NFL on Robert Griffin III covering Nike swoosh: ‘It won’t happen again’

The NFL was not pleased with Robert Griffin III’s decision to cover up the Nike swoosh on the warm-up shirt he was wearing before last Sunday’s game against the Saints. Griffin took a black marker and wrote the word “Heart” down his chest (see a picture here), blatantly making the “H” wide enough to cover the entire Nike logo on his long-sleeve shirt. As he was likely anticipating, the NFL has spoken to him over it.

“It won’t happen again,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told ESPN.com.

Players are permitted to sport the logos of athletic wear brands that endorse them as long as those brands have a deal with the league. One thing they can’t do is cover up the logo of an endorser like Nike, who signed a five-year deal with the league prior to this season expecting none of its players to boycott their famous swoosh design.

For such a young player, Griffin has already made a number of decisions that indicate he is very business savvy. He is a proud endorser of adidas and even represented them with the stripes on one of his quirky pairs of socks. RG3 received nothing more than a warning for covering up the Nike swoosh on his shirt, but his mission is already accomplished. Anyone who didn’t know he was a proud adidas guy before Sunday probably knows now.

Robert Griffin III-inspired ‘Griffining’ could become the new Tebowing (Pictures)

If you have not yet heard about Robert Griffin III’s Redskins debut, you were likely either out of the country on Sunday or do not follow sports. Griffin connected on better than 73 percent of his passes and threw for 320 yards and two touchdowns in an upset victory over the Saints. He also ran for 42 yards and finished the game with a phenomenal 139.9 passer rating. So it only makes sense that RG3mania is sweeping the nation (and most certainly its capital). And what’s a national QB craze without a signature pose to mimic from coast to coast? Tebowing is so 2011; make way for Griffining.

Yes, the Tim Tebow-inspired phenomenon Tebowing, which this Broncos linebacker attempted to keep alive on Sunday night, was all the rage last season. However, Tebowing could soon be overtaken by Griffining, which is the act of sitting on your backside with your fingers pointed to the sky. As you can see from the photo above, it was a pose that RG3 was captured in during Sunday’s victory in New Orleans.

Below you will see photos that fans tweeted at the Redskins fan blog Burgundy Blog’s Twitter account on Monday to start the trend. Internet sports radio show Ball Hog Radio also got in on the act by offering a free wristband to the person who tweeted the best Griffining picture Monday. Since then, a “Griffining” Twitter account was started and has amassed nearly 2,000 followers.

But until we see Playboy Playmates doing it, it stands no chance of becoming our favorite.


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Robert Griffin III wrote ‘Heart’ on his undershirt to cover up a Nike swoosh

Robert Griffin III is such a dedicated adidas endorser that he will go to great lengths to ensure he’s not associated with other brands’ products.

RG3 was seen warming up in the Superdome before the Skins’ season opener against the Saints on Sunday wearing a long-sleeve shirt with the word “Heart” written down his chest. The message wasn’t there specifically as a self-reminder; it was there to serve a practical purpose.

As Paul Lukas of UniWatch pointed out, Griffin wrote “Heart” on his undershirt to cover up a Nike swoosh.

Griffin has been sponsored by adidas for months, appearing in commercials and even selling Redskins brand adidas socks since the draft.

We already knew that Griffin was extremely business-savvy, but this takes it almost to another level. Quite a creative way to spin the message, wouldn’t you say?

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Robert Griffin trying to pay attention on the field so he doesn’t do ‘retarded things’

Up to this point, Robert Griffin III has been everything the Redskins could ask for in a first-round draft pick. He is respectful to the media and fans and has never come off as cocky or arrogant. Like the rest of us, Griffin knows he could be a superstar in the NFL sooner rather than later. His preseason debut on Thursday night against Buffalo reaffirmed that, as RG3 looked impressive on an eight-play, 80-year touchdown drive in the first quarter. He also reminded us that rookies are going to make mistakes, both on the field and off of it.

