Rob Gronkowski attends Celtics-Lakers game, poses with Kobe for picture

Rob Gronkowski didn’t wait too long after the whole shirtless partying incident to make a public appearance. The Patriots tight end attended the Celtics-Lakers game in Boston Thursday night along with teammates Vince Wilfork, Julian Edelman, and Tiquan Underwood, and team owner Robert Kraft. The group reportedly received a standing ovation when they were shown on the jumbotron in the arena, so apparently New Englanders still love them.

Kobe Bryant noticed Gronk in the crowd and yelled at him during the game.

“I told him the Eagles need a tight end,” Bryant said after the win. “I’m recruiting! He’s a freak athlete. He shouted at me, I shouted back.”

Even Kobe respects the Gronk. And if you’re wondering why Gronk wasn’t looking at the camera for the picture, well, that’s simple: he’s a popular dude — his attention is in demand. The Gronk can look in whatever direction he pleases.

Picture Credit: Glenn Gronkowski

Jalen Rose says Rob Gronkowski was ‘white boy wasted,’ then apologizes

A lot of adjectives and phrases have been used to describe the Rob Gronkowski dancing video over the past several days. People say Gronk was acting irresponsible, immature, and careless among other terms. One former Patriot said Gronk needs to grow up and learn that there’s a time and a place for everything. ESPN analyst Jalen Rose took it a step further, describing Gronkowski as having been “white boy wasted.” He issued an apology a little over an hour later.

“Forgive this term because I didn’t make it up: He was having a good time. He was white boy wasted,” Rose said on Mike and Mike Thursday morning according to Pro Football Talk. “He was having a good time.”

Just before the program ended, Rose delivered a half-hearted apology.

“You guys got me in trouble,” he said. “Earlier in today’s show we were talking about the Patriots’ post-game party and I made some comments that other people — some people — took as insensitive remarks, so for those that took it that way I definitely apologize. Pretty sure I always say things that upset people, get under people’s skin. I guess today was no different. So I’m sorry for the pushback.”

Sounds like somebody got a prompt slap on the wrist after making the remark. Rose obviously didn’t mean anything by it, but you can see how that would tread the line of racism even if he was joking. Is it acceptable for everyday conversation? For me, yes. For a radio show, probably not.

Rodney Harrison rips Rob Gronkowski ‘You need to grow up’

Rob Gronkowski’s shirtless dancing after the Super Bowl loss has become one of the biggest postgame stories. Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison joined The Waddle & Silvy Show Wednesday and was told about the incident by the hosts. Harrison says that was the first he had heard about it, and he did not respond well.

“I guarantee you this, if Willie McGinest, Tedy Bruschi, Larry Izzo, Richard Seymour or myself had been at that party, (Gronkowski) probably would have got his head rung. There’s no reason for that to happen,” Harrison said.

“When we lost the Super Bowl, any of my Super Bowl losses, I was so devastated the last thing I ever wanted to do was party, let alone dance or take off your shirt,” he added. “It’s just immaturity. It’s not right. He made a mistake and I’m sure he feels absolutely stupid about it at this point. There’s a time and place for everything.”

“The leadership has to step up and someone has to pull (Gronkowski) to the side and say, ‘Look young man, this is inappropriate, this is not the time nor the place. You need to grow up. And that’s what it comes down to. I like this kid. I think he’s a good kid, works hard, is unselfish. But he made a mistake …”

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Rob Gronkowski dances on stage like a madman, ankle looks great (Video)

Day two of the “Patriots partying shirtless after the Super Bowl” features video of Rob Gronkowski on stage and on the dance floor going nuts. Fans are already ticked off that some of the guys were partying and having fun after such a crushing defeat, so these videos will do nothing to help the Patriots’ (and specifically Rob Gronkowski’s) image.

Think about the mixed message here: The guy barely contributed during the game because of his ankle, but he’s grinding on the dance floor like he’s auditioning for a spot on Soul Train. Before fans haul off on him even more, just keep in mind that this dude was probably mixing alcohol with painkillers. It’s a lethal combination, obviously.

Here’s another video of him partying (this one via Barstool Sports). The more I watch it, the more I equate this to someone heading to the bar after a crappy day at work and just getting hammered.

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Rob Gronkowski, Matt Light danced shirtless on stage after Patriots’ loss (Pictures)

While some Patriots had suicidal thoughts after their Super Bowl loss, others danced shirtless on stage at a party to help change their spirits. Pictured above is tight end Rob Gronkowski dancing on stage with LMFAO at the Patriots’ postgame party. He wasn’t the only one getting topless — lineman Matt Light was shirtless too.

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Madonna on Whether or Not Rob Gronkowski Will Play: I Would if it Was Me

You ever have a tough decision to make and you really don’t know which way to turn, so you ask yourself. “What would Madonna do?”  I know it has happened to me many times in my life, and if Rob Gronkowski has that thought at any point this week he’ll be out on the field come Sunday evening. 

Madonna, who is performing at halftime of Super Bowl 46, sat down with reporters on Thursday afternoon. Since everyone else has had to answer questions about Gronkowski’s ankle, reporters figured they’d get her opinion on the subject as well.

“Well, a lot of people would say I’m a bit of a masochist,” Madonna said according to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald. “I would just tape my ankle, and say prayers, take an anti-inflammatory and get my butt out there. Is that the answer?”

She also said she “hopes” Gronk ends up playing.  We don’t really know what Gronk’s fake limping performance from Thursday morning means, but we know Madonna thinks he should get his butt out there regardless of how much he’s hurting.  Gronk or no Gronk, at least we now know nothing is going to keep Madonna from fulfilling her halftime duties.  If she suffers an injury over the next few days, just get a cortisone shot in her and send her on her way. If only she had rubbed off on her ex-boyfriend.

Rob Gronkowski Gives a Fake Limp as He Walks to the Podium (Video)

In just three short days, Rob Gronkowski’s ankle will officially become one of the most photographed body parts in Super Bowl history.  We certainly know the pictures and videos have been rolling in over the last two weeks.  The thing that has made this particular injury fun for the media is that Gronkowski is a fun-loving guy.  Bill Belichick has trained Gronk well this week — and by trained I mean drilled the phrase “day-to-day” into his head — but the Patriots tight end has still managed to have some fun with his injury.  On Thursday, Gronk decided to bust out the fake limp for the cameras as he took the podium for his media session.  Check out this video that Jimmy Traina shared with us:

As you heard in the video, Gronk is expected to play.  He may even return to practice Thursday in a limited role.  That is good news for Patriots fans, but it is something everyone knew all along.  The question is not whether or not Gronk is going to play, it’s how effective he will be.  If there’s any beast in the NFL who is equipped to fight through the pain, it’s this dude.

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