Richie Incognito reportedly feels ‘shocked’ and ‘betrayed’ by Jonathan Martin

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Richie Incognito flew to Los Angeles on Friday, possibly to get away from the mess with the Miami Dolphins. He may be meeting with his agent and he may be meeting with PR/crisis management experts. Whatever the case, it seems like someone is assisting his efforts, because finally a story came out on Friday that makes him look slightly better.

ESPN cited a source who says that Incognito feels “betrayed” by Jonathan Martin, who left the Dolphins nearly two weeks ago in response to what he felt was persistent harassment. Martin turned over evidence of the mistreatment in the form of voicemail and text messages, which led the Dolphins to suspend Incognito indefinitely.

The source told ESPN that Incognito viewed his relationship with Martin as an older brother giving a younger brother tough love.

“It’s probably a combination of totally blindsided and a bit betrayed,” the source said of Incognito’s current state. “He’s shocked. He can’t believe this happened and thinks it probably could have been avoided.”

Clearly Incognito had the wrong read on the situation if he thought everything between him and Martin was fine. He also probably enjoyed tormenting Martin and others, which is why he did it. For anyone to believe that Incognito was ignorant about what he was doing and its effects would be naive.

But this still comes down to the same thing, and most people fall on one side of the debate or the other: either you think Martin wimped out and didn’t handle the bullying the proper way, or you find Incognito’s treatment of his teammate to be totally inappropriate and unproductive. I know which side I fall on, and it’s not one that gives Incognito a pass for giving his little brother tough love.

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Richie Incognito peppered with questions by reporter at airport (Video)

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Richie IncognitoRichie Incognito arrived in Los Angeles on Friday and was met by reporters and paparazzi upon landing at LAX. ABC 10 reporter Ross Palombo from Florida was all up in Richie’s business when the Miami Dolphins lineman walked off the plane, but Incognito mostly remained silent.

The video is all sorts of awkward, because it’s pretty obvious that Incognito isn’t going to crack despite Palombo’s efforts.

Most people are wondering what Incognito’s doing in LA. There is some speculation he is there to meet with his agent, David Dunn, who is based out of Orange County. Others think he is in town to receive PR/crisis advice. WPLG wondered if Incognito was there to apologize to teammate Jonathan Martin, whose family is in LA. We’re guessing it’s to meet with his agent, who will probably have him meet with PR specialists. I highly doubt he is in communication with Martin at this time given possible legal ramifications.

Full Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin history:

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Desmond Howard: ‘What level of coonery is going on inside Miami Dolphins locker room?’

desmond-howardESPN analyst Desmond Howard made a regrettable remark on Friday during an appearance on SportsCenter while trying to wrap his brain around what has been going on inside the Miami Dolphins locker room.

One of the more bizarre reports we have heard about the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin situation indicated that Incognito’s Dolphins teammates consider him an “honorary” black guy and some even view him as “more black” than Martin. Howard addressed that report on Friday, but the former NFL return specialist could have expressed himself more eloquently.

“What level of coonery is going on inside the Miami Dolphins’ locker room?” he asked.

Video of the comment can be seen below, courtesy of USA Today. It’s difficult to hear, so you may need to turn up your volume:

There are obviously a lot of racial aspects to this story, as evidenced by the voicemail Incognito allegedly left on Martin’s phone. Whatever is or isn’t going on inside Miami’s locker room, it was unwise of Howard to describe it using a racist term of his own. That does nothing to help the situation.

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Richie Incognito reportedly held O-line meetings at strip clubs, would ‘fine’ those who didn’t attend

Richie Incognito DolphinsWhat started out as an investigation into whether or not Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito harassed teammate Jonathan Martin has turned into a full-blown attack on Incognito’s character. Over the past 24 hours, we have learned that Incognito was accused of sexually harassing a volunteer at a golf event by touching her inappropriately with a golf club. Now, a report claims he used to frequent strip clubs and try to force his teammates to do the same.

According to National Football Post’s Jason Cole, two sources claim Incognito “regularly held meetings for the team’s offensive linemen at a South Florida strip club.” Incognito reportedly demanded that the other linemen attend and would “fine” them if they did not.

