Ricardo Mayorga Wants to Face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in September

Just two weeks ago Ricardo Mayorga fought Miguel Cotto and lost in the 12th round when he couldn’t continue because of a dislocated thumb. The 38-year-old said after the loss that he planned to retire, but only two weeks later it appears he’s had a change of heart.

La Cronica de Hoy in Nicaragua says Mayorga is targeting Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. for a September fight. Chavez Jr. is fighting Sebastian Zbik in June, so only a three month layoff would be a quick turnaround, making it unlikely in my opinion.

Notifight and Boxing Scene add that Mayorga wants to fight in September because they’re having a tribute show to Alexis Arguello who died in July of 2009. As I said back when he declared his impromptu retirement, I wouldn’t hold him to his word. My guess is he’ll wind up fighting at least one more time. Heck, look at Roy Jones Jr. — he’s 42 and still fighting.

Ricardo Mayorga Loses to Miguel Cotto After Dislocating Thumb, Retires

Ricardo Mayorga hung with Miguel Cotto for 11 rounds of their bout Saturday evening in Las Vegas before succumbing in the 12th. The Nicaraguan mauler gave Cotto everything he had but got his hand caught as the fighters exchanged hooks and got his thumb dislocated. Mayorga was knocked down on the exchange by Cotto, beat the count, but later told the referee he could not continue.

The initial reaction from fans was that Mayorga quit in the fight, but we later learned he dislocated his thumb on the exchange. Steve Kim at Max Boxing was all over the injury, observing that “It looks like Mayorga may have dislocated his left arm in that exchange. He calls the fight off because of it.” It turned out that Mayorga dislocated his thumb, saying post-fight “I felt my thumb touch the back of my hand. I hate the way this fight ended.” The judges all had Cotto up 107-102 (eight rounds to three) at the time of the TKO.

After the fight, Mayorga announced in his interview that he planned to retire. Mayorga is 38 years old, had taken two years off from ’08-’10, and is now 1-1 since returning. He’s now 29-8 in his career, still a showman, but maybe feels like he’s had enough. I’m guessing the injury and loss contributed to his feeling and I wouldn’t hold him to his word. He may change his view in time.

Ricardo Mayorga Signs with Shine Fights, Will Try Out MMA

When you’re 35-years-old, 29-7-1, and unable to get a fight, where do you turn? If you’re Ricardo Mayorga, you decide MMA is the best option for you. MMA Junkie says the news was announced during Shine Fights pay-per-view event on Friday night. They also added this tidbit that helps explain why he’s making the move:

Mayorga recently sued Don King for his inability to find him a fight and for alleged violations of the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act. In the interim, it appears he’ll begin preparations for a late-career run in MMA.

We’ve increasingly seen more boxers discuss the option of exploring the MMA frontier, Roy Jones Jr. being the most notable. Ever since recording back-to-back wins against Vernon Forrest in ’03, Mayorga’s gone 3-4 including an embarrassing loss to Oscar De La Hoya. Given El Matador’s style, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him be part of one of those 7-second knockouts. Because he doesn’t hold anything back, you figure something crazy will transpire.

Daily Darwin: Ricardo Mayorga

Anyone who is a regular here – or knows me well – understands that Ricardo Mayorga holds a very special place in my heart. To recap, he shocked more than just “the world” when he handed the previously unbeaten Vernon Forrest (35-0 at the time) his first loss ever, knocking him out in the 3rd round of their January 25th, 2003 fight. In fact, Mayorga’s unorthodox ways are well documented.

Therefore, it’s with great pleasure that I pronounce Ricardo Mayorga as the recipient of the Daily Darwin. Mayorga was just recently released from jail. Some of the recent legal problems he’s had include being

Jailed in Leon, 50 miles from Managua, on charges he never paid a local car dealer $56,000 for four cars. Local prosecutors dismissed the case as a civil matter, and he was to be released. But before he was set free, he was arrested again on Thursday [Feb. 1st] and jailed after three people accused him of writing bad checks worth $87,000. Mayorga was convicted last year of raping a 22-year-old woman at a Managua hotel.

Can anyone really say they’re shocked by this news given the fact that Mayorga smokes in the ring following victories, and is rumored to drink beer and go out partying while in training for fights? Clearly I’m not. I bet boxing promoters can’t wait to get him in the ring. After all, you know the formula right? (KO potential) x (# of Arrests) = pay per view buys.

Just for kicks, I dug up the post-fight interview with Mayorga smoking in the ring following his 3rd round TKO of Forrest on YouTube. Here it is (the smoking is at the end of the clip):

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