Rice players go nuts after Liberty Bowl invitation (Video)

Rice-Bowl-celebrationThe Autozone Liberty Bowl may not seem like a glamourous bowl game to some, but to others it means everything. Rice won the Conference USA championship with a win over Memphis on Saturday. It was the first time since 1957 that the team has won an outright league title. As a result, the Owls have been invited to the Liberty Bowl.

The invite came immediately after Saturday’s win, with a representative from the Liberty Bowl heading into the Rice locker room to give the players the good news. Considering the Owls will be appearing in only the school’s fourth bowl game in the past 50-plus years, you can understand the level of excitement. Even the bowls with funny names mean something to some people.

Video via SB Nation

Rice kicker Chris Boswell executes fanciest onside kick ever (Video)

Chris-Boswell-onside-kickRice nearly pulled off an upset against the University of Houston over the weekend in a game that came down to the wire. After cutting Houston’s lead to 31-26 late in the fourth quarter, Rice was able to recover one of the most impressive onside kicks you will ever see.

Kicker Chris Boswell showed off some incredibly fancy footwork by faking like he was going to attempt an onside kick to his left and switching at the last second. Boswell brought his right foot around the back of his left leg and chopped the ball to the right, where a few unsuspecting return men allowed the kicking team to recover. However, the Rice offense was unable to string together a game-winning touchdown drive.

It would have been better if Rice came back and won, but the kick still earned a spot on the 2013 college football highlight reel. We’ll likely be seeing it replayed for a while.

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