During his post game press conference, Griffin talked about learning from his veteran teammates during these preseason games. His word choice was a bit unfortunate.

“It’s a great part of this team,” he said according to DC Sports Bog. “There’s a lot of guys that try to help me out. I was being quiet ‘cause Pierre (Garcon), he’s a type of veteran player, and he was trying to give me little pointers on what to do in pre-season games, you know, what to pay attention to in the games. Because a lot of times once you do get out, you can get completely out of the game and just start doing retarded or ridiculous things.”

It probably would have been best if he stuck with “ridiculous.” As John Lackey learned a few months ago, using a word like that in an insensitive context is not a great idea. I’m sure an apology is on its way and Griffin regrets having said it. He has been a humble rookie so far and has carried the veterans’ helmets and everything. His slip-up will likely serve as a useful learning experience.

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Rapper Wale nicknames Robert Griffin III ‘Thrizzle’ (Video)

Robert Griffin III is only entering his rookie season, and he already has more than one nickname. There is the popular “RG3″ that he earned in college, but Osi Umenyiora doesn’t believe he deserves a “cool” nickname like that until he accomplishes something at the NFL level. That’s why Osi said he’s going to call him “Bob.” If Umenyiora feels like Griffin doesn’t deserve a nickname that is simply an abbreviation of his full name, he certainly won’t like the name rapper Wale recently gave the Redskins rookie.

“I got a chance to talk to Thrizzle,” Wale told WJLA on Monday. “Thrizzle’s my nickname for RG3. The word RG3, I’m hearing that too much. I just say Thrizzle. Just Thrizzle. RGThrizzle.”

Wale said he doesn’t know if Griffin is aware of his new nickname yet, but he will be soon enough. If the rapper decides to incorporate it into a song, RG3 will probably never hear the end of it. Wale also talked about how humble Griffin is unlike many other first-round draft picks, which seems to be the case since we saw him carrying shoulder pads earlier this week. The nickname Thrizzle is simply going to add to the hype.

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RG3 carries helmets after Redskins practice (Video)

Robert Griffin III may be the Redskins’ franchise quarterback and a player they traded many draft picks to obtain, but he’s not above participating in some traditional rookie hazing.

The former Heisman Trophy winner was filmed by CSN Washington carrying the helmets of his teammates after Redskins practice on Thursday. Some players around the league (and even his teammates) are trying to keep him humble despite all the hype. He seems to be handling it well. And by handling it well, I mean not pulling a Dez Bryant.

Let’s see if he still has the same smile on his face when they give him the ol’ Friar Tuck hairdo.

Helmet smack to D.C. Sports Bog

Osi Umenyiora calls Robert Griffin III ‘Bob,’ says he needs to earn RG3 nickname

Typically there are two types of nicknames for players in sports: achievement-based nicknames and ones that just stem from a person’s name like you or I would have. Robert Griffin III’s nickname falls under the latter category. The former Baylor star has probably been called a fair share of names that have to do with his athletic ability, but people normally call him RG3 because of his actual name. Despite that, Osi Umenyiora still feels as though Griffin has to earn the nickname.

“Who is this RG3 guy you guys keep talking about?” Umenyiora said on WFAN Tuesday according to the NY Post. “You talking about Bob Griffin? You guys are giving him a cool nickname already and everything. When he does anything in the NFL we’re gonna call him RG3. Right now he’s Bob Griffin.”

For starters, RG3 is no more of a nickname for Robert than Bob is. Umenyiora’s point is that Griffin doesn’t deserve a “cool” nickname until he has accomplished something, but calling the Redskins quarterback RG3 is no different from calling former Red Sox and Yankees outfielder Darnell McDonald “D-Mac.”

In reality, Osi is just talking a little trash — which we know he loves to do when it comes to division rivals. He’s trying to rattle the rookie a little bit, and there’s no harm in that. Having said that, it’s not like anyone is calling Griffin “The Chosen One” or “King Robert.” RG3 is nothing more than an abbreviated form of his actual name.

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