“Richie wanted to set up Richie’s world as a way for everybody to act,” a team source reportedly told Cole. “Richie thinks everybody should act that way. He doesn’t get that some guys aren’t into that behavior. Some guys don’t want to constantly explain to their wife or girlfriend why they have to go to a strip club.”

One of the sources added that Incognito would mock any member of the team who chose not to attend and make them feel ostracized.

We don’t know for sure if Incognito was the one who sent that digesting text message about Martin’s sister, but would you be surprised? I know there are people who feel that Incognito has become a scape goat for a culture that is prevalent across the NFL, but there’s usually smoke where there’s fire. Going to the strip club isn’t a big deal. Forcing everyone to be just like you and punishing them if they’re not is obnoxious at the very least.

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Cam Cleeland: Richie Incognito is an ‘immature, unrealistic scumbag’

Richie IncognitoMore than 15 years ago, former NFL tight end Cam Cleeland fell victim to one of the most infamous hazing incidents in professional sports history. Cleeland was a rookie with the New Orleans Saints when he was forced to put a pillow case over his head and run down a hallway filled with veteran teammates. Simply put, he and the other rookies had to make it from one side to the other while they had the crap kicked out of them.

During the so-called rite of passage, Cleeland was decked in the face with a sock full of coins. His eye socket was shattered and he nearly lost his eye. Cleeland only has partial vision in the eye to this day. Needless to say, we don’t really need to explain why he feels for Jonathan Martin.

Cleeland happened to play for the St. Louis Rams the year they drafted Richie Incognito. Unlike some other former teammates who have defended Incognito as a stand-up guy, Cleeland had nothing good to say about him.

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Dolphins player told Jonathan Martin he was going to f— his sister

Jonathan MartinJonathan Martin has hired attorney David Cornwell, and one of the lawyer’s first actions was sending out a statement on behalf of the Miami Dolphins offensive lineman.

In the statement, which was published by Pro Football Talk, Cornwell defended Martin’s toughness and said that is not the issue at hand. He says the issue is the way Martin has been treated by his teammates, which he says goes well beyond typical NFL hazing.

Cornwell also says Martin was friends with Richie Incognito and other teammates because he hoped that would help the bullying stop.

To quiet all doubters on the matter, Cornwell dropped this bomb at the end of the statement. Cornwell says this was a quote from one of Martin’s teammates:

“We are going to run train on your sister. . . . She loves me. I am going to f–k her without a condom and c– in her c—.”

I know people say the NFL locker room is different from most work environments, but I’m not sure how ANYONE could defend a statement like that. I wouldn’t want to be around anyone who said things like that and it’s easy to understand why Martin didn’t want to, either.

Full Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin history:

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Richie Incognito accused of sexual harassment at 2012 golf event

Richie Incognito

Richie Incognito was accused of sexually harassing a female volunteer at a 2012 golf event, according to a police report.

Local 10 in Florida tracked down a police report filed in May 2012 where a woman accused the Miami Dolphins offensive lineman of simple battery. The report says the victim believes Incognito was influenced by alcohol during the incident.

The woman, then 34, was a volunteer for the “Fins Weekend Golf Tournament” and says Incognito approached her and was acting very inappropriately.

Here’s what she told police:

[The alleged victim] states that Mr. Incognito used his golf club to touch her by rubbing it up against her vagina, then up her stomach then to her chest. He then used the club to knock a pair of sunglasses off the top of her head. After that, he proceeded to lean up against her buttocks with his private parts as if dancing, saying “Let it rain, Let it Rain!” He finally finished his inappropriate behavior by emptying bottled water in her face.

The woman says other people, including event organizers, witnessed the event and did nothing to stop it. She even says a former Dolphins player came up to apologize to her and said the incident would be taken care of. It says in the police report that the woman went to police because she believed nothing was being done about the incident and she wanted an apology.

This report obviously is not related to the bullying accusations Incognito faces, but they are a sign of his character and potential lack of regard for others. Recall that a previous report said Incognito has been reprimanded for his conduct towards team employees. When you put all this together, it only makes Incognito look worse.

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