Donovan McNabb: Washington Redskins are brainwashing Robert Griffin III

Donovan-McNabb-Mike-Shanahan-Robert-Griffin-IIIFor those of you who haven’t noticed, Donovan McNabb and Robert Griffin III are not the best of friends. As an African-American and former Washington Redskins quarterback, McNabb seems to feel it is his duty to warn RG3 about possible mistakes he is making early on in his career. Griffin recently made it clear that he doesn’t want to hear from McNabb, and who can blame him?

RG3 was responding to comments McNabb made about him doing too much in his personal life instead of rehabbing from knee surgery. On Tuesday evening during his show on NBC Sports Radio, McNabb commented on Griffin’s comments about his comments. You follow all that?

“I’m just trying to help him, but clearly the young generation think they have all the answers,” McNabb said, via CSNPhilly.com. “And he’s going through a little turmoil right now of trying to get out on the field. And it’s unfortunate, but that’s where we’re at right now as far as these young quarterbacks who think they have all the answers.

“I honestly think that over there in Washington he’s getting brainwashed.”

Maybe I’m also a part of the younger generation and think I have all the answers, but I’m with RG3. He doesn’t drink and he doesn’t party. He is ahead of schedule in his rehab and targeting a return to the field in Week 1 after tearing his ACL in the playoffs. That sounds like commitment to me.

“I hope the best for the young man,” McNabb said. “But the direction he’s going in is really a direction he does not want to do. He does not want to go there with me.”

What direction is that, Donovan? RG3 is entering only his second season as a pro, and McNabb is already all over him. McNabb doubted Griffin would ever be a fit with Mike Shanhan in Washington to begin with, so why would RG3 be interested in hearing his opinion? It’s not like Griffin is turning down advice from Joe Montana. McNabb needs to let it go.

Robert Griffin III: ‘Some wrong’ in Rob Parker being fired over comments


Robert Griffin III is on the cover of GQ’s September edition, and the magazine has a feature article on the Washington Redskins quarterback. One of the subjects that came up in the feature was former ESPN TV host Rob Parker’s comments questioning Griffin’s blackness. Parker cited Griffin’s white wife and asked whether RG3 was a brother or cornball brother.

[Video: Rob Parker questions Robert Griffin III's blackness]

According to GQ, Griffin seemed to bring up the Parker issue on his own by reciting some lyrics from Waco, Texas, rapper Quistar’s song “Changed the Game.” Griffin knows Quistar from their high school days, and that particular song contains several lyrics related to the Parker-Griffin issue. Griffin recited some of the lyrics in front of writer Brendan Vaughn, which led the quarterback to share his thoughts on the matter.

“I haven’t blown the song up, because I don’t think it’s right to make fun of Rob Parker for losing his job,” Griffin said. “There’s some wrong in what he said, but there’s some wrong in him losing his job as well. And I don’t want people to think that I, you know, that I’m trying to stick it to Rob Parker, or that I’m happy he lost his job. But I was very unhappy with the things he said. I mean, why did he say that?

I don’t think there was any wrong in Parker losing his job over the comments. People who are on TV for ESPN are leading opinion makers. Who wants a guy so focused on creating racial divides representing their network?

Though Griffin does say he was bothered by the comments, saying he thought there was some wrong in Parker getting fired shows his consideration toward others.

Helmet smack to Shutdown Corner
Photo credit: Ben Watts/GQ

Robert Griffin III on Donovan McNabb: ‘It’s probably best we don’t talk’

Robert-Griffin-III-RedskinsDonovan McNabb has never been shy about speaking his mind when it comes to Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins. Earlier this offseason, McNabb said that he felt RG3 was becoming a distraction to his team when he should be focusing strictly on rehabbing from knee surgery.

“It’s too much right now; it’s just too much,” McNabb told the Washington Post in May. “I get some of things he’s doing to draw attention to himself: the Adidas commercials, going out and enjoying the life of a young, famous NFL quarterback. I understand RG has a lot of stuff going on.

“But if you’re coming off ACL surgery, you don’t need to be having a press conference at OTAs. Every week? Really? It becomes a circus, a sideshow. It takes away from the focus of what those sessions are supposed to be about: the team.”

By all indications, RG3 is ahead of schedule with his recovery. Had he been focusing too much attention on endorsements and enjoying himself, that probably would not be possible. In a recent interview with GQ magazine, Griffin was asked about McNabb’s opinion.

