair, returned to his hometown last week after wrestling in Japan for All Japan Pro-Wrestling. The 25-year-old was being promoted by Big Time Wrestling for an appearance that weekend at an event headlined by his father.

According to WBTV in Charlotte, Reid’s body was found in bed in the room by a family member.

Hotel employees were asked to call 911 to report an incident in the room, and the emergency call was transferred to the hotel room where Ric picked up.

“He’s out cold. He’s out cold and he’s turning purple! Please!” Flair can be heard saying to a 911 dispatcher.

“Sir, what are you waiting for?” he asked frantically.

WBTV says investigators are looking to see if Reid died from a drug overdose.

Reid Flair, whose real last name is Fliehr, has a history of problems with drugs and alcohol. He was arrested on DWI charges in March 2009, and he faced felony charges for possession of heroin a month later.

Reid sent an optimistic tweet the day before his death:


Photo via Twitter/Reid Flair