Richard Sherman says he didn’t intend to not talk with media after loss

Richard Sherman Ed Werder

Richard Sherman has an explanation for not talking to the media after Sunday’s game in San Diego.

As we wrote on Sunday, Sherman did not talk with the media following the Seahawks’ 30-21 loss to the Chargers. Although Sherman only gave up three catches, several Chargers said they felt like they “exposed” the Pro Bowl cornerback. He responded to those claims via Twitter later in the evening.

Now Sherman explains why he did not speak with the media.

Check out these tweets from Seattle Times reporter Bob Condotta:

I might buy that as an actual legitimate excuse for not speaking with reporters if it weren’t for the fact that Sherman LOVES attention. Had he played better or had his team won, you know he would have FOUND reporters.

Weak excuse from Richard. When you make yourself into the loudmouth figure that he has, you are held to higher standards and expectations. Sherman has asked for the spotlight and needs to handle all parts of it, including all the scrutiny.

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Keenan Allen: Richard Sherman is not a shutdown corner

Richard-Sherman-interviewThe San Diego Chargers got the best of the defending Super Bowl champions on Sunday, and part of the reason for that was their willingness to throw toward Richard Sherman. Rather than ignoring Sherman’s side of the field completely like the Green Bay Packers did, the Chargers stuck to their game plan and came out on top. And Keenan Allen was apparently not impressed with Sherman’s skills.

After the game, Sherman would not speak with the media but did send a tweet addressing the Chargers players who said he was “exposed.” Allen, who caught five passes for 55 yards, downplayed Sherman’s ability.

“He’s just a normal guy,” Allen said, via ESPN.com’s Terry Blount. “We can go at him. We took some shots at him. We are not going to shy away from him. He’s not really a shutdown corner. We definitely wanted to come out and show we could go any way we wanted to and that we were in control of the game.”

There was one play in particular where Allen beat Sherman on a nice double move (you can watch it here), but Sherman allowed only three catches. Most people wouldn’t call that getting “exposed.” Allen is the Chargers’ No. 1 receiver and was dominant as a rookie last season, so you could even argue that Sherman did his job. Malcolm Floyd didn’t see it that way.

“Keenan was lighting up Sherman,” Floyd said.

I definitely wouldn’t call that type of production “lighting up” anyone, but I will say that Sherman ignoring the media after the game was not a good look. No one loves to talk more when they’re successful than Sherman. If you’re going to talk that much when you win, you shouldn’t run and hide after a loss.

Richard Sherman ‘exposed’ by Chargers offense

Richard Sherman was “exposed” by the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, multiple Chargers believe.

Richard Sherman U MadThe Chargers beat the Seattle Seahawks 30-21 and threw for 284 yards and three touchdowns. Unlike Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, who did not throw at Sherman once in a Week 1 loss at Seattle, the Chargers were not afraid to throw at Sherman.

From what we understand, San Diego completed three passes on Sherman, though that stat is unconfirmed. They did enough to “expose” him they felt (take a look at the video at the top to see him exposed in man coverage on one play).

Check out this tweet from UT San Diego’s Michael Gehlken:

Does that mean Sherman’s just a front-runner? The guy loves the camera after he does well and then he doesn’t speak with the media when his team loses? What’s that about?

If all he did was allow three catches, I would hardly call that “exposed.” But not speaking to the media seems like a wimp move.

Sherman did tweet his response:

Remember, Richie, if you talk a huge game like you do, that means people are going to be clamoring for you to fail. You are drawing so much attention to yourself that you have to be perfect otherwise every one of your flaws will be called out.

Aaron Rodgers told Richard Sherman ‘I hope you get some work this year’

Aaron Rodgers did not throw Richard Sherman’s way a single time during the Green Pay Packers’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks last Thursday night. Naturally, Sherman was flattered and had to brag about it after the game. Did that lead to an uncomfortable exchange with Rodgers? It doesn’t seem that way.

Although the GIF you see above led to speculation that Rodgers was annoyed with Sherman, Rodgers said Tuesday on his ESPNMilwaukee radio show that he joked around with Sherman after the game.

“I think I said, ‘I hope you get some work this year,'” Rodgers explained. “By that point, I knew that we hadn’t really looked to his side or thrown to his side, and I just said that to him, and I think we kind of laughed about it and went on the way.”

