Tony Dungy Says He’d Take Robert Griffin III Over Andrew Luck

With the 2011 NFL regular season in the books, the Colts have secured the first overall pick in next year’s draft. Now the question becomes what they will do with it. At this point it looks like the most likely scenario will be the Colts selecting a quarterback. Unless Peyton Manning can prove that he is 100 percent healthy and can give Indianapolis a reason to believe he’ll be around for 4 more years, they aren’t trading down too far. With that in mind, it all comes down to Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

Earlier in the season, Luck was the obvious choice. One Heisman Trophy and a bunch of eye-popping athletic plays later and the decision isn’t as clear-cut. In fact, former Colts coach Tony Dungy told the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday that he would take RG3 over Luck.

“I haven’t seen enough of everybody but I like those mobile guys,” Dungy said when asked who he would select with the top overall pick. “The way the game is and the guys that bring that extra dimension — I love Aaron Rodgers now and I’d take (him) over Brady and Brees for the pressure he puts on the defense with his running ability. I just see these guys like Griffin and Russell Wilson and they’re intriguing to me. I like Robert Griffin.”

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Robert Griffin III Rocks Elmo Socks at the Sugar Bowl (Picture)

Robert Griffin III loves his themed socks. At first I thought he used his socks as a means of gathering more attention, but now I’m convinced he just likes rocking childish stuff on his feet.  We all remember the Superman socks RG3 busted out at the Heisman Trophy presentation, and now he as spotted at the Sugar Bowl rocking some Elmo socks.  Check out this picture that Georgia tight end Aron White shared on Twitter:

Wile the Elmo socks are pretty clutch, I have to give the nod to the Superman socks simply because of the cape.  Any pair of socks that includes little capes is extremely tough to top.  Keep doing you, RG3. Keep doing you.

Thanks to Kegs ‘N Eggs for sharing the picture with us

Robert Griffin III’s Girlfriend Rebecca Liddicoat Enjoys the Alamo Bowl (Pictures)

Behind every great man there’s a great woman, someone quotable I’m sure has said. Just ask Kobe about that — there’s a reason the Lakers are 1-2. Maybe Rebecca Liddicoat is the real fuel behind Robert Griffin III’s Heisman season.

Liddicoat is Griffin’s girlfriend and fiancee. Robert actually proposed to her while singing a song, and he had a friend play the music. The proposal also took place on a football field — not unlike another star quarterback from Texas.

Here are a few more pictures of the future Mrs. Griffin:

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Robert Griffin III Wears Superman Socks to Heisman Trophy Ceremony (Picture)

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III took the Heisman Trophy Saturday in New York, but he really stole the show with his Superman socks:

Yes, those superhero socks even have a cape attached to the back. That’s pretty sweet. And I thought Tyrann Mathieu had swag at the Heisman ceremony? Nothing tops the Superman socks. I’m putting those on the holiday gift list.

Montee Ball Would Vote Robert Griffin III for Heisman Trophy

Wisconsin running back Montee Ball is one of five players invited to New York City for the Heisman Trophy ceremony Saturday. The junior leads the country with 1,759 rushing yards and 32 rushing touchdowns. Even though his numbers are stellar, he says his vote would go to Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

“I’d vote for RGIII,” Ball told the Scott Van Pelt Show.

“I kept telling people, if I don’t win it, I would be fine, I’m not going to be upset, disappointed or anything. Whoever wins it it’s well deserved.

“I’m just so honored just to be welcomed in New York with all the other great players in the country. This is something I always wanted as a child, and just to see it all happening is such a blessing.”

Ball has an excellent attitude headed into the weekend, and that’s probably because he’s not expected to win it. Most people guess it will be between Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck, with Trent Richardson third and Ball fourth. Just like Ball said, whoever wins it’s well deserved.

I have no objection with Griffin winning it — he had an outstanding year and led Baylor to one of its best seasons in school history. He was pretty spectacular this year.