Rob Ryan needs to get haircut to get more head coaching consideration

Rob Ryan faceIf you thought athletes were the only sports figures whose appearance and image were judged, you were wrong. The same also applies to coaches, too. In fact, some NFL people believe Rob Ryan needs to change his appearance in order to receive more consideration for head coaching opportunities.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said on “NFL Insiders” Monday that a lot of people were “truly impressed” with the coaching job Ryan did as the defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints this season. The Saints went from allowing the second-most points in the league and most yards in the league last season to ranking fourth in the league in both categories this season. That’s quite the turnaround, and it even led Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who fired Ryan after last season, to admit he made a mistake.

So why isn’t Ryan receiving more consideration for head coaching jobs the way other coordinators are? Mort says NFL executives told him they feel Ryan needs to cut his hair to present a more professional look.

“If he wants to be a head coach, he has to cut his hair,” executives have told Mort. “It is about image for these guys. They want a CEO-type. That’s what they want.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about physical appearance mattering for head coaching jobs. Charlie Weis famously underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose weight so he could be more presentable as a head coaching candidate. Though he had serious health complications from the operation, he ended up being hired for the Notre Dame head coaching job.

Is this fair or right? Does it really matter what the head coach looks like? What really matters is how he coaches and how well he runs his team. But I guess owners don’t want a coach to embarrass them with their looks.

So if you thought Colin Kaepernick was the only one being judged on his looks and perceived unprofessional image, you were wrong.

Rob Ryan bought drinks for Saints fans after big win

Rob-Ryan-Better-Head-Coach-Than-Rex-RyanNew Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan had himself an incredibly satisfying night on Sunday. Last year, Ryan was in charge of a Dallas Cowboys defense that could not stop a nose bleed. As a result, he was fired. On Sunday, his Saints defense held his former team’s offense to just 17 points and 193 yards. The defense he was fired from gave up 49 points. It goes without saying that Rex’s twin brother deserved a drink.

After the game, Ryan wandered over to a bar called Ms. Mae’s and bought drinks for some fans. According to the Nola Defender (via the NY Daily News), it’s a move that he has pulled before at a joint he frequents.

After the Saints beat the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1, Ryan reportedly enjoyed a couple beverages with fans and gave $100 to the bartender before he left so people could keep the party going. Like his brother, Rob can be a very likable guy. When even Jerry Jones admits it looks bad to have let you go, you know you’re having a great night.

Jerry Jones admits firing Rob Ryan doesn’t look so good now

Rob RyanThe New Orleans Saints’ 49-17 whooping over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night caused Jerry Jones to admit after the game that firing Rob Ryan doesn’t look so good at the moment.

Not only did the Cowboys surrender 49 points and allow an embarrassing 625 yards, but their offense was held to just 17 points and a paltry 193 yards. Both of those statements have serious implications for Ryan.

Ryan was fired as defensive coordinator of the Cowboys after his unit finished 24th in the NFL in points allowed and 19th in yards allowed last season. The team went 8-8 and there were going to be consequences, so Jones decided to ax Ryan.

Ryan hilariously responded that he would be unemployed “for like five minutes,” and he ended up hired by the Saints a month later.

Entering Sunday night’s game, the Saints ranked fifth in the league in points allowed per game (18.3), while the Cowboys ranked 15th (23.2) and are sure to plummet after the disastrous defeat. Ryan stuck it to Jones by stifling the Cowboys’ offense, and then he got to watch Monte Kiffin’s defense get torched by Drew Brees.

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Rob Ryan’s face says it all after Saints blow game (GIF)

Rob Ryan faceNothing could possibly encapsulate the disappointment of blowing a sure victory against the New England Patriots more than the reaction of New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. The guy’s schemes had bothered Tom Brady all day and he thought he was going to walk away with a great win. Instead, the Patriots somehow pulled off a win, driving 70 yards in 1:03 to win the game 30-27. Ryan’s face said it all.

That, my friends, is the agony of a gut-wrenching defeat.

GIF via @BuzzFeedSports

Rob Ryan embarrassed by fight with Bengals

Rob Ryan got his Dallas Cowboys penalized 15 yards last weekend for cussing at Bengals lineman Andre Smith on the sidelines. The penalty only led to three points for Cincinnati, but nevertheless it was stupid and regretful. Ryan acknowledged that this week.

“That was an embarrassing moment for me. I don’t ever want to do that, be a detriment to the team,” Ryan said Friday, according to The Dallas Morning News. “That’s a mistake. That’s something I’ll learn from and it won’t happen again.

“I was ready to play that game. I think we all wanted to fight, even though you’re a coach, the whole situation made everybody a little on edge. … I was a little over-excited and I was a little bit more ready to fight than probably I should have been.”

Ryan also said he believed the emotions of the fatal car crash the day before played a role in his spirited reaction. That may be the case, but he’s been known to get fired up quite frequently regardless of circumstance.

Luckily the Cowboys won the game so Ryan didn’t feel like he cost his team a victory. He better keep himself in check to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Rob Ryan was penalized for cussing out Andre Smith

Rob Ryan’s potty mouth made a triumphant return to NFL sidelines on Sunday, only this time it actually cost his team.

The Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator could be seen cussing out Bengals offensive lineman Andre Smith on the sideline during the third quarter of his team’s 20-19 win in Cincinnati. Ryan was called for unsportsmanlike conduct, moving the Bengals inside the 10. Luckily Ryan’s defense held the Bengals to a field goal, otherwise he might have been a big goat in the game.

Afterwards, head coach Jason Garrett reportedly said Ryan was reacting to the Bengals players who were yelling to them. Good to know maturity is a trait shared by the Ryan twins.

GIF via The Big Lead

Rex Ryan says brother Rob Ryan was crying about Sean Lee’s toe injury

Sean Lee is set to undergo season-ending surgery to repair a torn tendon in his big toe next week, which is a major blow to the Dallas Cowboys defensively. Lee is one of the most important players the Cowboys have on defense and easily their best tackler. Dallas ranks 15th this season in rushing yards allowed, and that ranking could fall even further with Lee on the shelf.

It comes as no surprise that defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is upset by the news. How upset? If you ask brother Rex Ryan, extremely upset.

Rex could mean “crying” in the sense of complaining, but I wouldn’t rule out actual crying. Dallas looks like a mediocre team at the moment. Already without one of their best offensive playmakers in DeMarco Murray, the timing of Lee’s injury couldn’t be worse. With a divisional game upcoming against a Giants team that has run the ball well behind Ahmad Bradshaw, we could see an immediate impact from Lee’s absence. Let it all out, Rob. There’s no shame in a grown man shedding a tear or two.