Sherman was definitely busting Rodgers’ balls, but there was no confrontation, as some wanted to put it. If there was, how do you explain this lovely moment?


Sherman had every right to brag, and we know he never misses an opportunity to do so. He completely shut down one side of the field and made Green Bay’s offense look mediocre in the process. Rodgers knows he avoided him intentionally.

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Hines Ward on Richard Sherman: How can you be the best when you’re on a nobody?

Richard-Sherman-interviewOn Thursday night, former NFL wide receiver Hines Ward joined the swarms of people who love to hate on Richard Sherman. Ward, who works as an analyst for NBC, was not impressed by the fact that the Green Bay Packers did not throw a single pass toward Sherman. Instead, he felt the Seahawks’ game plan proved that Sherman is not the best cornerback in the league.

“Sherman is on the cover of Madden, and he spent tonight covering Jarrett Boykin,” Ward said, via Bleacher Report. “That’s not the matchup you want to see. How can you be best when you’re on a nobody? Sherman takes himself out of the game by not covering the best receiver. Sherman is top three, but he’s not in the class with the best.”

The same argument has been used against Sherman on numerous occasions in the past, and it always seems to get under his skin. Ward believes the Packers may have given the league a blueprint on how to attack Seattle.

“Sherman is very good, but the Packers showed how to play him,” he said. “They put Boykin on that side of the field, and Sherman covered him. The best DBs cover the best wide receivers. Sherman covered Boykin. Who is Boykin? You think Darrelle Revis would cover Boykin?

“I don’t understand why more teams don’t attack Seattle the way Green Bay did. Why doesn’t San Francisco do that? Arizona?”

Did Ward watch the same game we did? The Seahawks dominated the Packers. Aaron Rodgers, one of the league’s best quarterbacks, completed 23 of 33 passes for just 189 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Had it not been for a muffed punt, Green Bay likely would have gotten into the end zone just once.

If you want to argue that Sherman is not the best shutdown corner in football, that’s perfectly fine. That may be true, but don’t act like the Packers exposed his weakness in some way by sticking Boykin on him. The Packers avoided Sherman and ended up getting their asses kicked. Even if they gave teams an idea of how to play against Sherman, they certainly didn’t expose Seattle’s defensive scheme in any way. It’s still as dominant as ever.

Richard Sherman girlfriend Ashley Moss pumped for season opener

Richard Sherman girlfriend Ashley Moss

The NFL season is upon us, which also means it’s time for NFL WAGs to get some recognition. Entering the Packers-Seahawks game to kick off the season, Richard Sherman’s girlfriend Ashley Moss was pretty pumped.

Moss shared the above photo on Instagram Thursday featuring her (right) and her sister at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. Moss, of course, is decked out in her boyfriend’s jersey.

Moss clearly does not carry the same views on attention and drama as her boyfriend:

We’re not sure how long the two have been dating, but Sherman’s first appearance on Moss’ Instagram account came in March, 2013. Since then, they’ve only become more serious.

The two seemed pretty inseparable all summer. Moss accompanied Sherman to Hawaii for a charity event, to the Madden 15 unveiling, and to the White House. We wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up engaged before long.

Below are many more photos of Richard Sherman and his girlfriend Ashley Moss:

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TY Hilton burns Richard Sherman in great autograph for fan

TY Hilton Richard Sherman

T.Y. Hilton gave one fan a memorable souvenir and managed to mess with Richard Sherman at the same time.

Hilton, who had 82 catches for 1,083 yards and 5 touchdowns last season with the Indianapolis Colts, did an autograph signing for Collector’s Den in Indy on Tuesday.

One fan in attendance, Alec Rohr, presented the receiver with a specific photo to have signed. The photo was of Hilton burning Sherman for a touchdown in the Colts’ 34-28 Week 5 win over the Seahawks.

Hilton went for 140 yards and two touchdowns in the game, and he added a nice touch to the autograph by making it say “Sorry Sherman.” Sherman, you may recall, wrote “Sorry Crabtree” on an autographed photo for a Seahawks fan in April.

Nice going, T.Y., and good memory.

Photo: Twitter/ARRohr