Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler shared great tweets after PGA Championship

Rory McIlroy Rickie Fowler

Rory McIlroy played another round of excellent golf on Sunday to hold off Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler for his second PGA Championship and fourth overall major.

Mickelson shot a 5-under 66 to finish second at 15 under for the tournament, while Fowler finished tied for third at 14 under, two shots behind McIlroy.

Sunday marked another close call for Fowler, who finished in the top five of all four majors this year. He finished right behind Rory in the last two majors of the season, leading to this great Twitter exchange from the two:

Even though Fowler did not win a major this year, he joins exclusive company by finishing in the top five of all four in the same season — only Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods have also accomplished the feat. At least he recognizes what an accomplishment that is:

Like Rory said, with the way Fowler played this year, a major has to be coming soon for him.

Rickie Fowler paying tribute to Payne Stewart with knickers


Rickie Fowler is known for having the most flamboyant style in golf. We wouldn’t be surprised if he wore pastel-colored knickers at the US Open just because he felt like it, but Fowler actually had a reason for his wardrobe choice on Thursday.

Fowler was paying tribute to the late Payne Stewart. In 1999, Stewart won the US Open by sinking a 15-foot par putt on the final hole. He died in a tragic airplane accident months later at the age of 42.

A statue that depicts Stewart celebrating his famous putt was constructed at Pinehurst No. 2, where this year’s US Open is being held.


Photo: Twitter/SportsCenter

Rickie Fowler got a haircut

Rickie-FowlerRickie Fowler has one of the most unique images in golf. It all starts with his long flowing hair and continues with the flamboyant colors and Puma hats he loves to wear. But as of last week, the hair is no more.

Fowler got a haircut, and for some reason it makes him look like a 15-year-old boy. Not that the 25-year-old is an old seasoned veteran or anything, but the short hair makes him look even younger. The flowing locks matched the pink outfits. Now, Fowler looks like one of the kids who try to impersonate him.


Tiger Woods: My son is not going to dress like Rickie Fowler

Rickie-FowlerTiger Woods shared an emotional moment with his son after winning the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational on Sunday. It showed a side of Tiger, who is one of the more intense golfers to ever play the game, that many of us are not used to seeing.

After the win, reporters asked a number of questions about Tiger’s 4-year-old. Woods was asked if his son has begun playing golf, and he said that he likes to emulate his dad’s swings but that he would never force Charlie to play golf or any sport that he didn’t want to play.

“But it’s like what my dad did, and that’s keep it fun,” Tiger said, via ESPN.com. “Go out there, no lessons, and just have fun. He just emulates what I do. I would go and hit balls and it goes kind of quiet for a while, and then the next thing I know and he’s looking over my shoulder and he’s kind of watching and just kind of eyeing me.”

Tiger will, however, be calling the shots with his children to an extent when it comes to golf attire. When asked if Charlie would ever dress like Rickie Fowler, Woods chuckled and gave the following response.

“My kid is not going to wear a flat bill (cap),” he said.

Doesn’t he want to be a cool dad? Flat brims and orange Pumas are what the kids where these days. Who knows what they’ll be wearing in 15 or so years when Tiger’s son would be entering his golf prime. A flat-billed hat might be the least of his worries by then.

H/T Golf.com

Rickie Fowler with his biggest fan right behind him (Picture)

Rickie Fowler fan

This was Rickie Fowler on the par-3 16th hole of the Masters. Behind him was his biggest fan. Fowler is sponsored by Puma and known for his fluorescent colors and flamboyant style. This little kid is all about that, too. He had on his magenta and orange checkered shirt and magenta hat and was all ready for his moment to see his favorite player. Pretty sweet that he came so close to the golfer.

Unfortunately, the lookalike fan brought no luck for Fowler. He went into the water on the hole and three-putted for a triple-bogey six to send him sliding down the leaderboard.

H/T Will Brinson

The Golf Boys are back with a new song called ‘2.Oh’ (Video)

Bubba-Watson-Golf-BoysGolf has a reputation for being a pretty stuffy sport, but a certain foursome that calls itself “The Golf Boys” tends to deviate from the norm. Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan and Ben Crane have released another song as a follow-up of the hilarious music video called “Oh Oh Oh” that they introduced to the world a couple of summers ago.

The new track is called “2.Oh.” While I don’t find it quite as funny as their boy band debut, there are still plenty of laughs to be had and plenty of Watson’s chest hair to go around. PGA enthusiasts will appreciate the references to Fowler’s flat brims, Bubba’s button-ups and Mahan’s facial hair.

It’s refreshing for golf to be able to feature guys who have girly golf clubs and pull off hilarious pranks. It keeps the younger demographic involved and helps casual fans relate to people who are making more money in a weekend than many of us will make in our lives. Most importantly, all proceeds from their music video are donated to charity. What more can you ask for?

Video via The Big Lead

Rickie Fowler has a ‘Call Me Maybe’ golf club (Picture)

Believe it or not, the photo you see above is that of an actual club owned by an actual PGA golfer. This isn’t just some crazed Carly Rae Jepsen fan who happens to golf. Well, Rickie Fowler may be a huge Carly Rae fan for all we know, but the point is this “Call Me Maybe” golf club belongs to someone who plays golf for a living.

Fowler tweeted at Jepsen late Tuesday night to show off the 60-degree lob wedge, and I’m sure the pop star was flattered. It certainly isn’t the lamest inscription we have ever seen on a lob wedge. Rory McIlroy locked that down when he gave this club to Caroline Wozniacki as a gift last year.

Thanks to @cjzero for sharing the picture