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Robert Griffin III with his new hairstyle: ‘There’s no doubt I’m playing Week 1′


Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III debuted a new hairstyle on Monday during his press conference. With the new braids came the same attitude of a player who is ready to return to action and have the ball in his hands. In fact, RG3 even guaranteed that he will play in the first game of the regular season.

“There’s no doubt I’m playing Week 1,” he said, via Eye on Football. “That’s the way I feel about it.”

Griffin said he is no longer feeling any soreness after recovering from the second reconstructive knee surgery of his career. However, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan has all but ruled out the possibility of him playing in the preseason. Despite the fact that RG3 feels healthy, Shanahan and his staff are sticking to their initial timeline. Griffin was candid in saying he doesn’t agree with that.

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Grown woman cries hysterically after not getting Robert Griffin’s autograph (Video)

Kimberly-Lewis-RG3-autographThe Washington Redskins kicked off their official training camp this week, and all eyes were on Robert Griffin III. For starters, fans wanted to see how Griffin looks coming off reconstructive knee surgery. As expected, he was also one of the most popular targets for fans who were seeking autographs. One grown woman wanted RG3′s John Hancock worse than any young child in the Washington, DC area.

Kimberly Lewis posted a pathetic video on YouTube Thursday and contacted CBS 6 in Richmond to share what she perceived as an earth-shattering experience at Redskins practice. Like many other anxious fans, she was unable to score RG3′s autograph. As you can see from the dramatic production above, no one handled it worse than Lewis did.

“I’m so heartbroken right now,” she whined while wiping her face. “I can’t believe the Redskins would do this to their fans. I’ve been here since 6:30 this morning. I just wanted an autograph.”

Like our friend Jimmy Traina of SI’s Hot Clicks, we’re praying this video is fake. This has to be a successful attempt at creating a viral video, because there’s no possible way a grown woman could react like that to an autograph snubbing. Even 10-year-olds know the odds of getting a player’s autograph are slim when thousands of fans are vying for the same thing.

If Lewis was simply being a troll, she executed it perfectly. This is probably the funniest video we’ve seen since that dude told everyone to leave Bill Belichick alone.

Robert Griffin III makes ‘Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops’ music video

Robert Griffin III got married to college girlfriend Rebecca Liddicoat on Saturday night in Denver, and he decided to celebrate by sharing a hilarious music video on his Facebook page.

Griffin posted the music video seen above to his Facebook page on Sunday, saying “Check out the first official video release of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffin III.”

The song is called “Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops” and it was created by “Candy Shop Producers.” As noted by Dan Steinberg, the video was actually posted to YouTube in March, but it only had just over 1,000 views. Maybe RG3 decided that now was the time to take “Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops” global.

The song admittedly has a really catchy hook. RG3 is seen wearing a mask and beanie on his head, and he has a tie over his adidas sweatshirt. His wife and another girl, whom we believe is Rebecca’s sister, Lindsey, appear to be the backup dancers. They both have headphones around their neck and sunglasses on their face. Throughout the song, they talk about two outstanding candies that almost everyone loves — Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops.

RG3 talked about the video on Twitter and called it “good clean fun”:

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Robert Griffin III-Rebecca Liddicoat wedding pictures

Robert Griffin III Rebecca Liddicoat wedding

Robert Griffin III got married to his college girlfriend, Rebecca Liddicoat, in Denver on Saturday night.

The wedding became big news among Washington Redskins fans, who went pretty crazy buying gifts for DC’s favorite athlete and his bride. The fans hit up the wedding registries and sent the stud quarterback multiple gifts. RG3 and his wife did thank them all with personalized notes.

We’ve been tracking the events tied with this affair since news of their July wedding emerged in May. We learned that DC rapper Wale would be performing at the wedding, and we shared some pictures from RG3′s bachelor party in Las Vegas.

[Photos: See Robert Griffin III's wife Rebecca Liddicoat]

Giffin had the rehearsal dinner at Mike Shanahan’s Steakhouse in Denver on Thursday, and about 30-40 people attended, per the Denver Post. Teammates from Griffin’s playing career at Baylor, and current teammates from the Washington Redskins attended the wedding. So did Baylor coach Art Briles and Redskins coach Mike Shanahan.

Below are more photos from the wedding:

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