Madonna on Whether or Not Rob Gronkowski Will Play: I Would if it Was Me

You ever have a tough decision to make and you really don’t know which way to turn, so you ask yourself. “What would Madonna do?”  I know it has happened to me many times in my life, and if Rob Gronkowski has that thought at any point this week he’ll be out on the field come Sunday evening. 

Madonna, who is performing at halftime of Super Bowl 46, sat down with reporters on Thursday afternoon. Since everyone else has had to answer questions about Gronkowski’s ankle, reporters figured they’d get her opinion on the subject as well.

“Well, a lot of people would say I’m a bit of a masochist,” Madonna said according to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald. “I would just tape my ankle, and say prayers, take an anti-inflammatory and get my butt out there. Is that the answer?”

She also said she “hopes” Gronk ends up playing.  We don’t really know what Gronk’s fake limping performance from Thursday morning means, but we know Madonna thinks he should get his butt out there regardless of how much he’s hurting.  Gronk or no Gronk, at least we now know nothing is going to keep Madonna from fulfilling her halftime duties.  If she suffers an injury over the next few days, just get a cortisone shot in her and send her on her way. If only she had rubbed off on her ex-boyfriend.

Rob Gronkowski Gives a Fake Limp as He Walks to the Podium (Video)

In just three short days, Rob Gronkowski’s ankle will officially become one of the most photographed body parts in Super Bowl history.  We certainly know the pictures and videos have been rolling in over the last two weeks.  The thing that has made this particular injury fun for the media is that Gronkowski is a fun-loving guy.  Bill Belichick has trained Gronk well this week — and by trained I mean drilled the phrase “day-to-day” into his head — but the Patriots tight end has still managed to have some fun with his injury.  On Thursday, Gronk decided to bust out the fake limp for the cameras as he took the podium for his media session.  Check out this video that Jimmy Traina shared with us:

As you heard in the video, Gronk is expected to play.  He may even return to practice Thursday in a limited role.  That is good news for Patriots fans, but it is something everyone knew all along.  The question is not whether or not Gronk is going to play, it’s how effective he will be.  If there’s any beast in the NFL who is equipped to fight through the pain, it’s this dude.

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Patriots Teammates Basically Rip on Rob Gronkowski for Being Slow (Video)

Rob Gronkowski’s ankle has been by far the biggest Super Bowl 46 story line since the conference championship games ended. According to Gronk’s father, he has a high ankle sprain. On Monday, the walking boot he had been wearing came off for good. Knowing that, it would be shocking if Gronkowski didn’t play on Sunday. How effective he can be remains to be seen.

In any event, Gronk has been in good spirits all week. He has been the same “Yo soy fiesta” meathead we have all become so familiar with over the course of the season.  One thing we did get to see this week is how slow Gronk’s teammates think he is — mentally. Check out this video of the Patriots doing their best Gronk impressions that ESPN compiled on media day:

And that settles that. The Gronkowski we see during interviews is apparently the real Gronkowski.

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Rob Gronkowski Pops on Twitter to Say He’s Smart … in Spanish

Rob Gronkowski is and remains one of LBS’ favorite athletes. After the AFC Championship Game Sunday, he conducted an interview with ESPN Deportes and showed off his Spanish skills. The Patriots tight end apparently is embracing his Chicano side, and busted out with even more Spanish on Thursday night:

That translates to “Hi!! My name is Rob Gronkowski. I am very smart. Good night.”

Can’t disagree, Rob. You truly are a genius.

Rob Gronkowski Does Spanish Interview ‘Yo Soy Fiesta’ (Video)

Rob Gronkowski might be LBS’ favorite football player. It all started before the season when we picked Gronk to be the top fantasy football tight end sleeper. He went on to have the best season ever by a tight end, making us look like geniuses. Then of course he posed with a porn star for pictures during the team’s bye week. After that, we and every other male age 15-50 were sold. On top of that, his easy-going personality, velcro hands, and ability to break tackles made him a fan favorite.

Gronk showed what makes him so likable when he tried to play along during an interview with ESPN Deportes Sunday after the AFC Championship Game. Gronk tries to speak some Spanish during the interview, and concludes by saying “Yo soy fiesta,” which translates to “I am party.”

Why yes Gronk, yes, you are a party.

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Tebow Fans Can Have Tebowing, Rob Gronkowski Fans Are ‘Gronking’ (Pictures)

Leave it to Tim Tebow to create a brand new word that is officially accepted as a part of the English language.  If you are not familiar with the concept of Tebowing by now you have likely spent the last several months on a remote island with no electronics at your fingertips.  But could there be a new boss in town?  Tebow is the most talked about quarterback in the NFL, but a certain tight end from New England has created quite a bit of buzz this season as well.  Rob Gronkowski, the NFL’s new record-holder for touchdowns by a tight end in a single season, has inspired a fun new activity: Gronking.

If you have followed Gronkowski’s outstanding season at all you may have noticed he loves spiking the ball after he scores.  Every spike Gronk throws down seems like it has more force behind it than his last, and he even managed to spike a ball after flipping into the end zone and landing on his head against the Chiefs.  That’s why the act of getting into the spike pose with any object in your path will be hence forth known as Gronking.

The idea came from 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich Show in Boston.  Since they introduced the concept last week, listeners have been submitting their best Gronking photos.  Check it out:

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Rob Gronkowski Says He’d Hide Concussion Symptoms to Play vs. Eagles

Rob Gronkowski had a big game for the Patriots on Monday night, catching four passes for 94 yards and two touchdowns in a 34-3 win over the Chiefs. The 6’6″ tight end dove for the end zone on his second touchdown and was flipped by Derrick Johnson. He landed on his head and neck, and his cranium ended up perpendicular to his torso (pictured above).

Gronk was clearly dazed after the touchdown, but he managed to do his trademark spike afterwards. The training staff examined him on the sidelines and he continued to play in the game. He even joined ESPN’s Monday Night Football crew for an interview after the victory.

The hosts asked Gronk how he was after the touchdown. Steve Young specifically pointed out that Gronkowski looked groggy after the touchdown, and asked if the tight end remembered the moment or if he went out for a second.

“I remember the moment and everything,” Gronk said. “If I didn’t I still wouldn’t even say I didn’t. I’m trying to play this week hahaha.”

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