Robert Griffin III reportedly called wrong protection on final play against Eagles

Robert-Griffin-RedskinsThe Washington Redskins came up short against the Philadelphia Eagles last weekend in a game that ended on an ugly interception by Robert Griffin III. After the game, RG3 was quick to point out that he felt Washington was out-coached and that his receivers did a poor job of getting open on the final play. Pointing fingers is never a good idea, especially when you should be looking in the mirror.

According to CSN Washington’s Chick Hernandez, team sources confirmed on Wednesday that Griffin called the wrong protection on the Redskins’ last offensive play against Philadelphia. If RG3 failed to get his offensive linemen into the proper pre-snap position, that would help explain why he was pressured and had to throw off his back foot.

Santana Moss was one of a number of Redskins players who did not appreciate Griffin playing the blame game after the loss. Moss said that RG3 needs to start taking more responsibility as the team’s quarterback, later assuring reporters that there is no rift between he and RG3 and that his quotes were overblown. Griffin added that he needs to do a better job of not blowing off steam.

“If I could take any of that back, yeah, I would take it back, because in the heat of that movement, you’re frustrated,” RG3 said, per Around the League. “You’re trying to figure out why things didn’t work. … I just gotta take more time to think about things, and just not, even when I’m trying to give an honest answer, sometimes ‘let me look at the film’ is good enough, because you can look at the film to figure it out.”

If you ask me, all of the Redskins need to work on keeping their issues in-house. The media can create nightmares for a struggling team if you allow it to.

Santana Moss wants Robert Griffin III to take more responsibility

Robert-Griffin-RedskinsThe Washington Redskins are playing their way out of contention in a shockingly wide open NFC East division. Their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday dropped Washington to 3-7. Robert Griffin III has been rusty throughout most of the season as he continues to recover from offseason knee surgery, but he refused to take the blame for the loss to Philly.

After the Redskins’ comeback attempt fell short thanks in part to a brutal interception by RG3 late in the game, Griffin told reporters his team was “outcoached.” He then seemed to blame his receivers for not getting open on the play where he threw the pick.

“We had a certain concept with running and nobody got open so I was backing up, and in the situation where you get a sack there, it ends the game,” Griffin said, according to the Washington Post. “I was trying to throw the ball to the back of the end zone.  It didn’t get to where I wanted it to go.”

Veteran wide receiver Santana Moss obviously did not appreciate RG3 going public with his assessment of what went wrong. Moss (and many others) believe Griffin needs to learn to take responsibility as a quarterback.

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Robert Griffin III: Eagles defense knew what was coming

Robert Griffin knee braceRobert Griffin III says the Philadelphia Eagles defense knew what the Washington Redskins were doing on offense and defended them extremely well during Washington’s 24-16 defeat in Philly on Sunday.

RG3 said after the game that it seemed like the Eagles knew exactly what was coming.

“They did a good job of scheming us up,” Griffin said, via The Washington Post. “They kind of knew what was coming before it was coming and that was disheartening. But like I told the guys, regardless of what’s going on out there, we’re the players and we have to make the plays work, and we just weren’t doing that in the first half.”

RG3 said the Eagles did a good job of taking away his deep routes and most of his passing options. Philly also didn’t fall for fakes on the read-option plays. Griffin didn’t say that means the offense has become predictable. He attributed the Eagles’ success on defense to a combination of good players, good calls and lucky recoveries.

Defensive players expressed similar frustrations, saying the Eagles offense ran what they had shown on film in previous games, but still beat them anyway. London Fletcher says the Eagles ran a lot of plays to combat Washington’s man-to-man coverage, such as crossing routes and screens.

Washington outgained Philly 427 to 402, but the game was 24-0 through three quarters and mostly dominated by the Eagles.

RG3 didn’t have to say it, but his comments are an indication that Washington was grossly outcoached in the game. You know what that means? The Red Lobster might be cooked.

Nate Burleson on his recovery: ‘I’m not going to pull an RG3′

nate-burlesonDetroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson returned to practice on Tuesday for the first time in over a month. Burleson has been rehabbing after breaking his arm in a pizza-related car accident, and he insists he is not going rush to come back before he is fully healed. In other words, he’s not going to pull a Robert Griffin III.

Hey, those were Burleson’s words — not mine.

“I’m not going to sit here and pull an RG3 and talk over what is common sense and that’s listen to my coaches and listen to the doctors,” Burleson said Tuesday, via the Detroit Free Press. “I want to play and that’s just me being a competitor. That doesn’t mean that my arm is ready to be out there for 60 minutes. I’m going to talk with the coaches, talk with the trainers and talk with the doctors and figure out if this week, next week or the week after is best for me.”

Over the summer, RG3 made it known publicly that he was irritated with Mike Shanahan’s decision to hold him out of all preseason games. Griffin said he felt fine, so he thought it made no sense to continue keeping him out of practices and exhibition games. That created a bit of tension between the second-year star and his coaching staff, which is what Burleson was referring to on Tuesday.

Burleson later admitted that he will probably be anxious to play on Sunday even if doctors rule him out.

“I probably will get in coach’s ear a little bit,” he said. “But I’ve been in it 11 years and I know that being smart and listening to the doctors versus having a competitive stupidity behind you is the route to go. So I’m going to be smart and listen to everybody else around me.”

In other words, he’ll pester his coach privately about wanting to play but won’t do it publicly. Although, isn’t telling us publicly that he is going to pester his coach privately the same thing as pestering his coach publicly? I’m confused…

Cowboys CB Brandon Carr: ‘We know Robert Griffin III is not the same’

Robert-Griffin-RedskinsWashington Redskins fans are hoping their team’s bye week helps Robert Griffin III get back to being the dynamic playmaker he was a year ago. Griffin looked shaky at best during the first four games of the season, throwing off his back foot quite a bit and looking timid on read-option plays. Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr sounds like he is counting on that continuing this weekend.

“He doesn’t look the same,” Carr told NFL Network’s Around The League Live on Thursday.” “That’s not saying we’re going to fall asleep on him. He still has the same arm strength. He still has some type of elusive ability once he gets outside the pocket. … But we know he’s not the same.”

That isn’t a shot at RG3. Griffin’s own teammate, wide receiver Pierre Garcon, said earlier this season that RG3’s knee brace slows him down and that he can’t run as fast as he used to. Garcon also said the team is running the same offense it did last season, which could be an issue if RG3’s mobility is that limited.

In reality, Griffin is likely going to have to become a better pocket passer for the Redskins to succeed. He’ll still make plays with his legs, but you can’t expect him to be the same athlete he was less than a year removed from the second major reconstructive knee surgery of his career. Fortunately for Washington, the Dallas secondary is coming off a week in which it was torched by the Denver Broncos for over 400 yards. Sunday would be a good time to try that whole pocket passing thing.


Robert Griffin III blames ‘dumb rule’ for his critical fumble


Robert Griffin III does not like to slide. Most scrambling quarterbacks are either fast enough to get out of bounds or used to breaking tackles, so RG3 has never really perfected the art of giving himself up to avoid contact. Had he slid during a crucial possession of Sunday’s loss to the Detroit Lions, the Redskins would have maintained possession of the ball.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter with the score tied 17-17, RG3 took off and ran for 21 yards — his longest rush of the season. Instead of sliding, he dove head first and fumbled the ball without being touched. Because he dove, the ball was still live.

“Yeah, it’s the rule,” Griffin said after the game, via DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg. “And it’s a stupid rule. You’d think if you declare yourself down that you’d be down. I mean, I wasn’t falling. I was trying to get down to avoid a hit, slide, be out there for my team. Knee down, elbow down, and then the ball comes out. According to them, it’s a fumble. That’s just the way it goes. It just sucks.”

The concept was the same as sliding, but the rule book does not see it that way. Once a quarterback slides, the play is dead. That means as soon as his backside touches the ground he cannot fumble. However, a player must be touched in order to be ruled down after diving head first. RG3 hadn’t been touched, so the ball was free for the Lions to recover.

The simple solution here? Griffin needs to learn to slide. For starters, it will protect him from taking any unnecessary hits. As an added perk, he might not be able to cough up the ball as easily.

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Tony Dungy thinks Kirk Cousins would give Redskins better chance to win

The Washington Redskins have fared so poorly in their first two games of the season that people are legitimately questioning whether the team would be better off playing Kirk Cousins at quarterback since Robert Griffin III is nowhere near 100 percent healthy.

Robert Griffin knee braceWashington coach Mike Shanahan was asked on Monday whether he has considered benching RG3 for Cousins, and he gave a big smile and pretty much laughed off the suggestion. But there are people who think they should make the switch to Big Cuz, and former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy is one of them.

Dungy just doesn’t think Griffin is ready to play at the level he needs to be at.

“You always want your big guns out there, and they want to be out there — they want to be out there to help their team,” Dungy told Dan Patrick on Monday. “But I’m seeing a guy who is not doing the same things that he did last year. So you’re saying we’re going to change the offense, we’re going to tailor it, we’re going to keep him safe and let him throw from the pocket, he’s still a good quarterback. And he is all that. But he’s not 100 percent, and he’s not presenting the problems that he did in the past.”

In addition to not being the same dangerous presence that he was, Dungy is concerned that Griffin could get hurt.

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